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Just back
at 17:42 2 Mar 2024

Oh the joys of a twenty minute walk home after a game...

All I'm gonna say is...


You R's!!!

Magnificent support, the noise was unreal. Helps when you're winning of course. Sinclair's me, what a hit.

Defence was magnificent.

Whether we stay up or do eventually fail afternoons like that are what we do this for.

Enjoy your Saturday nights folks!
Warnock to Aberdeen
at 12:24 5 Feb 2024

Can he get any further from that farm in Cornwall?

Must be the first time he's not worked in English football either, actually interested to see how he goes.
Dear England
at 09:34 29 Jan 2024

Has anyone been to see this? Either in one of the performances the National Theatre has done or one of the cinema broadcasts they have been doing of it around the country.

We went to go and see it at a cinema at home on Saturday. Really quite interesting actually, second half felt a bit rushed at times, also a bit odd to see something so contemporary considered most of the people featured are still in situ.

Enjoyed it though.
Rant of the Day
at 21:10 9 Dec 2023

Hour and 10 sodding minutes it took me to get back to the M1 from QPR after the game...first trying to get off the bloody Westway onto Wood Lane and then the A40 all the way to Hanger Lane...fkn nightmare, its only 7 miles!

Add to that large swathes of the M1 North having the "60" switched on for the variable speed despite the otherwise fine and free flowing traffic...arrggghhh.

5 hours and 20 minutes driving today, took me 2 hrs 40 each way (for context, I got back from the Stoke game in less than 2).

That off the back of my kitchen ceiling leaking this morning in the storm. Fk sake.

At least QPR won, and won well, to make it all a bit more bearable!

I'm sadly missing the Plymouth game on Wednesday as I'm in Belgium next week - is Belgium a country I can watch the game on QPR+ or is it one of the restricted countries? Never actually sure!
[Post edited 9 Dec 2023 21:10]
Radio 2 In The Park
at 17:15 18 Sep 2023

Did anyone catch any of it over the weekend?

Being in Leicester it's probably the biggest thing to happen in our city since Leicester won the Premier League in 2016. I went both days, I can't say I'd have a huge interest in the line up anywhere else but Victoria Park is a 30 minute walk from my house, and Leicester just never has big events like this (first time BBC have done something big there since 2001) so how can you pass up the opportunity?

As ever when you're seeing acts in their twilight years, there's some hits and there's some misses but the weekend overall was fantastic, great to see the city absolutely buzzing. Feels proper smalltime to be so excited about the BBC coming to Leicester but then this isn't London where we have cool stuff happening all over the place all the time

It did mean I missed Saturday's game but to be fair I probably dodged a bullet in the end. I'll be back down for Swansea tomorrow...
England v Denmark - Womens World Cup
at 09:40 28 Jul 2023

Surprised I haven't seen any threads on the Womens World Cup on here (unless I've missed it, apologies if so).

England just gone 1-0 up in 6 minutes with a brilliant goal from Lauren James.

What's even better is there's QPR fans in the crowd with R's shirts on and a huge England flag banner with "Chloe Kelly QPR" that keep appearing on the TV broadcast. Good on 'em, showing off the R's Down Under!
The Dean Smith Justice League has begun
at 19:37 23 May 2023

"Statistically the best team ever to face the drop"

Ok its the local rag but still, didnt take long 🤣
Richard Pacquette
at 12:11 9 Mar 2023

Going back into the warm fuzzy past rather than the current misery...

Saw a clip on On This Day QPR on Instagram the other day of a young Richard Pacquette scoring what must have been one of his first, if not first, QPR goals away at Cardiff City in 2002. It was a good strikers run through and finish.

Whilst showing promise, never quite made it at QPR although I thought he was decent, but he did have to contend with Kevin Gallen, Paul Furlong, Tony Thorpe and later Jamie Cureton in that 2003-04 team which was always going to be difficult.

Definitely showed promise to have a good Football League career, but he never did, although of course is quite well known to have been playing for a long time afterwards for just about everybody in non-league, and scoring for Havant & Waterlooville in their game at Anfield back in 2008.

What held him back from a longer career in the professional game though? Always felt he was good enough to have been a long time League One/League Two player.

People closer to the ground, or not a child back when he broke through for QPR, might have a better idea. Injuries? Just not quite the all round player? Anything else?

Interested to know thoughts.
Ian Holloway's "How to be a Manager" book
at 18:18 22 Jan 2023

Has anyone read this?

My wife bought it for me in the Waterstones sales post Christmas.

I will firstly open up with... I love Ian Holloway, he will always be a QPR hero for me because he was our manager for all my teenage years and he made the club at that time from something that was piss taken about at school to something that people respected. And we were fairly decent for most of it and had some amazing times. Our cave and all that. And whilst the second time around wasnt quite the same, it wasnt disastrous either and ultimately a lot better than what followed with McLaren.

So, the book. In my view its very rambly and very meandery and wanders all over the place within the same chapter. He gives credit to a ghostwriter in the acknowledgements but I'm not sure the ghostwriter has done a very good job because the text is all over the place. And some of the research and recollection of events is terrible. I can't comment on his other clubs, but there's a few QPR stories in there which are wrong, either by referencing the wrong fixture or wrong year. I will forgive Ollie for events that happened 20 years ago to be a bit mixed up in his memory, whilst they are seared in my teenage brain, but I feel that the research or checking could have been a bit better. Some of them aren't hard to disprove/correct.

Two examples:-
- The (in)famous "bird in a taxi" quote was after a 3-0 home win against Chesterfield in 2003 - Ollie has it in the book as being a 3-0 win against Bury. Bury weren't even in our league that year having been relegated at the end of 2001/02 - although we did win that home fixture 3-0 that season which may be where the mis-recollection comes from.
- His final QPR fixture first time round - is in the book as being a 6-1 loss against Leeds. I think his last game was against Leeds (he says it was) in that game we had "Queens Park Strangers" but that game was a 2-0 loss - the 6-1 was the season before.

Small matters maybe but it gripes a bit at me and makes you wonder how many of the other stories around things at Plymouth/Bristol/Palace etc are wrong too.

The book also talks about contemporary football events - which I think is always a bit iffy to do because it then ages the book really quickly. One paragraph mentions hoping Frank Lampard gets the time he needs at Everton.

Fairly interestingly there is only the smallest mention of Leicester City and all that is is that he admits he didn't research the club or team before joining. Given that was probably the most disastrous spell of his managerial career it may well be it holds painful memories he'd rather not revisit but its interesting nonetheless.

The whole thing reads like a text version of one of his after dinner events. Which would probably be hugely enjoyable to attend. I'm just not sure it translates into book form very well.

In the unlikely event Ian Holloway reads this - I still enjoyed the book because its Ian Holloway and I love him and if I ever meet him I will tell him how much of a QPR hero he is to me, so if Ollie is the same to you its worth reading - but as a book its definitely not one of the best of its genre.
Spotify Wrapped
at 11:58 1 Dec 2022

Its that time of year again for Spotify users where the app tells us all how much we've listened to and who we've been listening to this year...

So for those with Spotify, who are your top artists of the year, top podcasts and top song? Share us your tastes?

According to mine I had:-

45 genres

My mornings supposedly start with "Raver Angst Feel Good", I seize the day with "Relaxing Love Chill" and I enhance the night with "Theatre Kids Mayhem Popheads". Make of that what you will.

41,481 minutes of listening.

My top played song is Pompeii by Bastille (blame that bloody pre-match video at LR for me loving that song so much...)

I played 3,991 songs apparently, and 1,932 artists, with Chvrches being my top artist of the year.

My listening personality is "The Time Traveller".

I seemingly haven't done enough podcast listening on Spotify this year to get any podcast stats although I do listen to Atomic Hobo quite a bit.
Songs That Remind You of Football Grounds
at 13:43 22 Nov 2022

I'm not watching much of the World Cup and all the conspiracy nutjob stuff is doing my head in, so to try and contribute my own music thread, please share with me...

Music that when you hear it takes you back to a football ground you've been to.

BUT...not the obvious stereotypical stuff. So not Pigbag for QPR for instance because that's obvious for all of us. But songs you've heard at grounds, or around grounds, that in ordinary times no normal person ever would associate with football, but for you takes you straight back to a particular time and place.

I have many, but I will start with just one post and come back to it later when seeing if anyone is as bad as I am for this, and to give you an idea of the theme I'm thinking - Firework by Katy Perry. Heard whilst sat freezing in the back of the away end at Burnley in the title winning 2010/11 season watching the players warm up in the pouring rain.

And the game finished 0-0. Fireworks there most definitely weren't. But nonetheless, I hear this song, I'm straight back in my mind into that freezing January Saturday at Turf Moor.

Pin Badges
at 18:57 24 Oct 2022

Slightly lighter (and, er, nerdier) badges.

Are there any fellow collectors out there? I've got a collection in the hundreds that I dread to think could well be reaching 1,000 by now.

Started when I was a kid when a stall on South Africa Road would be selling QPR pin badges but also pin badges from clubs all over the place - used to be 3 for £5 and for years that was where I'd spend my pocket money each home game. Used to just love all the different colours and designs.

I did at one point manage to have a pin badge for all 92 Football League teams although since the stand disappeared (must be 15 years ago now at least! The one that is on SAR just does QPR stuff) my football pin badge buying other than QPR has gone well downhill, although whilst I'm some way short of the 92 now I am rapidly increasing my non-league collection simply from all of the traditional Football League teams that are collapsing down the ladder. And quite a few of mine are now out of date with the way clubs have changed badges over the years.

As I've moved into adulthood the collection has moved on and I tend to try and pick them up now as a memento from anywhere I visit. They're quite a big thing now. I picked up loads from the Commonwealth Games over the summer and put them all together in a frame which was quite arty for me. I do have some really cool ones so I do like the collection still.

Its still QPR though that primarily started it and I like to add to it when I can so I've been waiting for the club to release some new pins for a few years now as I'd got all of the ones they have been selling.

Which - this year - they have at last! The QPR Retro pin range - there's 10 of them of which I now have 9 and I plan to leave it there as there's 2 home Guinness kits which are largely identical so I'm not going to buy two of basically the same. They're a really nice set actually.

They're at the top of this link for the curious -

I think including last year's away kit in it though is a brave choice. Definitely more kits I'd include before that one for me but its a nice range. there anyone else out there as nerdy as me for badges? What quirky/different ones have you got? Would be genuinely interested to find out!

No swapsies though
London Recommendations
at 09:26 4 Oct 2022

I'm going to delve into the hive mind of LFW here....

Me & Mrs SLM are heading to London for a week's break next week. We've both got some spare leave to use at work and have decided to spend a week in London as there's lots of little things we'd like to go and see/do in the city that we just never get time to do when only there for day trips like football etc.

We've done all the main touristy trail stuff many times so not really heading for that.

Things planned so far:-
- Greenwich Observatory (never been, both interested in it)
- Not bought tickets yet, but hoping to do a Hidden London tour at one of the underground stations - possibly Shepherds Bush - bit pricey but we find them fascinating
- Mrs SLM wants to go and see the Cross Bones graveyard after she learned about it on a Frank Turner song
- QPR Fans Forum (ahem... )
- I'd like to go and see the QPR blue plaque that's at the church where we were founded but I'm not 100% sure where it is - can anyone help on that?
- We like the markets so planning on heading to Borough and Camden as we've never been there.

What other sort of little quirky things that are interesting, but generally hidden, or non-mainstream places to visit that you'd recommend?

Season Tickets
at 09:58 28 Jul 2022

Appear to be being issued from this morning.

Same as last year - digital to save to Apple Wallet/Google Pay - except GooglePay has now changed to an app just called "Wallet" so mine is now saved in there. I've just had to talk my Dad through getting it on. He'd just about got used to GooglePay last year but the app changing name was enough to confuse him again.

Hopefully the turnstile issues will be minimal/non-existent this year! It seemed largely resolved after the first few games.
Commonwealth Games
at 16:16 27 Jul 2022

Start tomorrow.

Has anyone got any tickets for events over the next 10 days? The track cycling is in London so local to lots of you.

I applied for loads of tickets thinking I'd be lucky to get a third based on experience from London 2012 and Glasgow 2014, and ended up getting nearly all of them which gave my credit card a battering last year.

We're off to the Opening Ceremony first tomorrow evening, before a full day on Friday. I'm sure it won't quite be as expansive as London 2012 but looking forward to it nonetheless.

The train strikes I imagine will cause a bit of a travel headache at times, but hopefully we can work our way around it all!
Replica shirt prices
at 12:07 21 Jun 2022

I must admit its quite a few years now since I last bought a replica shirt, but I've just seen on Facebook up here that Leicester have released their new shirts for 22/23 and will be charging £63 for adult shirts and £45 for juniors.

To me that seems absolutely outrageous. What cost of living crisis?

Sadly they will probably sell loads still and justify these crazy prices.

What have our lot been going for these past few years? I can't imagine they are anywhere near that much?
Football spot fixing
at 09:19 25 May 2022

Spotted this breaking on BBC News this morning...

While it features generally low level footballers do you think it could be rife at our level as well? Probably very hard to spot unless there's noticeable betting patterns on certain things. How would you feel if it broke that stuff like this was going on at our level as well? Would it turn you off or would you feel able to shrug it off thinking its only little things rather than outright results? (Although of course players deliberately getting booked/sent off can very much influence results!)

I'd be very disappointed for sure.
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