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at 08:01 26 May 2024

REM are an interesting one - a song like Nightswimming is in my all time top 100 list, partly time and place and memories of it but it always moves me in a way few songs do. You then have crap like Everybody Hurts and Shiny, Happy People that I just can't stand.

Bands that I truly can't stand or just plain don't get...

The 1975
Squeeze - mostly cos Jools Holland irritates me
With you all on the Killers
Can I group all the terrible bands from the 2000s like the Wombats, Kaiser Chiefs and Pigeon Detective types. Bad time for British music.
Linkin Park. Effing rap metal boy band. Though RIP the singer.
General Election Thread
at 22:58 22 May 2024

Lifelong Labour member, but living in Mid-Sussex constituency nowadays. Will be voting Lib Dem, a party I have never worked out what they stand for, but only party with a chance to oust this horrible and incompetent government.
Transfer rumours 2024
at 22:42 22 May 2024

Think that was Troy Parrott with the Kinehans.

Must be due a thread on getting him in soon mind
Crawley Town F.C.
at 17:15 21 May 2024

I was at Wembley as Crawley are my local league team, get to 2 or 3 games a season generally. Very glad we're not in the same division as them (from a pride rather than loyalty perspective.)

It's been a hell of a job by Scott Lindsay - they were borderline unwatchable last season when they nearly went down, but a brilliantly entertaining side to watch this season.

Liam Kelly has been brilliant - one of the best passers I've seen in league two. Was in the Reading team in Champ for 2-3 seasons - surprised he dropped to L2 to be honest.
Transfer rumours 2024
at 21:00 16 May 2024

Makes sense.

Sure they've thrown a large wage at him.

Their wage bill for what they manage to achieve must rival some of our worst showings over the years.
Departures in the development squad
at 13:44 13 May 2024

I remember watching that show following a few young lads in the Palace (I think?) academy - and one of the coaches on there being pretty honest that in most age groups there's one, maybe two, players they have any real interest in and a lot of the other lads are makeweights they're pretty sure aren't going to make the grade but you need the squad to have the team for the ones with a chance to develop.

Seems like Kolli the one out of this particular age group, and I do think he has a chance of making it if he comes back from the injury.
Aaron Drewe
at 06:46 10 May 2024

I had a good mate in primary school called Phil Ifil. We tore every other Brent school team apart for fun using the timeless tactic of get the ball to Philip. The most sporting success I ever had those two years in the Gladstone Park Primary team.

He signed for Spurs when we were in Year 6. All the way through their academy, made a handful of first team appearances, loans at Millwall and Southampton in the Champ, went to Colchester for a bit and then disappeared into non-league.

Nobody else I've played with ever got close to his technique, speed and power as an II year old - it was terrifying playing against him. Always impressed me just how high the standards are that he didn't make it a higher level and drifted out the game.
Transfer rumours 2024
at 16:53 1 May 2024

Don't think it takes a huge amount of money or idle speculation to change those next manager odds in general. Just look at the lists we've had over the years in our many managerial searches.
Random Rs Moments
at 07:18 1 May 2024

Was at the Ziwa rhino sanctuary in Uganda in early 2023, not wearing any QPR shirts but got talking to our wildlife guide who randomly knew every last detail about QPR as his English club - and watched as many games as he could. He had an encyclopaedic knowledge of QPR and much of English football. Incredible.
Some of the oldtimers here
at 20:32 29 Apr 2024

The Rivals days take me back to being a spotty 16 year old, nearing 40 now! I remember the coach to Cardiff for the playoff final, trying to eat a full English at a services coming down off one of my first er Class A experiences.

This message board in its various guises has been with me my whole adult life!

Congrats on becoming a grandfather, brilliant news!
Work to do
at 12:27 28 Apr 2024

Would love Rudoni and Stansfield next season - probably a bit pricey though.

Haven't a clue who we'll sign. Hadn't heard of Lucas Andersen, Michi Frey or Joe Hodge really ahead of January. Not really paid enough attention to the wider world of football this year to know a great deal about lower league diamonds that we should be after but probably won't.

Should be another interesting summer with a busy transfer window, normally roll my eyes when we are signing most a new first team, but feeling much more confident we'll attract some good talent under the current management and coaching staff.
Who do we want to get relegated?
at 19:57 27 Apr 2024

Any chance we could go in for Rudoni with Hudds basically down?

Imagine he'd be out of our price point now having missed him at Wimbledon, best thing about Huddersfield again today and seems to have the makings of a good 8 at Champ level.
Summer Transfer Rumours
at 18:17 19 Apr 2024

With the current BIG if of our staying up...

It would actually be a bit of an interesting transfer window this summer if we are playing Championship football next season. Certainly intrigued to see the types of players new CEO, Cifuentes and co. might go after - and there'd theoretically be a small amount of money in the budget for once.

For his career, you'd think this has to be the summer Chair leaves regardless of what league we're in right?
Saturday's referee
at 13:13 16 Apr 2024

Please please please do not fall a goal behind Rangers (obvs wouldn't want that anyway, but even more so with this idiot in town)
“Saint” Marti
at 10:32 7 Apr 2024

Chair did look knackered.

Endless criticism of Armstrong, but he was the only player who remotely looked like making anything happen all game even if he is well off the finished article. Still think a player worth persevering there.

Willock, Chair and Anderson all together seems too one paced, especially when Chair is struggling for fitness. Utterly frustrating the amount of times they collectively chose not to cross when in positions to do so - and we have the huge hindrance that all three of them largely want to be on the edge of the box playing short passes severely limiting the bodies in the box on the rare occasion they played a decent ball.

Lack of pace and thrust going forward a long known, am sure it's high on Cifuentes and co list of priorities whatever league we are in. Quite frustrating watching us as pedestrian and ineffective as we were yesterday.

On to Plymouth and a bit more fight hopefully!
Posh Matt Smith
at 07:23 4 Apr 2024

We will always have his pirouette turn to take a young James Maddison (I think) out of the game.

Amazed he recovered to have the career he has had.
Steve Cook
at 22:07 1 Apr 2024

My memory of the LFW piece was nothing to do with how good a defender Steve Cook is - he has always been a quality defender, and one easily capable of playing at this level for 2-3 years from that point on.

The piece made the argument that we'd turned Dickie and Dunne, two players we thought we could sell for far more then we paid for, into wrecks of themselves and had to bring in someone like Steve Cook to plug the gap.

Cook has been immense, and would 100% be my captain for next year. A real, genuine football guy that seems to understand the fan aspect. Brilliant as he has been - we ain't selling him for ££s at the end of next season.

Similiar-ish situation with Hayden potentially this year as he has come out saying he'd love to stay on past this season. He's clearly a better player at his role then anyone we've had, and frees Field up but he has just turned 29 and would likely command a high, if reduced, wage. Do we push the boat out and try and sign him to keep building on this period of success, or look for a cheaper, younger alternative that is a higher risk ability wise but may be a sellable asset in two years time?
at 08:08 1 Apr 2024

Love a bit of Drive by truckers - and lots of Jason Isbell solo stuff is brilliant. Not sure it qualifies as country in the main.

Country music is a genre where I'm not always 100% that artists are Country artists, folk artists, Americana or the like I'll admit.

Love the Highwomen music - Belinda Carlisle and Amanda Shires are amazing musicians and songwriters. Lifelong fan of the late, great John Prine who ruled Nashville and last saw him live at the Palladium with Shires supporting on fiddle. An incredible evening that was.
The noise before the noise – Preview
at 08:01 1 Apr 2024

Thanks Clive, great read and an interesting game ahead.

Their fans criticism of Jerry Yates in the oppo preview caught my eye. Didn't realise he cost almost 3m, one of those I'd have really fancied at QPR and not just based on THAT game at Blackpool last year. Thought he looked lively and full of menace, again showing how hard it can be to find the right forward for the right team at this level - and how little I know about who we should sign.
Thoughts post Birmingham
at 17:32 30 Mar 2024

I was semi-impressed with the ref first half, did seem to give everything a foul though and it was a wonder someone didn't take a dive in one of the boxes. He totally lost the plot second half however - no idea what was going on, could have sown the AR in front of Stan Bowles stand was laughing at a few of the comments going the refs way with that drop ball.

Additions wise - don't think it seems likely/sensible that Hayden would come in as a perm? Just turned 29 so hardly the profile and a tad expensive? Has been great for us however, reads the game at this level brilliantly.

Desperately need a regular starter with pace watching a breakaway around the 35th minute and it took 15-20 seconds for any of our forward midfielders to get up the pitch in support of the attack.

If we do stay up agree strikers and a new keeper (please) are the priorities, but I would still love us to go in for Rudoni if Hudds went down. Need someone breaking into the box like he does, only scored 1 in 10 in a poor Hudds team but always impressed by him when I see him and a missed opportunity when he was leaving AFC Wimbledon.
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