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Sky TV / broadband 16:20 - Mar 11 with 785 viewsJuzzie

Do any of you fine chap's and chapesses have a Sky TV/broadband deal?

If so,

- what's the broadband speed?
- how many times over a calendar year does either tv or broadband signal go down for 1/2 a day/day etc?


Sky TV / broadband on 17:56 - Mar 11 with 708 viewsloftboy

Only have the broadband ( I use my sons sky go to watch sport on my iPad) but not had a problem with the internet, was previously with talk talk and it was crap.

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Sky TV / broadband on 18:15 - Mar 11 with 686 viewsCamberleyR

Avoid. I've got it and the broadband's fcking crap. Always cutting out/restarting several times an evening (we don't have an excessive number of devices connecting to it) and the upload/download speed isn't anything to write home about either and nor is the customer service. I've tried sending my router logs to them via their Facebook messenger service and no response at all.

I'd ditch it for something else in a heartbeat but where I live (North Camp end of Farnborough, Hants) the choice is a bit restricted especially where fibre is concerned plus I'm planning to move in the near future and will change when that happens.

Just done a speed check and the results were:
Latency: 24ms
Download: 10.7 Mbps
Upload: 0.5 Mbps
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Sky TV / broadband on 18:53 - Mar 11 with 653 viewsstevec

Got Sky the moment we got promoted to Premier, money well spent eh?

Actually in 8 years broadband has been excellent and internet never a problem. TV has also worked fine, though if you have the dish fitted lower than the roof take into account growth of trees affecting reception.

The price is another thing though!

Sky TV / broadband on 20:31 - Mar 11 with 554 viewslondonscottish

Sky broadband runs on BT lines and is installed by BT Openreach. Same for Talk Talk and any one of the scores of providers other than Virgin who have their own cable network.

Assuming you can get BT Infinity where you are you'll get the same 75Mb/s from all the providers.

I've tried BT, Talk Talk, Sky and now Vodafone and IMHO opinion they're all the same.

Given a choice I'd have Virgin broadband as it's much faster but I can't get it where I am.

EDIT; I've also tried various Sky and Virgin TV bundles over the years and concluded that I was paying loads for stuff I never watched. 95% of what I watch with my wife is on Freeview/catch up. I get all the Amazon stuff through Prime anyway. I pay £10 a month each for Netflix and Now TV Entertainment as the kids watch some films & shows on there. If i want football I just get a Now TV Sports day pass.
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