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Watching abroad
at 16:21 15 Apr 2024

I have inconveniently, booked a holiday in turkey this week and will be desperate to watch the game on Saturday . As we are on sky and doesn’t look like I will be able to use sky go , will I be able to stream via qpr plus ? I’m guessing not as it’s on sky ? Anybody know for sure how I can stream the game on my iPad ?
Just looked at the fixtures and see we dont clash with any premier league or championship games so thought a local bar would be best but just seen the filth have city in the fa cup at the same time so with all the plastics floating about probably no chance their gonna go for our game against Preston !
Anyone have any ideas please
Train strike saturday
at 21:35 25 Sep 2023

Have just seen there is another train strike Saturday ? Are these rrrs holes takin the fkn p!ss

Aswell as having to drive again and giving up my pre match tipple , I also have to pay that other fkn lower than a snakes belly tw@t £12.50 for the privilege!

Country is a joke ! It was easier getting about during covid
at 17:03 6 Dec 2022

Anybody want them to win ?
Officials tonight
at 23:34 16 Aug 2022

Putting aside the performance but if the efl are just going to let this sh!thousery and cheating go unpunished by letting referees ignore it by adding 4 mins extra time at the end of games considering we have up to 10 substitutes to allow for , players having near death experiences on the pitch , water breaks etc then what’s the point ?
As for the Lino at the elleslie road side , blatant cheating and no fcuks given
Watford away
at 13:13 11 Aug 2022

Incase it's missed anyone's attention , went on sale this morning with staged point allocation throughout the day and on general sale tomorrow so get in quick chaps and chapesses
Throw ins
at 18:08 4 Mar 2021

This is something that we used to do back in the 90 ‘s ... generally waste 90 percent of them and within 20 seconds don’t have the ball anymore !
I haven’t counted but it seams like every time we get a throw in , we either throw to a player marked by six of the opposition or launch it to a team mate at 100 mph into their midriff so by the time they control it they are tackled.
I am of the sound opinion that we would be better off just not taking them at all

Is it just me that has noticed this ?
Citeh (n/t)
at 18:46 14 Feb 2020

[Post edited 14 Feb 2020 18:47]
Worzwells match thread
at 09:31 1 Feb 2020

Right , the more I think about it the more p!ssed off I am with Bristol city !
You would think there be some unwritten gentleman’s code about stealing a player from another club . Yes I know he wasn’t ours but ffs show a bit of class you carrot crunching pr!cks !

Anyway fcuk Bristol and fcuk burnley

2 - 2 with of course wells scoring at least 1

at 13:57 30 Oct 2019

Did I imagine it or did the football league apologise to us last season for their incompetent refereeing decisions that cost us games ? I’m sure they mentioned 2 or 3 games where the man in the middle got it wrong !

Are we going to get another apology anytime soon or could they just provide some officials that actually know what they are doing or not bent !

Baaansley match tread
at 09:11 3 Feb 2018

Cold , p!ssing with rain in February and playing a team from Yorkshire , if only it was away on a Tuesday night and we would have a full house !

Anyway I'm a tad optimistic today (definitely a first) so going for an end to end ding dong with us winning 3-2

Of course, anything other than this and another p!ss poor display and I have my pitch fork sharpened at the ready

Birmingham away next
at 20:33 2 Dec 2017

Fun fact, the last time Queen's Park rangers won an away game was against Birmingham city way back when Jesus was in short trousers

Happy days round the Corner

Just back
at 19:08 18 Nov 2017

Drunken thoughts ... first off, I am really starting to fking hate Aston Villa !!!! They are like a bogey team to us and p!ss on our chips every time we play them.

First half we done well but ffs to concede a pen on 47 mins is schoolboy stuff at the least. Tbf villa pressed and pressed up to the whistle where as we thought 45 mins 1 - 0 half time... job done ... wrong !!!

2nd half and I am still waiting for us to actually have a go and win the game ? Apart from smiths header straight to their keeper I don't think their number 1 pulled his finger out his arris once !!
Samba of all fking people won everything we launched at him as we where as predictable as rain on a bank holiday !
Have we forgot how to run down the wing and get a cross in ffs !! Every long ball straight down the middle up in the air to smith and samba to battle out was beyond fking useless.
I wouldn't mind if villa where any good but they where just as pony as us but we made them look good.

As bad a 2nd half performance from a home team you will be hard to find , subs made us worse.

Having said that, villa didn't deserve to win but after as I eluded to with the fist line of this thread, they always get something from us no matter how sh!t they are.
Loan players
at 19:01 24 Apr 2017

I have been staying out of olliegate as I staunchly wanted jfh gone and replaced with anybody and Holloway was perfect for the time although alarm bells rang fking loudly when he was handed a 3 1/2 year contract ? However , I digress...

I seem to remember in our promotion season that we had a fair few loan players , some good , some bad and some fking awfull but a fair few all the same. I might have the previous season mixed up but we had walker and routledge , miller done a job , priskin and the pelican where forgettable but of course tarrabt (although we had signed him at this point)

The point is, it proved successful and that' was without a dof that has many connections and inside knowledge to one of the biggest talent hoarding clubs in the country.

How many loan players have we had this season ? Ravel and yenni
Just backiish
at 19:35 5 Mar 2016


20 min walk home , watched 5 mins of the Leicester Watford game while partaking ing in a post match pint and saw more competent football in those 5?mins than the 90 sh!t awfull crap that I had the pleasure of watching in the flesh this afternoon !!

The worse fking side of players I have seen play this season have somehow managed to not only score 2 goals against us but made us look like a fking Sunday league team in the process !

Did we even have a fking shot at goal ? I'm sorry but t if that is the future / new era of qpr then it's going to be a long fking journey !!!

Shite shite shite ! Fcuk of Rangers , I can handle being sh!t but we take it to another level sometimes !
[Post edited 5 Mar 2016 20:10]
Beast !
at 03:04 18 Aug 2015

Where the fcuk is our Brazilian 10 million pound man ?

Just a thought but as we pay his wages it might be an idea to be available to get injured or something !

Or is he such a liability that we are scared to play him incase we have to keep him while laying on the treatment table ?
Beer help !
at 21:41 31 May 2015

I have noted quite a few posters on here have a good taste for some proper real ale and beer. Now my normal tipple would be the usual fosters / Stella commercial stuff (mainly down to getting it cheap) but am getting a bit bored of the same old same old.
Went in to Asda today to have a look at what they do and I must say I dont know where to start ?

Hobgoblins , speckled hens , ipa .... Don't know where to start.

Any experts with some recommendations please ( no light ale p!sswater though )

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