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Oh Jimmy Jimmy..............
at 17:39 25 Aug 2020

600 test wickets. An absolute legend. I was at Lords when he took his 500th three years ago and he received a magnificent standing ovation. Such a shame that only around 100 people or so would have witnessed such a magnificent achievement. Onwards to 700 now.
Four for a Penny Derby
at 19:44 28 Jun 2020

On BBC1. Black Jacks v Fruit Salads.
Bring Back Brexit!
at 10:22 14 Mar 2020

God, I’m so bored. Painting doors today and watching them dry! Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored!
Interesting Stats
at 21:01 5 Jan 2020

Today we had the following stats:

Possession 58%
Shots 20
Shots on target 10
Corners 9

Swansea had 11 shots and 3 on target and 7 corners

When we played them in August our stats were:

Possession 51%
Shots 23
On Target 10
Corners 7

Swansea had 10 shots of which 5 were on target with 2 corners

And I remember coming out of LR after the game in August thinking that on another day we would have got a hatful against them with loads of good chances blocked. All came home to roost today.
Give him a 10 Clive
at 16:38 5 Jan 2020

Ilias Chair. I’ve been watching Rangers since 1972 on a regular basis and this will say, despite the opposition, because you cannot choose the opposition that was the most complete individual performance I have seen from a QPR player. He was absolutely untouchable, popping up all over the place. Swansea just did not know how to play him and nobody got near him except for Gat anti-footballing number six who decided that the only option was to hack him down from behind after he had beaten four players leaving them trailing In his wake.

I enjoyed this game more than the Cardiff game, partly because it was with a lot ke second string players but also because it showed that if we did lose Eze then we can more than cope. Would just love to see Eze, Chair and Samuel together for at least the rest of the season. In those three I reckon we have the best three outstanding talents in the championship.
Saints v Leicester
at 21:17 25 Oct 2019

This could be very embarrassing for Southampton
Early Thoughts from West Brom Supporters
at 23:37 24 Sep 2019


Some very nice thoughts as well......... “possibly the most talented side in the league”
Just Back
at 17:24 21 Sep 2019

Well actually that’s a lie. Standing in a queue for South Bermondsey station, not been held back by the old bill but the lack of trains. Sort it out Corbyn you caarrnt!

Solid win if unspectacular, much the better team, but complacent at times and did well to get that second goal straight off as it’s never an easy place to come to. Great fûck up by their keeper, nice it cost them the game unlike Lumley’s blooper. Last 20 Millwall reverted to type and just lobbed it forward to Smith who has definitely lost his pace since he left us. I said after the Swansea game that we would play a lot worse and win. We did and we won. 4th place is a nice place to be but not as nice as South Bermondsey in the early Autumn sunshine!

Still queuing by the way!

Blood Sports
at 20:19 9 Sep 2019

If you really are anti these types of sports I suggest you don’t watch the Scotland v Belgium game!🤣
Eze and Chair
at 17:57 24 Aug 2019

We’re going to have some fun watching these two hopefully for at least one season. I can see a nice little partnership developing between them and two totally different styles but both fantastic individual footballers. And they can only get better.
Just back
at 22:40 13 Aug 2019

And well worth the £15 for the ticket. Two teams that wanted to play football the right way and plenty of chances on both sides. If this is pretty much our second string then we are going to have some fun this season. For Saturday I would have Chair in for Scowen and maybe Smith for Amos. Warburton has certainly got a group of players that want to win and play for each other.

Was great to see Wells back at his best, Manning is looking better and better at left back. First time I’ve seen Ball and he looks solid enough, firstly playing on the right of a defensive three and then at right back. The only player I wasn’t sure about was Kelly. Thought he should have got the free kick although had no chance with their other two goals. Forget about the scoreline, this was no dress rehearsal for Saturday unless both teams do decide to go hell for leather, but if they did then it will be one hell of a game.
The Football League Show
at 08:01 11 Aug 2019

If you haven’t seen it yet then at least try and catch the end, a small tribute to Kiyan Prince.
Just Back
at 17:47 10 Aug 2019

Thoroughly enjoyable performance by Rangers. Looked a very good side going forward and another day could have had three or four. Totally dominated after the break and the only shot I can remember Huddersfield having was the penalty. Only whinge I have was the two free kicks. Would love to have seen Chair or Eze take them, especially with the wind behind them. Chair when he came on looked very tidy and very difficult to pick up and took players away from Eze which freed him up, Kane looked different class at full back and looks like a great bit of business. Barbet and Hall solid in the middle and happy to play the ball, Amos still looks a bit rusty to me but given time he looks like a great asset, Hugill certainly will leave everything on the pitch, BOS will get better and better. Manning now looks like a left back and a good one at that. All in all Warburton has put what looks like a side that will cause many a team some problems this season.
Only Three Points Above The Relegation Zone
at 16:59 3 Aug 2019

Looks like it’s going to be a long winter! Need to think about replacing Warburton.

Diabetes UK FundRaiser
at 10:39 17 Jul 2019

Following on from FredManRaves post where his son has recently been diagnosed with T1 Diabetes, it just so happened that my company at the start of July embarked on a 1million step challenge in order to raise funds for Diabetes UK. There are four of us in the business and to be honest by the end of September when the challenge finishes I would like to think we will achieve 3million steps.

The inspiration behind this relates to my personal trainer, Hollie who is only 24 and was diagnosed with T1 at the age of 10. Hollie has recently had her second daughter. Her diabetes has caused her sight issues and also she has a renal check once a year. Her own personal condition has prevented her from obtaining life assurance, which with a young family is essential for both her and her partner. I have worked with her for the last two years and the result is that I have gone from a fat 51 year old topping 19 stone to a slim, toned 53 year old weighing in at around 14 stone. She has been a real inspiration to me. She never moans or complains about her condition and both her pregnancies have been far from easy.

So below is a link and I know that as a community on this board, us brotherhood of R's have been generous over the years to various causes, so please, even if it is a fiver, the donation will be more than appreciated.




PS. Clive, could you make this a sticky for a couple of weeks.
That Mike Ashley fella.........................
at 09:09 11 Jul 2019

He either has got some neck or just doesn't give a monkeys anymore. Firstly Newcastle being linked with Steve Bruce and now this...…………………………….


Maybe Roy Keane could also be on the radar, after all he managed Sunderland and also had the balls to take a swipe at Alan Shearer at SJP. A perfect match in my opinion.
2019-20 Football Shirts
at 19:43 2 May 2019

Something to cheer us up. The sh1tfest of a shirt that the lot down the road will he modelling next season.

FFP and QPR Holdings
at 19:00 15 Apr 2019

Yesterday on my way back home from London my route took me past Old Oak Common to the part that is now being redeveloped by QPR and Genesis Homes. Now given that we are being pretty much hamstrung by these daft FFP rules and BFF Derby County seem to have tried their own evasion tactics does anyone know whether the profits the club will make from the sale of these homes count towards the other all balance sheet of the club allowing a few quid to be spent on players not of the calibre of Joel Lynch?
Seven gone from Labour
at 10:28 18 Feb 2019

Three more than went to form the SDP back in 1981. Interesting times for the Labour Party and for politics in general.
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