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Euro 2024 sweepstakes.
at 18:46 13 Jun 2024

I am screwed completely

I picked out "ENGLAND"

Think that puts the kybosh on it !!!
at 18:43 13 Jun 2024

Having four years at QPR on his CV means nothing if he has only a couple of appearances three and a half years ago. No club is going to overlook that and to suggest otherwise is crazy.

He is going nowhere after his stint with us, whether it finishes at the appointed time or ended many years earlier than it is supposed to.

That is what I would call an extremely hard sell.

The bloke that can sell ice to the eskimos would be required - I would suggest !!!
I hope this is and stays just a rumour.
at 18:34 13 Jun 2024

Wow had not seen that

Thought oddschecker had all major bookies odds - thanks for the heads up.

Just had a more extensive look, looks like Liam Rosenior heavily favoured and Marti higher in the odds because he was on Sunderlands radar before he even came to QPR.

I cant see a reason why Cifuentes moves at this time and if he did I would feel cheated ahead of time now that the club have mine and many others money due to season ticket renewal.

Would be so peed off, if Cifuentes left and would be a massive kick in the guts. And the constant merry go round would leave me feeling we are never going to ever achieve anything because these scenarios will happen ad infintum and would start to lose the trust in the human psyche.

Am thinking this is a bookies trap to get peoples money as opposed to the reality about to happen.
I hope this is and stays just a rumour.
at 18:10 13 Jun 2024

What is all this meltdown about Marti going to Sunderland

Checked oddschecker, he must be longer odds than 100 to 1 and saw 27 managers name quoted at more favourable odds than this

Checked Burnley he is fifth in the betting at 25 to 1. Three above him very short odds.

We seriously have no concerns Cifuentes is leaving us before next season starts.

But if worrying is your thing the fact he is number 35 in the betting for the Sunderland role then crack on being afraid people !!!!!
at 11:05 13 Jun 2024

From Richards viewpoint, probably clearly is aware this is his last job in football but the money he is getting is amazing for him, so no way is he going to walk unless we pay him in full. He has no hope of getting a playing role at a non league club, let alone in any league division.

From the clubs viewpoint, he is holding up a squad space that we need to be available. A negotiation of how we pay him off. Perhaps in installments. Whatever the reasons behind his non contributions, whether that's mental health or just seriously can't be a*sed,, that is not the issue for the club. The club just needs him not to be involved with ourselves anymore.

Think we are all aware, he won't ever even be on the bench in a carabao cup game so best to cut ties as quick as possible.
at 03:26 13 Jun 2024

Don't agree

Needs to do more

Big first half of the season for me, hopefully Marti can improve him but am not as yet convinced

Goal tally needs improving
Armstrong extended
at 17:49 12 Jun 2024

Am like others not itk.

But both Willock and Armstrong if they were to leave our club either now or at the end of the season, the best either could achieve is a sideways move. It would be to a club expected to be lower mid or relegation threatened outfit from the championship.

And apart from Sheffield Wednesday, the best bet for their career for the next season would be here, if Cifuentes is here for the full season

Possibility that that could improve their options.

But think Willock is on his way and there are not better options around currently for Armstrong either.

Think both seem to have hit plateaus that aren't fantastic and probably realistically for the positions they play a lower league club is more suited than a so called more upwardly mobile club than ourselves

There is never much noise with Chair going anywhere and he is streaks ahead of Armstrong and Willock...

Although perhaps the lack of interest or noise around Ilias is down to unknown legal outcomes that he could be facing.
EDB Signs new contract
at 22:11 10 Jun 2024

This could go one of two ways

But like others have seen several green shoots by EDB however he has no real regular run in the team.

He has talent, skill and desire. The promise is there, however as yet he has not quite done enough.

Enjoyed watching his cameos and let's hope a team made by Marti suits him.

One thing I do know, already he is going to be better than Dozell and hopefully more reliable than Amos and more talent than George Thomas.

However he is nearly 24 already with few appearances but absolutely agree with others - am pleased to see this happen.
Leaving loftus road...
at 21:57 10 Jun 2024

Makes you sound like a bell end but an actual specific bell end who goes by the nickname JT.

Have you got lost JT and haven't you got anything better to do John ???
'Marquee' Rs signings who were (successful) 'statements of intent'
at 22:26 9 Jun 2024

Gavin Peacock has chosen the only real follow on option for his second career after being a professional footballer, today he has morphed into a man of the cloth, preaching the love of God....

If he has some influence in these fields please could he say a heartfelt prayer to improve the fortunes of his ex employers from Shepherds Bush !!!
Leaving loftus road...
at 22:22 9 Jun 2024

I am 56 years young

I hope to be attending at least for another 15 to 20 years and at a stretch hope to be alive for another 30 years

Can see us still being at Loftus Road.

If we move, it will be in a different location, maybe 10 to 15 miles from where we are. A new stadium has no hope of being local.
'Marquee' Rs signings who were (successful) 'statements of intent'
at 14:51 9 Jun 2024

I replied to this being pointed out earlier if you read the thread through

I misread the thread title and saw it as just great signings.

I replaced Darren Peacock with Ray Wilkins as well.

But thanks for pointing out my dumb assed ness again. Glad I am keeping you on your toes !!! 🤣
Cricket 2024 County/International Thread
at 19:43 8 Jun 2024

If we lose against aussies, maybe tricky to qualify...

Think we have done reasonably OK after 70 off first five overs.
Single file Queuing.. in pubs!
at 18:13 8 Jun 2024

Very strange when men used stand at the bar drinking and chatting with bar staff and the bar staff had to make a guess at which thirsty soul was next in the queue.

Did a few shifts back in the 90s in a local pub and got chastised by a poor thirsty individual who I seemed to always think was not last in the line.

Anyhow there is a way these days of not queueing at all.

The days of covid meant we had to order via an app and this is still possible today in most hosteleries !!!

We are British. We all get off on being in a good queue. Gives us something to talk about as opposed to chatting about football or the weather !!!!
General Election Thread
at 18:03 8 Jun 2024

Sunak is a walking liability and it seems every day has been met with some extremely amateurish decision or action

Farage will reduce votes for tories even more

In a contest in many other eras, Starmer's Labour is easily beaten but this one can't see anything other than a landslide for labour.

Only interest I have is the percentages that will actually vote at all

I think generally in local elections it's around 30% and general elections, it's around 70%

A 50% turnout would certainly be a sad indictment on the general publics total lack of faith in any politicians of the moment in todays world !!
England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 v Iceland 🇮🇸 Match Thread
at 09:05 8 Jun 2024

Clearly the problem is clear

Our all time top scorer and bundesliga golden boot has never ever won a trophy in his life

Clearly the problem as always is Kane - Harry Kane

QPR could sign Harry Kane and we would be certainties to get relegated.

The man has some kind of voodoo curse on him and he will never ever win any trophy even I fear the EFL FA Vase is a step too far !!!!

Get rid of the charismatic chump - its the only way !!!!!!!!!!
'Marquee' Rs signings who were (successful) 'statements of intent'
at 08:08 8 Jun 2024

Agree - didnt read the thread title closely


Switch to the best marquee signing ever, which at the time due to his Chelsea connections i was unsure on

The late great Ray Wilkins
'Marquee' Rs signings who were (successful) 'statements of intent'
at 04:51 8 Jun 2024

Royston Wegerle

Darren Peacock

Trevor Francis
England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 v Iceland 🇮🇸 Match Thread
at 22:05 7 Jun 2024

That was England of old

Uninspiring is the kindest word

Ducking Shyte is the second and third kindest words !!

Utter dross. Our defence was very average but more worrying was some of our stars like Kane and Foden looking like they would fail to trouble a Gareth Ainsworth dysfunctional family team

I rather stupidly backed us for the Euros at 4 to 1.

250 to 1 more likely !!!

England never fail to disappoint!!
Eze for England!
at 20:13 6 Jun 2024

Quite bold decisions by Southgate and a lot of the reasons many have against him, they don't stand in relation to the squad he has picked.

Massive surprise to not see Grealish picked. I thought his cameo sub appearance gave him all the reasons why Grealish can be effective and almost, I felt, played himself into the managers mind as one of the first off the bench when you need a game changer

Although love Eze, he has not shown that as yet in his very limited international time so far.

I thought Gordon or perhaps Wharton might not make it but both have and Eze and Bowen and Palmer too, as well as Mainoo.

I hope Eze gets game time and would love it if he could be influential but for some reason, I doubt he will get on the pitch much and also for some weird reason, I am doubting he will change things. Not reasoned opinion just a daft instinct.

But yes obviously pleased he is in. Hope he gets a reasonable period of time and can show what he can do.
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