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where to sit recommendations
at 16:10 24 Nov 2019

As I live on the Wirral I do not often get down to watch a home game but as its a family weekend trip to London (gonna cost me a fortune) me and my 19 year old son are going the Preston game, looking for recommendations for where to sit , after decent view and atmosphere (not the Russ Abbot song). Also as he can now buy his dad a pint what are the best pubs before the game, I've been the C & S before.

Thanks in advance
Amsterdam hotel recommendations
at 20:56 15 Oct 2019

Can any of the lovely posters recommend any Amsterdam hotels, 50th birthday present for the wife. Thanks in advance
2 tone coventry shirt
at 20:18 12 Oct 2019

Love coventry celebrating 40 years of two tone with a new third kit for their game tomorrow against tranmere

Who would we celebrate .....
at 16:56 29 Sep 2019

Got tickets for Cardiff, any recommendations for pubs before & after as staying overnight.

Cheers in advance
non qpr - any advice appreciated for Isle of Wight festival and Edinburgh fringe
at 11:48 6 May 2019

Looking at surprising the wife this year and go to the fringe, are tips & advice welcome for trying to get to see the good comedy acts but also the unknowns, also for the music as well, when to book, hotel recommendations etc

Also while I am at it, I would love to go the Isle of Wight festival 2020. We don't do camping so any advice on hotels on the island. Cannot do this year as off to see Courteeneers & James in Manchester the same weekend.

Thanks in advance,

pubs & grub local to BBC Marylebone
at 14:35 29 Oct 2017

Making the journey down from the Wirral to BBC Broadcasting House Marylebone this Thursday and after any recommendations for eating (just something casual) and drinking local to Marylebone.
I have been lucky to get tickets for Liam Gallagher (you either love or loathe him) for Radio 2 in Concert and after some brownie points with the missus before and after the show. Surprised how good the new album is.

Thanks in advance

Cracking win yesterday, U Rsssssssssssssss
A nice bit of wood
at 11:46 3 Jun 2017

Recently came across a company at a Trainer festival in Liverpool called Put it on your Wall and was impressed by the football/Casuals related wood carvings on show including the classic adidas tango 82 ball, then low and behold on the website you can get a QPR badge carving, going to be getting one of these in the future for the man cave

My favourite

The missus is getting a Liverpool one for her dad for fathers day.

Rome - where to stay
at 15:46 19 May 2017

Planning on going to Rome with the missus for a romantic break for a few days in early July , can any fellow Rssss recommend any hotels / areas to stay, cheers.
Non QPR_Libertines
at 10:23 4 Mar 2017

Got tickets for Libertines headline gig at Tranmere Rovers end of May, well supported by The Coral & Reverend and the Makers - anyone seen the Libertines live in the last year? Not seen them live before but one of my all time favourites. Also any Rs going to this?
Being from the Wirral its only a few miles away, shame its not at Loftus Road with Doherty being an R.

U Rs
Non QPR_How are you watching films, TV Series
at 11:10 12 Feb 2017

Received e-mail from 'Get It Right from a Genuine Site' via our Internet Services Provider stating that our broadband has been used to download a film, in light of this wondering what the preferred device is on here to watch films, TV Series, Sport etc. Any one else received a similar e-mail?

non qpr: way forward for Liverpool (comedy gold)
at 06:48 10 Feb 2017

Stumbled across this and have to share, has me in stitches.

u Rssssssssssss
Stadium tour
at 21:00 13 Aug 2016

Visiting London for a few days late August and as part of the trip looking to do the stadium tour, is it worth doing? if so any recommendations for a bite to eat after with my 16 year old son with a QPR related boozer local. Cheers in advance.
2012 the man City last game of the season
at 12:53 30 Aug 2015

I was at a family party last night where I was introduced to a United fan, immediately he went on about that last game of the 2012 season when we survived and City clinched the title - the guy reckoned we laid down and died to give City the title. I got cheesed of with this comment and gave him a few barrels back. For a couple of reasons as I was at that game and watched for 90 minutes how we held our own, took the lead and fought for our lives to stay in the league, plus the fact we were down to 10 men due to Barton losing his head.

Personally I do not think we gave in at the end, City had us camped in our half the whole of the second half with attack after attack and with our notorious fragile defence it was amazing how we nearly held out. To be honest made up City won that day and we managed to stay up. For United it was pay back time for that game in 96 when we were 1 0 and some how 8 minutes of fergie extra time was conjured up until Cantona scored. That game played a big part in our relegation - that's Karma.

U Rsssssssss
I cannot sleep - the time to kill between the pub and the fight
at 01:27 3 May 2015

The ramblings of a QPR drunken fan.

The game today and football in general:-

I was at the match today and as per my user name I live not far from Liverpool and for what ever reason I had to watch the game in the main stand close to the Rs contingent at Anfield surrounded by Liverpool fans. When I say Liverpool fans they were mostly Irish, Scandanavian or from 'down south', the Liverpool accent when heard stood out as this was not the common accent to be heard.

Before the game I had the pleasure to walk past the away fans end and speak to Dave AKUTRs and in the ground see the Rs fans in the away end, any sight of blue n white is a joy to behold.

Anfield to me is a scripted show for the premier league tourists, the fans on the kop will get a few banners out, sing You'll never walk alone, the rest of the ground will put their scarves in the air, video and so on. I know Scouse fans get a hard time but fair play I seen the following banners on the Kop 'where's our famous atmosphere' and 'supporters not customers'. This hit home to me and how football in the premier league has become, the loyal hardcore fan base has been neglected, the atmosphere in the ground was subdued (I could put this in anglo saxon words but trying to keep it clean), even when Liverpool scored it was like (like, see I am a local) why has it taken so long. What summed the atmosphere up today for me was when Gerrard was preparing to take the penalty, an actual Scouse Liverpool fan started shouting out 'go on get your camera outs , film the occasion', when I looked around there was a mass of people on their phones filming possibly Gerrards last goal for LIverpool. The point is the local lad was obviously fed up with the toursists attending the 'afternoon show' and being passive fans not encouraging the team. OK Liverpool were at home to the Rs, not a highly charged atmosphere expected but to me its a case that the tourists out number the true fans. I hate the fact we are dropping down to the championship but one of the few pros is that at least the matches are attended by a larger a number of true football supporters.

Right the important bit the match, first half I could not believe we are in a relegation fight, the team set up with Henry, Sandro and Barton FFS we needed to win today, Liverpool are on the ropes and like every other team we seem to have faced in this situation we set out to contain. The sad truth is until Zamora came on we did not offer any goal threat, the last time I actually enjoyed watching QPR play, has to be the Warnock team in the Championship. When Green saved the pen I thought we are going to at least get a point. the sending off killed it for me. Being a fan you are blinkered I honestly thought/hoped we would win but in hindsight a defence including Hill, Dunne, Caulker, Onuoha are not going to hold out, Green made a number of good saves but his distribution through out the season just brings the pressure back on to us on numerous occasions. The players are trying I will give them that but they do not have the skill to compete, I feel Leicester players are at the same level but for whatever reason their drive and commitment has seen them through.

I do not think Ramsey is the man for next season. Nothing against him, the players he had to pick apart from a few exceptions were Championship level at best but coaching apart I do not think he has the know how to compete in that league, assistant role yes I think he would be ideal. The whole set up at QPR stinks, we have not learnt from our previous management mistakes, just hope for next season we can rebuild as the team bar a few will be different to the one fielded today.

U Rssssssssssss

stan bowles - I had never seen this clip before
at 23:19 29 Mar 2015

Stumbled upon this clip of the legend Stan , never seen this before and just wanted to share.

Imagine in today's game the back page up roar if a player did this when substituted. Makes me chuckle though and adds to the legend that is Stan Bowles - one of the all time great entertainers.
The whole back drop is great and you forget how football back then was so different and belonged to the common man, cracks me up having Gerry Francis sat next to Dave Sexton with I think 3 plod behind them and then Don 'I look like a porn star' Rogers coming on.
I found it on the following website

We need Stan to take the team till the end of this season, forget all these Dubai trips, get them down the bookies and boozer on match day, let them out at 2:55 and straight onto the pitch, flicking their cigges in the air as they stroll majestically onto the pitch, SWP can pick the ciggie butt ends up of the pitch as that's all he is fit for.
U Rssssssssssssss
Charlie Charlie Austin
at 10:42 31 Aug 2014

Please forgive my ramblings, I am hung over, and the previous nights antics are slowly coming back to me. This is part of the sobering up process.

Walking through Liverpool town centre yesterday afternoon keeping check on the scores on BBC online and seen Charlie Charlie Austin scored had the biggest smile in the world, the Rs first goalof the season - What a feeling. Watched the final scores come in with the missus in the Bridewell pub in town and the anxiety and stress of waiting for QPRs first win was finally lifted, also had two palace fans in there, nice bit of banter with them.

Anyway Saturdays are amazing when your team wins, God bless the super hoops.

U Rs

There is no point to this thread, but my hang over is slowly lifting.

About to set off for the big day
at 06:47 24 May 2014

About to leave from Wirral to travel down for the big game, got my Rs retro shirt on circa Stan Bowles. Cannot wait, very nervous. This is going to be third time lucky for me, witnessed final defeats against Oxford Milk Cup and Cardiff play off final.

I predict 2 - 0 to the hoops, Kranjcar first goal.

U Rsssssssssssssss!
Any North West Rs making the trip
at 10:14 18 May 2014

Just wondering is there are any North West Rs making the trip. I am going with my 13 year son to Wembley, the wife and daughter have jumped on the Rs bandwagon so they can go shopping in London. We are travelling from Chester to London via Crewe.

Cannot wait, I am like a kid in a sweet shop. I could not make it to either legs due to trip to Italy, was able to watch both games in the Black Cat pub in Jesolo (near Venice), bouncing round when we scored and ringing the pub bell (think it is still shaking now, all this years frustration came out)

Come on U Rs
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