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Lynch to Sheffield United 17:41 - Jul 5 with 4782 viewsE17hoop

Must be true, I read it on the internet

It's always noisiest at the shallow end
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Lynch to Sheffield United on 17:45 - Jul 5 with 4751 viewsJAPRANGERS

Must be April 1 then??

Lynch to Sheffield United on 17:47 - Jul 5 with 4739 viewsSnipper

They’d be better off with Bet Lynch.

Lynch to Sheffield United on 11:40 - Jul 6 with 4235 viewsfrancisbowles

Don't tell Luke Freeman!

Lynch to Sheffield United on 11:56 - Jul 6 with 4207 viewsNorthernr

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Lynch to Sheffield United on 14:48 - Jul 6 with 4005 viewsBakes

He’s there, 6th from the left.

Sheff Utd must be having pre season in “Doobs”

With Faith And Courage Comes Glory


Lynch to Sheffield United on 15:45 - Jul 6 with 3908 viewsLowerloftLad

well there goes our relgation clause with freeman

Ohhhhhh bobby zamora


Lynch to Sheffield United on 10:09 - Jul 7 with 3534 viewsRassilon

Is he part of the team, or just on holiday in Dubai (again) and wandered slowly past?

Lynch to Sheffield United on 11:11 - Jul 7 with 3394 viewsPommyhoop

Good luck Lyncho.
Thanks for all your work and effort in the past.Hope you light up the prem.
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Lynch to Sheffield United on 23:02 - Jul 10 with 2841 viewsNorthernr

Silly old Blades. Took him on a warm weather training camp to the Algarve didn’t they. Can you guess what happened next?


Lynch to Sheffield United on 04:36 - Jul 11 with 2682 viewshoopsmark

That’ll learn em

Lynch to Sheffield United on 07:16 - Jul 11 with 2580 viewsloneranger1

You couldn't make it up! Lol

Lynch to Sheffield United on 07:59 - Jul 11 with 2490 viewsTheChef

Well those sunbeds are very comfy, after all.

Can only assume Lynch told his agent to find out which clubs are going Dubai for pre-season, and blag it accordingly.


Lynch to Sheffield United on 10:00 - Jul 11 with 2341 viewsNorthernr

I wish I had his agent. Might end up being the fcking king of England.

This is peak Lynch. Knows he's not getting a deal there, gets himself on the Algarve trip, immediately picks up "a knock" and retires to the pool for a week on expenses.

Lynch to Sheffield United on 10:21 - Jul 11 with 2279 viewsSuperhoop83

According to agent's website he has earned "numerous Man of the Match awards". Is that correct?

I actually thought he was a fairly decent player when he was on his game, but that wasn't very often and his playing record over Christmas and towards the end of the season was embarrassing and blatant.

Suffering since 1978.


Lynch to Sheffield United on 10:29 - Jul 11 with 2251 viewsWatford_Ranger

Like a lot of our players he had one purple patch which is first in some fans’ memories rather than the best part of three seasons of looking absolute crap. My abiding memory will be of him bollocking Bidwell for his own mistakes.

Lynch to Sheffield United on 11:28 - Jul 11 with 2160 viewsRangersDave

As its only on a trial basis at the moment, may i be the first to tell all Sheffield United fans that Lynch was , if you'll excuse the pun, the lynch pin of our team.
Always on his feet with exemplary ball control, and perfect vision for threading the ball into forward positions.
Was never scared of a tackle, and put in 'a shift'. Us as Rangers fans will truly be sad to see him go, and you've got a bargain there in whatever over a bag of crisps you pay for him.
He was our second Adel Tarabt (the good bits) in the making.
top top player, triffic and loves his mum.
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Lynch to Sheffield United on 12:00 - Jul 11 with 2063 viewskensalriser

Why the fck would you go to the Algarve for 'warm weather training' when it's 23 degrees in Sheffield?

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Lynch to Sheffield United on 12:10 - Jul 11 with 2034 viewsLongsufferingR

Because Sheffield is Sheffield

Lynch to Sheffield United on 12:14 - Jul 11 with 2019 viewstoboboly

It's rubbish though isn't it. Get them playing together at home and you can see if the youth players will be any good, also players and staff will still be with their families each night. Far better for wellbeing, finances etc.

Sexy Asian dwarves wanted.


Lynch to Sheffield United on 12:16 - Jul 11 with 2011 viewsLongsufferingR

Yes, but Sheffield is still Sheffield

Lynch to Sheffield United on 12:19 - Jul 11 with 1989 viewsMick_S

This establishment is on Letsbe Avenue and is why Sheffield is great.

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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Lynch to Sheffield United on 12:20 - Jul 11 with 1987 viewsAntti_Heinola

literally every manager on earth will tell you it's vital to get players away and bonding together in pre-season.
It wasn't the Algarve, but Warnock and all the squad said the Cornwall trip was so important the year we won the league.

Bare bones.


Lynch to Sheffield United on 12:35 - Jul 11 with 1944 viewsrobith

Scene: Lynch has sat on the bench all season, but a fixture build up and injury crisis, means he has to start a Premier League game on December 16th

Lynch, minute 1:


Lynch to Sheffield United on 09:02 - Jul 20 with 1496 viewsrsonist


Lynch to Sheffield United on 13:10 - Jul 20 with 1227 viewsLazyFan

The upside to the Winter Leech was he was unavailable during the Winter so, we could go on a great run. The downside was he came back. He will probably get a deal somewhere in the Champ now. As August will drive some of the other clubs in the champ to panic buy for sure. Maybe Brentford? They have money to burn on defenders :P

After 2 seasons of faffing about, we at least have attempted to have a proper go at addressing the problems of low numbers at CB this transfer window. It is a worry we have done this on the cheap though as they may not work out and we get relegated. But this was out of our hands due to FFP.

Assuming we are good we now need 3 strikers to come in. I understand why they sold Matt Smith as we got money for a 30-year-old sub. But really we should have kept him as we have no replacements. The risk here is too big.

I have the feeling that if Mass goes, they will get Hugill/Wells with some youngs from the Prem on loan again and try and sort the forward problem out next season. Big risk this though, but maybe these are the only cards they have to play with.



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