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Beer help ! 21:41 - May 31 with 24353 viewsactonman

I have noted quite a few posters on here have a good taste for some proper real ale and beer. Now my normal tipple would be the usual fosters / Stella commercial stuff (mainly down to getting it cheap) but am getting a bit bored of the same old same old.
Went in to Asda today to have a look at what they do and I must say I dont know where to start ?

Hobgoblins , speckled hens , ipa .... Don't know where to start.

Any experts with some recommendations please ( no light ale p!sswater though )

Beer help ! on 21:43 - May 31 with 10809 viewsLblock


Cherish and enjoy life.... this ain't no dress rehearsal

Beer help ! on 21:46 - May 31 with 10805 viewsBlackCrowe

Tribute (St Austells Brewery) or Tanglefoot (badget brewery) would be my usual supermarket purchase. And Henney's cider while we're at it.

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Beer help ! on 21:47 - May 31 with 10804 viewsSuffolk

Adnams Broadside - without a doubt.
Beer help ! on 21:52 - May 31 with 10783 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

Fursty Ferret. Triffic stuff
Beer help ! on 21:54 - May 31 with 10773 viewsMrSheen

It ferments in the bottle, and you don't want to drink the sediment. Store it upright in the fridge, let it get very cold before you try it, and pour slowly and carefully into a round bottomed glass (a big wine glass will do), making sure you leave the last 10% in the bottle. Do it in a bright place so you can see how you're progressing and when it starts to look cloudy in the neck of the bottle. Personally, i don't like as much as head as in the picture. Don't turn the bottle up half way through. If you do, stop, put the bottle back in the fridge for the sediment to settle back down while you drink what's in the glass. 8.5% alcohol, so you won't want to go too quickly, but it doesn't taste anything like muck like Special Brew. Sounds like a lot of palaver, but you'll agree it's worth it.
Beer help ! on 21:58 - May 31 with 10756 viewsflynnbo

Love Tanglefoot and Abbot ale (Greene King). Also have a penchant for Young 's Ordinary as it was the beer from my youth.
Beer help ! on 22:12 - May 31 with 10726 viewsstowmarketrange

Beer help ! on 21:58 - May 31 by flynnbo

Love Tanglefoot and Abbot ale (Greene King). Also have a penchant for Young 's Ordinary as it was the beer from my youth.

Young's beer really was a treat from when I was growing up in Roehampton.
I started in the only pub that would let us in at 13 3/4 and had to drink Ind Coope light ales.By the time I'd got to 15,it was Young's all the way.
Although 2 pints of ordinary was more than enough for my young legs to work properly on the way home.
Beer help ! on 22:14 - May 31 with 10717 viewsCroydonCaptJack

Beer help ! on 21:43 - May 31 by Lblock


HaHa or follow the bear - Hofmeister
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Beer help ! on 22:21 - May 31 with 10697 viewsRs_Holy

Trappistes Rochefort 6 from Belgium.... Pure nectar
Beer help ! on 22:30 - May 31 with 10674 viewsToast_R

That Perlenbacher Premium Pils is pretty good from Lidls. Always buy a 6 pack of those when shopping there.
Beer help ! on 22:32 - May 31 with 10678 viewsbarabajagal

Developed a real taste for badger's 'first call'... love the aftertaste. If your in a pub and they've got Seafarers, may I suggest a couple of pints... Highly addictive stuff.

You'll find a couple you'll really like, but just keep trying them. In the risk of sounding ultra patronising, have a 'beers of the UK party'. Get a couple of mates, go to sainsbury's and each get six different bottles for £10, have a schooner each, then rate it.

Probably explains why I don't have many mates. Anyway, in the paraphrased words of Inspector Morse 'I don't drink for pleasure Lewis, I drink to think'.
Beer help ! on 22:44 - May 31 with 10660 viewsDWQPR

Can't go wrong with most fullers beers, i also enjoy Theakstons Old Peculiar and recently have been enjoying an odd stout or three.

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Beer help ! on 22:45 - May 31 with 10655 viewsjohann28

You start with London Pride - your always reliable standard, then move on to the fuller-bodied and stronger, tastier Fullers ESB or Timothy Taylor Landlord. Hobgoblin (and Speckled Hen) is often nice on draught, but I find the bottled stuff too carbonated and lacking in complexity.

The darker ales are worth trying also - eg Theakson's Old peculiar or Adnams Broadside - which have that distinctive malty, caramel flavour which appeals to some and not others.

Some supermarkets eg Waitrose are now stocking some very nice stronger Belgian stuff - try for example Westmalle Trappist - excellent. Lots stock Leffe Blonde (or, more rarely Brune) at discounted prices and are decent beers with a distinctive character, though some find them a little sweet.

Happy drinking!
Beer help ! on 00:13 - Jun 1 with 10601 viewsBromleyHoop

I would always suggest that, if possible, you should support your local microbrewery. In your case Actonman the George and Dragon in Acton High Street brews its own beer under the name 'Dragonfly brewery'. It'll be far, far tastier than most of the dross you can buy in a supermarket.

They've got their own website with a range of their beers. Enjoy.

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Beer help ! on 00:41 - Jun 1 with 10582 viewsPunteR

As mentioned above, you cant go wrong with Fullers London pride or ESB. My local pub is a badger brewery, First Call, fursty ferret and Tangle foot on tap is nice and also good bottled. I had a phase with Guinness and whiskey a little while back which went down well but not with the missus.
Anybody still drink Tenants Super or special brew? My dad and his mates used to drink it,not that he was an alcoholic but just seemed more socially acceptable at the time,late 80s/90s,did to me anyway. None of my mates drink it now but still see it for sale.
I still love Stella and Kronenbourg on a nice summers day.

Occasional providers of half decent House music.

Beer help ! on 03:50 - Jun 1 with 10536 viewsbacardiinbrissie

Fifty Lashes Pale Ale
Brown Brothers Grape Cider
Tooheys New
Hahn Premium
SUper Dry would be my choices mate

If not then

& Stella....

Beer help ! on 09:15 - Jun 1 with 10421 viewsMonkey_Roots

You'll start well and say "wow this is actually okay", and feel like a bit of a real man who owns whippets and watches rugby. But when the weather heats up and you come in from cutting the grass and doing all sorts of other manual labour — nothing tastes as good as an ice cold Red Stripe.

A pi$$ warm ale just ain't gonna cut it.

Just floor the red stripe.
Beer help ! on 09:45 - Jun 1 with 10399 viewslosethedrum

Your timing is really good as with your normally being a lager drinker there are good golden coloured real ale alternatives . Hopping hare is the best i have tried 4.4%abv serve cool not freezing , old golden hen is a good un and is remarkably non gassy for a bottled ale. Slightly darker is Adnams ghost ship , watch this one though as is very moorish . Stick to the golden ales and you wont go too far wrong , avoid stuff like hobgoblin if you are graduating up from drinking Eurofizz ,as the dark 5% beers are a world away from lager.
Cheers .
Beer help ! on 09:52 - Jun 1 with 10386 viewsDiscodroids

went through a phrase of drinking real ale a few months ago but ended up growing tits and being asked to go to 'womad' and 'crop ready' festivals by mulligan from mulligan and o hare and women with brain damage.
even looked at a tidy little drum that you could play on both sides like the gadge in the 'spinners' in habitat.perhaps not, i may have made that bit up as ive got 4 hours till my next fukin appointment...who can say ?..not me, thats for damn straight.
suffice to say, back on the cu nting piss with moretti, samual adams boston lager, Kingfisher, estrella, cruz campo reserve, bitburger, paulaner and the odd bottle of 'rolling rock' or 'Castle' if available. natrually , all in a thin glass .
one never, ever, drinks from cans due to my digestive tract being destroyed by heavily cut drugs in the nineties and noughties.
i also hate people who imbibe straight from the bottle..vulgarity, and i cant imagine frankie fraser or one of the lambrianou twins doing such a thing in mixed company.

fosters, carling, carlseberg and budweiser is lower league riffing for the masses at its most foul.

you might as well drink hooch distilled in a slop bucket by a sex case on e wing
i had mahou on holiday and it was quite terrible, a horrible aftertaste that tasted like that non alcoholic bottle lager that lawrie mcmenemy used to advertise.'.kaliber'..
[Post edited 1 Jun 2015 11:10]

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Beer help ! on 09:58 - Jun 1 with 10382 viewswrinklyhoop

Anything by Fullers is worth drinking, either bottle or draught. One of our local pubs always has around ten guest ales on the go, and the rate at which new (to me) stuff appears is amazing! So many ales, so little time
Beer help ! on 10:34 - Jun 1 with 10361 viewsrobith

I love Beavertown - Gamma Ray is the absolute nuts. Bloody Ell, their blood organe IPA is pretty tidy too.

Siren brewery out in Berkshire do some absolutely delicious drops.

Redemption brewery in Tottenham make some corking light and pale ales
Beer help ! on 10:43 - Jun 1 with 10352 viewsBromleyHoop

Since the change in regulations which means landlords are not restricted to selling one particular brewery's beer there has been a marked increase in the number of small independent brewery's who are producing excellent beers. The bigger brewer's are desperately trying to tap into this market by producing what appear to be small brewery bottled beers when in fact they ain't.

Go on the Internet and find out where your nearest brewery is and stock up. Shout out to Late Knights brewery in Penge.🍺

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Beer help ! on 10:53 - Jun 1 with 10337 viewstinhead

Tribute is a very good place to start... a lovely, lovely beer.

I can also recommend Doombar, Jennings Cumberland Ale

Puny God!

Beer help ! on 11:03 - Jun 1 with 10325 viewsdanehoop

Hop back Brewery Summer lightening. My favourite tipple of the past year.

Never knowingly understood

Beer help ! on 11:04 - Jun 1 with 10328 viewsKonk

When I was making the transition from lager, I spent a few years drinking wheat beers — Hoegaarden, Erdinger, Paulaner & Franziskaner — before moving onto Pale Ales/IPA’s for a couple of years, and I’m now happy to drink pretty much anything, and will have stout/porter/ruby ales during the colder months. And there’s still always the right occasion for a cold pint of Pilsener.

I think Amber/Pale/Golden ales are often seen as the “entry” beers for people getting into Real ale, and that’s been the case with a lot of people I know. If you decide to go down that route, you should be able to pick-up Goose Island IPA, Sierra Nevada or Brewdog Punk IPA from most supermarkets now. Most good off-licences in London now stock a good selection of interesting beers, with loads from London micro-breweries, which is a great development. I spent Saturday afternoon at the Wildcard Brewery Tap room in Walthamstow on Saturday and there’s something really satisfying about getting slowly pis sed whilst drinking beer produced locally, where the Brewer themselves is pouring your pint and your money’s staying in the local economy. It makes all-day drinking seem like a heroic, virtuous way to spend your time.

With lager, a cold pint on a hot day was nice, but I was generally drinking it to get pi ssed, if I’m honest, whereas once you start experimenting a bit, it opens a whole new world. Most decent boozers will let you have a little try of what’s on offering, whilst you’re choosing what to drink. I love going into a new pub and working my way through a load of beers I’ve never had before, and beers that are packed full of flavour, and for me there’s the added attraction of putting your money into local breweries rather than spunking a few grand a year on industrial slop knocked out by some multinational.

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