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QPR back from the dead with random Swansea trouncing — Report
at 01:02:46

That report is up there with best of them Clive and loved the section on Roberts in goal was there in person for the rebound goal off Walsh's backside - never dull with our team. Hopefully a couple more positive reports to come before end of season...
QPR bury Brentford in second half onslaught - Report
at 01:47:35

Cheers for that Clive - we had a catch up of Auckland R's yesterday and we were all a bit flummoxed at feeling so positive. Some good performances, some players to feel proud of again and a positive decision on Warren Farm - not very QPR like at all.
Your reviews are very much valued down here.
Richard Thompson on how it all went sour at QPR — Interview
at 22:28:26

Thanks for that & that period is meaningful to me as was living in London for much of it. Still bloody tough to relive that period post Gerry & swapping Les for Zelic, Hately & Osborne...
Phillips' wonder strike sugars bitter pill — report
at 04:37:13

Shame as hoped for some common sense and effort at very least in contrast to our last relegation. Why the hell has Ramsey gone away from his original script from Sunderland performance - playing folks in their right position?
Phillips to Austin resulted in 3 goals in 2 games and surely was our best chance to stay up.
Really gutted.
Aguero rescues City from jaws of Austin-inspired QPR — report
at 05:25:08

Thanks Clive & pleased these reports must've been a lot easier to write as performances improve. Not sure what Vargas needed to do for an 8?! Score with that scissor kick...
Just hope team can match performance levels against those sides around us and get some wins under our belts.
Really enjoyable game and even have to admire just how damn good Aguero is - him apart we more than matched them.
Austin beats QPR’s path to Wembley Way — report
at 01:17:53

Think I agree with you on Hoilett - constantly looking for the ball and won the penalty but bloody hell his control is woeful. From our TV coverage the 3 watching from a distance also noted Espinosa as the man at heart of any Wigan threat.
That passage on deflection and 3.5yrs of corners is bang on Clive - made that final whistle all the sweeter though.
Hope you get chance for a similar report at Wembley!
Rangers set up Loftus Road one-off with cagey first leg — report
at 00:28:45

Missed the early fouls as coverage down here was delayed in favour of kite surfing - better not be same again tomorrow. Solid professional away performance and Dunne apart thought team took care of business with minimum of fuss (or excitement). Well done Barton for not taking the bait and getting booking or worse and hope can build far more pressure at packed Loftus Rd.
Eat, sleep, rave, repeat — report
at 01:08:28

Cheers Clive and hopefully you can see the finish line in sight - not too soon though -good to see Charlie score and remain in one piece and if he can manage 4 more games we are a chance.
Chances of our all star squad ripping into a Wembley final and making us forget the rest of the season....
Zamora’s freakish late show seals win at Boro — report
at 03:16:23

Thanks Clive and well done the QPR 600 - given midweek performance had 0-0 as best we could hope for so pleasant surprise taking the 3pts.
For all our chucking money away it looks like Morrison is going to be key in at least ensuring we get to Play Offs with chance of some reinforcements returning.
Some encouraging signs with Suk-Young performance and Donaldson/Petrasso on the bench.
Hopefully more midweek.
New boys shine in pulsating six goal thriller — report
at 23:07:44

Really enjoyable game to watch even with BAE horror show. Great to get Doyle and Maiga off the mark straight away and credit to the team coping with yet another injury to Phillips.
Hopefully Hughes can come in and steady things at RB and Onuoha back to CB.
Going to be tight run in behind Leicester but we look to have the spirit to compete.
McCarthy holds improving QPR at bay — report
at 23:29:11

Plenty to like in the performance & good to view with the very select Auckland branch of the supporters club. Phillips was great first half and another day would've been 3-0 up after 20-25mins. Kranjcar will be better for the extended run and Onuoha did well on return. Agree with Barton as MoM. Great report as always Clive.
An odd compulsion — preview
at 03:56:33

Thanks for the efforts Clive and have given me a smile at end of working day down here - especially the large co-worker analogy! You will be bang on with Holt scoring so will need to get a couple at least to win. Hoping for a better performance than Sat anyway.
A work in progress or just plain hard work? Report
at 04:20:05

Thanks as always for the reviews Clive and yours read more positively than some on the board this week. Going to be interesting whether Kranjcar fits in as the main man and eases some pressure from Austin.
Over 17k for a Weds night is pretty impressive & would've made for a great night for the u18's - well deserved.
Still just a potato — full match report
at 00:00:38

Thanks for this and all the reports in a depressing season Clive - 21 losses and how many with QPR goalless.
Frustrating situation with Redknapp now as initially thought decision was made by both parties that he was up for the task. Don't want to have a couple of months of him working through his press mates about how little support he's getting & buggaring off in Aug.
Walcott’s lightning start enough to slay QPR — full match report
at 04:03:09

You'll have earned your summer break from these Clive!
Appreciate the effort even when having to look pretty damn hard to find a positive or two.
Have absolutely no expectation we will do anything over last couple of games but would love to get something out of Pardew and Rodgers....will have to wait a season for Lambert!
Bore draw relegates Royals and Rangers — full match report
at 01:03:41

Thanks for report Clive - apart from that home run to finish last season its been pretty bloody rank. Almost pleased relegation has been confirmed so whatever you think of our "brains trust" they can get some plans in place for a response next season.
QPR are never boring and expect mad summer but hoping we can surprise everyone and "do a Newcastle"...
QPR left to lament killer three minute spell — full match report
at 03:35:23

Result is a huge boot in the nethers - will see if fight is still there.
Not as disheartening as the capitulation at Blackburn last season but still feels worse due to size of gap and no. of games remaining.
Just had a vent at Lpool fan in the office over their performance and feel a little better....
Cesar stars again as Nelsen bids farewell — full match report
at 21:03:00

Cheers for the review Rob - who needs Clive whatshisname!
Have picked up some "bonus" points against top sides in last few games but still nervous as hell as to whether we can kick on and actually win vs stragglers.
Performance of team and crowd last night means we can still hope..
QPR build momentum with fine FA Cup success — full match report
at 00:50:38

Thanks for report as always Clive and top line about Mackie's enthusiasm!
Must confess to enjoying Xmas break without internet but seems there is life in us yet and will at least give it a crack over rest of season.
QPR off the bottom after Taarabt master class — full match report
at 21:28:03

Cheers as always Clive, finally get to write a winning report!
Understandable late panic given our position but until then was a performance to give us some hope of at least making an attempt to secure safety. QPR getting national news coverage here thanks to Nelson and Adel's second was worthy of widest possible audience.
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