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Ashes 2023
at 16:47 8 Jun 2023

Ah the home Ashes series is almost upon us, my personal favourite sporting event (not down under, that's just generally depressing.) I need something big sporting wise to focus on and quit my worrying about QPR for a while.

Anyone going?

I was at the first day of the World Test Championship at the Oval yesterday. The Aussies looked in depressingly good nick with the bat and their pace attack appears as terrifying as ever.

I think it's going to be an exciting, tough, tense series that'll go down to the wire. I only managed to get tickets to the very final day of the Ashes on 31st July at the Oval, you never know.

I predict...

Crawley to average less than 20 with Duckett getting closer to mid 30s
Brook to really secure his position as an outstanding talent and mainstay of the team
Pope to struggle again~
Root, in what could be his last home Ashes, proving his worth again
Bairstow - haven't a clue which version turns up post broken foot

Broad - an Ashes too far? You'd be mad to write him or Jimmy off.
Robinson to nab Smith at least four times..
QPR vs the Seasiders match thread
at 08:13 16 Aug 2022

Never had a go at one of these before.

Only 2.7% of us have predicted an way win with over 85% saying a home win today in the prediction there is that.

I have a good feeling about tonight anyway.

If I had to guess a starting XI..

Kakay Dickie Dunne Paal
Field Johansen
Willock Roberts Chair

Laird to come on after 60 for a debut.
Stef staying on as captain - core leadership group
at 10:02 9 Jul 2022

See that Stef will be keeping the armband this year but Micky B views this as symbolic for the fans and wants a leadership group of 4 or 5 equally capable of leading. Seems the right call even with Stefs on off form last season and he won't get through 50 games this year.

Who sits in the leadership group do we reckon?

Dunne seems a given and a bit of a natural leader who stands up - bar that Sheff Utd home game.

Chair- for sheer love of the club and likely ever present?

Adomah even though unlikely to play too much?

Dieng is a nice loud keeper and experienced now?

Dickie ability wise and to bring him out of himself at times?

Not sure any of the forwards really hit the bill?

Non ST holders
at 10:55 9 Sep 2020

Am I right in understanding that non ST holders who are resident in the UK&I are unable to pay a tenner to watch live games as per the end of last season?

Didn't see that one coming if so and haven't been following closely enough - scuppers my plans for Saturday if so! Legal spiel and ts and cs aren't my strongest suit but seems to be the case?

Seems to be enforced by conditions imposed by the EFL? Leaves me feeling pretty disappointed in all honesty.

Apologies if this is a total spackman.
Matt Connolly
at 13:15 25 Jun 2020

Just released by Cardiff - seems a very long time ago he played for us! Despite winning the league 3 times in 4 seasons he used to terrify me with his fondness of letting the ball drop...

Wonder if he might be looking at him in the same experienced pro role as Rangel and Cameron though he was never as good and will be 33 by the time the new season starts.

Anyone know if he's been any good?

Seem to remember he bought a tattoo parlour when playing for us
Funniest comments you've heard at Loftus Road/ the KPF stadium
at 10:54 21 Jun 2020

Very much missing the collective experience of watching QPR at our beloved home - though not missing the three old men who I often sit in front of who I'm yet to see actively enjoy a QPR game.

Missing the crowds got me thinking about some of the one-liners you hear shouted out by our lovely fans, often well along the inebriated road.

What's the funniest call you remmber/sticks out the most for you?

Mine harks back to the relegation season 2001 (I was about 16 at the time) and a home game against Tranmere when their lump of a centreback hoofed the ball out of the ground and halfway to Chelsea. I just remember the bloke in front of me screaming out "Oi, don't do that - we can't afford another one" with the most impassioned look on his face - everyone around fell around laughing even though we were a game away from the drop. Not even that funny really but gallows humour shared at the death and one of the moments thats always stuck out for me. gosh that was a crap team wasn't it...
[Post edited 21 Jun 2020 10:56]
BFG to Sporting?
at 08:15 18 Aug 2016

Wishing I hadn't succumbed to reactivating my Twitter account...

Some Portuguese chap on there seems adamant our BFG is off to Sporting in Portugal for 1.5 million...

No idea if this is remotely true but he seems confident he has a medical tomorrow and signing by Friday!

I'd be gutted for one!
Poetry and QPR - Taking out frustration!
at 23:07 12 Jan 2015

Could You Pass To Me, Joey?

We wear the same coloured clothes when we run around,
Chasing the nourishing touch of leather on leather
Seeking the subtly nuanced perfection of spherical
Object meeting branded instep, no matter the weather,
Imagining ourselves caressing, with all the essential
Sensual skill of histories finest nymphettes this
Near perfectly round thing and unravelling the mystery
Of how we may bend its will to align with ours
(Though I fear we'd need the gravity of a thousand stars)
If you or I were to move the ball in a straight line
Others can do it, we see it every week, passes finding the
People that they seek, thus we know the skill lies
Not in the divine, but it strikes me as yet another
Of your kicks takes a hefty diversion, is it not that you
Simply feel an aversion, to the hooped comrades you so frequently
Miss, those hapless people who hear the sad hiss of a
Ball as it fizzes its way to the opponents hands as
I look dejectedly on from the helpless, crowded stands
(I know you never liked Leroy and Adel is your bane
Eduardo's too flashy and Karl is too plain)
But you and I Joey, surely share no ill blood, we'd be
Like two strangers running around in the mud, just
Circumstantially dressed in the same coloured clothes
I'd like to think if you shut your eyes and gave it a go
You'd strike the ball in my direction, hitting it just right
The ball and I would not pass like two ships in the night
But would meet and it would not be such a shock
(As it'd be were one of us to crash into the rocks of
Misfortune and darned happenstance, taking the form of
Some dastardly Tottenhams)

Together as strangers for I know
How you disdain your teammates so
If the night were warm, calm and not blowy
Do you think you could pass to me, Joey?
Online Box Office
at 11:23 29 Nov 2013

Has anyone else had any trouble logging in today?

Won't let me in for love nor money and doesn't recognise the email address I've used with it for years.
What's the mood like today?
at 08:59 20 Apr 2013

I have, half thankfully, been away with work the past few weeks and so have missed the effective killing of our hopes of staving off the big R as internet connection has been sporadic. Back in the UK and back to LR today but have mixed emotions about it. Like all R's fans I'd like to see Stoke go down but I'm struggling to work up enthusiasm for the game today as, in my heart of hearts, I feel like many that we deserve to go down.

What team would you like to see today? Personally I'd like to see the players that give a flying f play. Almost all hope is lost regarding survival so play Nedum, play Derry, play that Korean LB (who is apparently quite decent) and tell Bosingwa, Granero etc. to fark right off and ostracise them in the vague hope someone might take them off us.
Made oi larf
at 21:49 20 Jan 2013

Fact Of The Day
QPR are reportedly interested in SV Zulte Waregem Habib Habibou.

Roughly translated, 'habib' means 'love' or 'my dear.'

This means Habib Habibou is called 'Mr Lover Lover.'

I best get working on my Shaggy impression!
Spurs on TV?
at 17:13 7 Jan 2013

Couldn't make the 8pm kick off Monday and haven't been organised enough or quick off the mark to grab the seats I needed for the Saturday reschedule.

Given it was a sky game anyway and is now a 12.45 pm k/o I presume it's still live but sky sports website isn't yet updated.

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