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QPR want to go to Helsinki pre season dates U18/Acc
at 16:27 24 May 2024

I want to go to Helsinki
Scottish Leagues
at 11:52 16 May 2024

Can somebody please explain (in English) how these leagues actually work?

They play a full league season then split the leagues into top half lower half then there are 2 clubs left in the middle. The play offs are ultra confusing
Chris Willock
at 17:50 4 May 2024

Did ok today but nowhere near his best.

Did he come over to the fans at the end of the game?

The feed I watched concentrated on Cov players and showed CW chatting with Sheaf & DasIlva who were both academy players at Arsenal. They spoke for a fair amount of time so nut sure if CW had made his way back from our fans???

Any one there notice
Keeping our loved assets
at 10:31 4 May 2024

In the mid to late 1970’s the only media outlets for finding out news on Qpr was mostly via the newspapers.

In the bad old days there were no such things as transfer windows, I don’t even recall there being a loan system.

You could buy and sell any player at anytime up until the 31st March until the season ended.

My first heartbreak was the sale of Rodney Marsh. March 1972 apparently £200,000 to Man Citeh. I was devastated. Rodney the season I started supporting this club in the first place gone. I was 14 never kissed a girl or been told to sling my hook by one but my hero my idol was gone, just like that. I would have found out when the morning papers were delivered, I used to wait for the paperboy to try and cram the daily telegraph for my dad and daily express for my mum. I’d get to them just before my dad who needed the telegraph to read it on the bog regular as clockwork at 7:30 in case the express disappeared in with him for what seemed ages.

Turn to the back pages and check for anything on Qpr, often there was nothing but one day splattered over the back of the express was news of Rodney’s transfer.OMG what happens now.

Then along comes Stanley.

For the next 6 or 7 years I’d check the back pages and there was Stan putting in yet another transfer request. The scar of Rodney’s departure etched deeply across my heart so these stories cut through me every time. He eventually got sold to Forest which I though at least he’s going to one of the best teams around at that time.

Since then the standout departures for me have been Clive Allen, Gerry Francis, Phil Parkes, Paul Parker, Darren Peacock, Les Ferdinand and others I can’t think of just now.

One of the most painful moments was Terry Venables going to Barcelona which brings me around to our Marti.

This man IS the greatest assets this club has had in decades. The fact that he has pulled the current group of players into a coherent team. They were sinking and up to their necks in an acrid bog of filth and slime, the club was on the verge of almost oblivion.

If this was the 1970’s I would be waiting by the front door for the papers to arrive in the hope that Qpr manager poached by Real Madrid headlines.

Today’s instant news from sky, radio, clickbait, social media means that this news can hit us at any given time be it made up or true.

Think I preferred waiting for the papers to arrive.
Cov game
at 13:43 3 May 2024

Is it live on sky? Want to watch on qpr+ via vpn
Watching last nights rerun
at 17:23 27 Apr 2024

With Leeds coms,!!,

Wonder what’s coming
Daniel farke praises us
at 22:26 26 Apr 2024

What a farken nice bloke
ticket for todays game F Block
at 13:05 20 Apr 2024

I cant make for reasons known to some of you but neither can my son who was going to use it.

So anyone interested PM me
Op update
at 15:44 10 Apr 2024

Can’t find the original thread but thought I’d update the chaps on my current state of health

I had a 5.5cm tumour removed from my groin yesterday taking with it part of my femoral artery. Surgeon said e everything went well and best case scenario achieved. Hope the buggers don’t come back. Nurse showed me a photo of it and told me to give it a name. I christened it Phyllis, was going to say Lyndon as I would be pleased its gone missing

Going to miss the last two home games

Phildo hope you are bearing up and keeping yourself occupied
New EFL sponsorship money
at 11:28 6 Mar 2024

AS I understand it the EFL is getting a larger chunk of money from the premiere league.

Yesterday the EFL sold (the Championship?) TV rights for £150M to be shown on international sports channels, 4 year deal?

So the income fund has just increased yet again?
Ilias end of match
at 05:45 19 Feb 2024

At the end of the match Ilias looked pretty angry about something, came breifly over to the fans but looked extreemly angry about something and made a hasty exit to the tunnel. MS made a big thing for the entire squad and coaches to come over to the fans but Illias was already near the tunnel and had to be persuaded to come back which he did.

Wonder what made him so angry. Had there been any verbal exchanges earlier?
Why is Huddersfield home game 1:30 Sunday KO?
at 07:46 21 Jan 2024

Prediction Logged by at 10:26:37
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Queens Park Rangers v Bristol City prediction logged
Todd Kane lands his Premiere League Dream
at 20:27 19 Oct 2023

Well done super Todd.

I didnt realise he played for PNE last season.

He was released but has landed a plumb contract with Manchester 62 in the Gibralter Premiere Division!!
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