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Rob Burrows Rugby League Hero
at 19:03 2 Jun 2024

Five foot five and a tiny frame and yet a star in Rugby League, struck down cruelly by the horrible disease that is Motor Neurone Disease.

Likewise with Doddie Weir who similarly sadly suffered, he was positive and a total inspiration even in ill health.

Again people will question the effects of a quite brutal combat sport in many respects but Rob has certainly had quite a life.

Tragic though to pass at only 41 leaving his wife and three young children.

Makes you realise even in small moments that life is precious and everything is definitely a matter of perspective

Rest in Peace little big man ...
Micheal Gove looking for another job
at 23:31 25 May 2024

QPR bound

As a long term season ticket holder, what job at QPR could Mr Gove assist us with next season !!!! 😀

Any suitable ideas ??
Players we should have got rid - way before we did
at 14:45 12 May 2024

On similar topic as one staring who we should have kept, who did we hang onto way too long

I suspect this list will be way longer than the ones we should have kept

Appreciate contract lengths, wages, sale prices etc mean more difficult at times to get rid !!!

First on, I would have off loaded one particular player who had a realistic chance of getting rid to receive a fee and sellable on similar or better contract elsewhere.

Stand up Mr Joey Barton !!!

Was at QPR for four seasons, one on loan but a bad egg, creating even more dysfunction at a bad time to be a QPR fan.

Unbelievably divisive character and not nearly as good as he himself believed himself to be !!!
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What is the point of Neil Warnock
at 18:50 10 May 2024

Links to be new Torquay United manager at 75

Recent appointments seem to last ten matches

Not enjoying the pipe and slippers scene is our Neil but keeps giving up with very short term appointments

At least it's bit closer to Cornwall than Aberdeen was !!!

[Post edited 10 May 18:50]
Are all these extra EFL games on Sky full coverage or on red button
at 09:44 10 May 2024

Anyone know ???

Not speaking for myself as if am not there, watch QPR plus

But seeing as our fixture schedule will be so random, is the coverage red button standard

Ie one camera only, and no replays

Am assuming as so many matches going to be at very weird times, surely they will view in FULL COVERAGE as such disruption for RED BUTTON coverage would just smack of utter contempt for the FANBASE
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Players we should have kept
at 09:37 10 May 2024

I will start off with Conor Masterson

Would have been a decent back up centre half and whenever I saw him play for ourselves always seemed to put in a decent shift

Player of the season at league two Gillingham this year and six goals also.

Admittedly it's league two but I could have definitely seen him as a squad player.

Easy to say after the event but I did actually think he could have done well here and was surprised he never really got many opportunities here.

Where will we finish next season ???
at 11:51 6 May 2024

Where will we finish next season ???

Your Vote:

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Last game for Ilias Chair
at 07:49 5 May 2024

Possibly jail / sale

Let's hope neither but in this run in, he has been unplayable

The goal yesterday was absolutely outstanding

What a strike !!!

And the opposition simply couldn't get the ball off him

But without him this team / squad is much less

The key player but the possibilities for this being his last game for us are very real.

My personal view , I would be happy if he stayed here for his whole career

At times though, what a player.

Will be looked back on fondly in years to come as a future QPR legend
How far ahead do QPR need to be for you to feel safe from losing !!
at 13:32 28 Apr 2024

Bloke near me at match, still felt we could lose when we went three nil up in 74th minute.

Leeds had done nothing all game, we dominated and were great at the back, yet he still felt with 15 minutes or so to go, we could lose.

I think I was OK after about 60 minutes at two nil.

I know it's QPR but four goals in fifteen minutes - am not that pessimistic myself !!!
QPR are now 200 to 1 for Relegation
at 10:59 27 Apr 2024

Mathematically impossible !

PaddyPower and Betfair offering this price now. But you just know sadly some mug punter, is going to hand over the cash.

It's called exploiting the vulnerable. An addicted gambler doesn't sometimes read the form or possibilities.

This really should be an illegal !!!
[Post edited 27 Apr 10:59]
Possible Leeds fans retribution
at 15:52 26 Apr 2024

If we win, say with a dodgy decision in last few minutes of the game, do we believe Leeds fans will remain calm.

There has always been an element of people that attach themselves to Leeds fanbase that exists for the thuggery.

Am sure tonight, we will witness a massive police presence, perhaps a number of mounted police, although that's debatable after this week's earlier incident

Do we feel it's best to rush home or wait some time, all who are getting to the game by public transport.

I never go to a game these days thinking I could be mixed up in the middle of a bit of nonsense but if any game is likely, this is probably the one.

If I was a minimum wage steward in the away end, think I may wait to have my evening supper until after the match !!!!!!
[Post edited 26 Apr 15:53]
My last dream was Dykes hatrick and win
at 19:10 25 Apr 2024

Well he scored and we won one nil

This dream is we have a pen in last minute to draw 4 all with Leeds

Armstrong hits the bar , it rebounds back and twenty five yards out on the volley overhead Cook thunders the ball into the net

My last dream worked although the dramatic nature was slightly reduced but outcome was good

It WILL happen again

If it is as effective as the last one, we equalise with last kick of the game..

[Post edited 25 Apr 19:13]
The centre back pairing has been huge in our Recovery
at 20:10 20 Apr 2024

Obviously Marti gets massive plaudits for an Incredible turn around at the club

But having Cook and Clarke-Salter at the back, in some games, like today, you feel the clean sheet is never in doubt.

Clarke Salter always seems to take the right option and he also has some class to his gme also.

Cook has been a fantastic leader and the two of them have been able to marshal.our defence with skill and belief

Cook has used all.of his experience and is a very decent centre back at this level after a few years managing well in the premier league

Clarke Salter would be at a level higher than he represents at QPR if he had not so far, had an injury ravaged career

But there is a confidence about this pairing and also they both complement each other's styles

Along with Dunne emerging as a decent right back, I think this solidity and calmness at the back has been massive

Well done our centre backs...

[Post edited 20 Apr 20:11]
I have had a dream - Lyndon to score three against Preston
at 13:52 17 Apr 2024

Woke up in a strange sense of confusion this morning - not unusual in recent decades !!!!

Dreamt of Monsieur Lyndon netting a volley for his third in a crucial home game.

Now dreams come true, I am led to believe.

Anyone else DREAM about QPR and the theme becomes beautifully TRUE...

We all know how dreams can be distorted versions of reality but maybe its because of the term "DYKES THREESOME" which may well have entered my INTERNAL CONSCIOUS REALITY - that this very STRANGE FUTURE PROPHECY has reared up its beautiful head !!!

If Lyndon scores a hat trick on Saturday, I may well decide to supplement my income as a PSYCHIC - because this must surely be fantasy clearly !!! 😁

Is it not ????
Massimo Luongo - Ex Balon dor Nominee at QPR
at 01:50 14 Apr 2024

Noticed after Luongo scored a great goal for Ipswich to put them top of the Championship - anyone know why he left us.

Was here for 4 seasons from 2015 to 2019.

Been almost an ever present for Ipswich ie 40 league games so far. Think he was hardly injured for us also.

Was captain here at times and actually still only 31 now.

A player that went under the radar here perhaps - although 2017 to 2018 was QPR player of the season.

Anyone know the circumstances of his departure, think he left at similar time to Luke Freeman and Josh Scowen
[Post edited 14 Apr 2:06]
League Two Striker HAALAND according to ROY KEANE
at 16:38 9 Apr 2024

We want strikers whose all round game is LEAGUE TWO level so we can upskill them to the CHAMPIONSHIP quality.

Admittedly KEANE says ERLING's striking ability is top notch.

Can understand a little, his point but it's not that RATIONAL or TRUE to be fair.

Maybe it's got something to do with this footage ....

He doesn't like Erling's Dad that much as shown !!

Who actually genuinely enjoys watching QPR ??
at 20:15 8 Apr 2024

Often very frustrating and disappointing..

Never know how we are going to perform..

But especially with flirting with relegation, currently for me it's incredibly stressful also.

Tomorrow I am not going to Plymouth but have the option to watch on red button or QPR + but on other channels there are two very intriguing Champions League Quarter Finals, of which I have zero emotions to attach..

I know I will stupidly choose the former as entertainment and get extremely irritated by my own stupid choices.

Am I on my own with these extreme thoughts of thinking..

"Why do I do this to myself !!"
The curse of a full house at Loftus Road - Reason ??
at 23:18 6 Apr 2024

This season and last,we have had fantastic support at home.

Extremely high attendance numbers consistently.

Yet with all this backing our home form is and has been atrocious.

Admittedly away our support has been superb also but we seem to freeze or play extremely poorly at home.

In days gone past you would have said the crowd could have been the twelfth man but for last eighteen months our players have not been encouraged by the support at all.

It's not even as if the crowd have turned toxic - they could have done - but we haven't at all.

Only explanation I can give is the high wages all players get now, no matter what, on occasions, a lot of them just don't care enough.

Am stating this in general at the top two-level of football.

80s and 90s you still got a win bonus but money even at this level is very high now.

If I was in my 20s and playing if I had secured a 10k a week contract for four years, which I would get paid, no matter what, am not ashamed to admit, if the going got tough, i could quite easily be one for the boo boys.

I think if we had this support in the 80s and 90s our home form would be superb but the game has changed simply because of the ridiculous money around even for bang average players

[Post edited 6 Apr 23:21]
I hate QPR !!
at 17:19 6 Apr 2024

I think my choice to support this basket case of a club will result in fifteen years less life expectancy...

Who in their right mind supports this shower of shyte !!!

Sometime just sometimes !!!!!!!!!!

Players that were pants here - but excelled elsewhere
at 14:15 6 Apr 2024

Can't think of any ???

Plenty the other way around though.

Anyone have any names on this particular list ??
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