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Season ticket question
at 16:05 10 May 2024

Apologies if this has been covered endlessly in other threads - but has anyone got any idea what is happening with season tickets for next season?
As far as I’m aware we’ve had no info at all have we.
Also it’s very odd that there is nothing on the website. I’ve also just tried calling the box office and there is no answer.
I realise that they couldn’t sell them until they knew what division we’d be in….but that was a couple of weeks ago now?!
Anyone any idea?
Mo Salah has been to the Lyndon Dykes school of finishing?!
at 10:07 19 Apr 2024

Was anyone watching Liverpool try and drag themselves back from three goals down last night? Scored early - then M Salah (on a quarter of a million a week) misses a completely open goal?! You couldn’t make it up. Very funny.

Talking of which, does anyone know if Frey is fit for tomorrow? Surely we have to start him if he can chug around for 60 minutes - at least he understands the role of a striker! Sincs is hopeless and getting worse, and Dykes has confirmed this season that he’ll never be a Championship level striker!

The only good thing about 5:15 is that I won’t have to try and tackle this nerve racking game sober!
Wow. Have you seen this stat?!
at 10:47 10 Mar 2024

I know that the Championship is mad this season but this is amazing.

The top are blazing away and the gap between everyone else is so small.

So what do we want tonight?
at 18:37 5 Mar 2024

I guess we want Blackburn and Millwall to draw to keep them both in it!
Hull to beat Birmingham?
Leeds to give Stoke a good going over!
Sheff Wed to draw with Plymouth maybe?
Cheeky swines! HIGNFY
at 07:55 1 Mar 2024

FFP result with finances out.
at 07:34 20 Feb 2024

So does this mean that we’ve just snuck under the allowable FFP losses? Does anyone have the financial results and the ability to interpret them. I.e. know what losses can be deducted from the totals?
at 11:37 7 Jan 2024

Having seen the shambolic collapse yesterday, and the fact that there were no 'oven-ready' signings waiting to come through the door on 2nd Jan, our survival would seem to rest on getting our only useful players fit and on the pitch to face Watford and then Millwall this month, before we pick up some waifs and strays from the Premier League jumble sale at the end of the month!

Depressingly as I write this I am more certain than ever that we are going down...but I'm trying to retain some hope, and this is where this is coming from! 

Several players should NEVER put on a QPR shirt again. Dunne, is a lovely guy who tries hard, but is simply not good enough for this level. Dozzel is an academy child, and plays like one...a child in a man's game.  Kakay means well, but isn't good enough.  Finally Dykes is nowhere near Championship standard, his touch is an embarrassment for a professional footballer. His movement is so wrong all of the time it is like he is trying to avoid the ball - have you ever seen him make a near post run?  So depressing.

If we could get something like this on the pitch at kick-off v Watford we could at least compete;
Cannon, Cook, Clark-Salter, Paal
Colback, Field, Dixon-Bonner
Chair, Smyth or Willock
Armstrong or Kolli

That's as good as it gets...we are in a world of trouble.

Assuming we nick something against Watford and Millwall we then need a striker, a centre mid and a centre half!!!

2024/2025 in League One is my guess
Is the game on the sky red button tonight?
at 19:44 29 Dec 2023

I thought its was as it isn’t a Saturday but I can’t find it
Does anyone know?
Loftus Engineering Stand?!
at 08:03 20 Dec 2023

I see that the club have really gone for the idea of selling off everything and sticking a sponsors name on it!

With the timing of this one you surely have to assume that this is a way to put together a very small pot for some Marti Jan signings? You almost wonder if he already has some bodies lined up?

Assuming this is why this has been done now then bloody marvellous….bring it on, especially if we can get hold of anybody who can finish a chance!
This team....a ray of hope!
at 09:12 26 Oct 2023

I love Gareth Ainsworth, love his passion, love this playing style, and love his eccentricites...but what has become painfully obvious is that he isn't a modern, tactically aware manager fit for this level.

I know that we have NO strength in depth, but the team below is solid and has some quality. It is a mid table Championship side - it certainly isn't one that should be told to just try and hold onto the coat tails of the likes of Huddersfield or West Brom. We seem to go into games like we are Yeovil playing away at Liverpool.

Cannon, Jake Clark Salter, Cook, Paal
Field, Colback
Chair, Willock

West Brom this week was a new low. What was our game plan?  At one point we had a throw-in deep in their half - we threw it backwards, then passed it twice backwards to Begovic and he then kicked it long (as he has clearly been told to every time) and we lost the ball. Heaven help us all!

I'm sorry, but that is completely unforgivable.  We have zero attacking threat, and that isn't just down to the quality of the is simply what they've been asked to do. Dykes won't score 15+ goals a season, ever, but he is going to score zero with the lack of build-up play and service he has at the moment.

My guess for Saturday is that we are going to be a victim of the dreaded brackets on the vidi-printer; 0-9 (nine).  But at least that will be the end of this madness and Ainsworth will be gone.

I am 'Phil the Optimist' my only ray of hope is that Gareth has at least got these players all on-side and playing for the club, so when we get a manager in who knows what he is doing we may be able to get enough points from 30 games to keep us up.....but then again I might be mad!

Saturday is just something we need to get through to get to the promised land, please find your own way to face it...I am going to take on board a gallon of London Pride before kick-off myself! Hopefully that will do the trick.   
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How about a completely different FFP strategy?
at 11:35 6 Aug 2023

Oh, bloody hell that was awful yesterday.  I couldn't believe what I was watching.  With those players and that squad we are getting relegated.  I really don't envy you having to pen a match report from that lot Northern (& your writing has been the highlight of my QPR support for some time!).

The away end was a horrid place to be...but whilst on that subject how can ranting like a lunatic (like the woman in the first row in front of me) and then leaving on 35 minutes be described as 'support'?!

For whatever reason - I personally think it is a mixture of our true size as a club, Les and the academy set-up and the collapse of the Championship transfer market - we find ourselves with a squad that simply isn't Championship standard. Willock clearly can't be arsed and hates Gareth Ainsworth and that bloke Taylor Richards has talent but I've seen more intelligence and application in a root vegetable.

We have no money unless someone is mad enough to spend some cash this week on the very skilful Willock (who comes from a very talented family) but has proved he has a shocking attitude and glass hamstrings, and then have the headroom to spend on some reinforcements. That all seems a long shot to me.

I understand the FFP situation, in fact I spent loads of time yesterday at Watford trying to explain it (yet again) to some of the ranters around me.  But I now wonder if we need a whole new FFP strategy?

Here's a question; Would you like to be watching a talented, Championship standard, competitive QPR team that had some squad depth this season, but you had to start from a position of -4 goal difference after yesterday and minus six points?  I would bite your hand off for that right now. 
That seems to be what the current fine for breaking FFP rules is, a six point reduction, plus one transfer window with no action.  Our owners are paying £1.9 million per month at the moment, and that isn't going to change when we go down (which we are on course for), so if I was them I'd roll the dice.

The only unknown for me is whether the massively high (unjustified) fine we got last time becomes payable in full when we next breach the rules. I suspect is does, but we don't know that.

Have a budget of £20 million (it's a drop in the ocean when they are already committed to £23+ million just to run the place this season) and spend it before the transfer window closes. Stick two fingers up at the EFL and employ that QPR supporting lawyer we used last time...but have your eyes open to the six point fine coming.  At least that way the revenue from us lot would hold up.  How many of yesterday's 2,500 will keep shelling out to watch the current mob?

I realise that this is completely counter to the current understanding and plan....but in business when you are on the brink you have to roll the dice.  So roll it now would be my suggestion 
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Southampton gave the Arse a real scare… just saying!
at 22:20 21 Apr 2023

Anything could happen.
My thoughts about staying up is that we need to not be in the bottom three at six o’clock tomorrow night.
Burnley might do an Arsenal…we may yet be Southampton!!
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