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Question about iFollow and the Match Pass 16:12 - Oct 11 with 394 viewsDCPete

I’ve recently gotten a £10 offer to watch ColU.. (piecemeal)

It says buy the match pass at the Apple App Store, then download the “Colchester United Official app.”

Anyone here have this? And what is the ColU Official App?

Question about iFollow and the Match Pass on 17:32 - Oct 11 with 374 viewswessex_exile

I don't know if there is an app for smartphones, tablets etc., I just buy match passes through the CUFC website. If you listen to the commentary, you can buy match passes there, no app needed, and then you get the option to watch the game through the Match Centre, not just listen. I think (anyone else know) that for those overseas, it's only £5 per match for a match pass?

Incidentally, match passes to watch a game can normally only be purchased for games other than on a Saturday, but international break weekends are the exception to that rule, so match passes are available for the Crawley game this Saturday (and I've got one). There are a small number of clubs that aren't part of the iFollow group - FGR is definitely one of them, so don't think the game at the New Lawn (which is a Tuesday night) will be available - no problem for me, I'll be there in person.

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Question about iFollow and the Match Pass on 17:32 - Oct 11 with 374 viewsnoah4x4

I simply pay £4.49 per month to I-Follow via the main U's website. I then watch interviews, match highlights, and the entire broadcast game. The latter only appears two days later. I have, of course seen the original live in person so I only need the repeat on-line. However, I think I would need to pay an additional £10 If "live".

For £4.49 it's great value as you might watch four full match replays in a month saving £35. But can you resist the desire to watch them "live"?

Question about iFollow and the Match Pass on 10:25 - Oct 12 with 340 viewsPinault_Noir

Yes, Wessex, you are spot on.
It costs me 6€ here if I watch a live game.

Question about iFollow and the Match Pass on 21:06 - Oct 12 with 320 viewsDCPete

Yeah. Costs.more in Washington.
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