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The chairman speaks again 18:48 - Sep 23 with 471 viewsLeadbelly


Poll: Safe standing at football; yes, know or don't know?


The chairman speaks again on 19:05 - Sep 23 with 466 viewswessex_exile

Just read it - top work and top man - bet he doesn't get an answer though....

Up the U's
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The chairman speaks again on 19:13 - Sep 23 with 459 viewsPinault_Noir

The chairman speaks again on 19:05 - Sep 23 by wessex_exile

Just read it - top work and top man - bet he doesn't get an answer though....

Superb, eloquent, clear everything that Cummings' puppet isn't.

The chairman speaks again on 22:11 - Sep 23 with 425 viewsGOSBTS

I'm usually very supportive of Robbie's openness and transparency with the fans. It's been hugely refreshing to have such a dialogue with a club owner and has helped make us feel close to the club, even though we haven't been allowed at the Community Stadium since the end of February.

However, I'm not entirely sure this was the wisest move from the boss. His frustration is clearly understandable, but writing any letter whilst in a state of anger is unadvisable - even moreso to publish it openly to the fans. When cases of coronavirus have doubled in a week to 6000 today, we could be in a place where restrictions tighten even further and he'll be left perhaps regretting his words in a matter of days. And if cases do continue this upward trajectory, I'm not sure he'd get remotely near the numbers of U's fans he'd hoped for through the turnstiles - I for one certainly wouldn't be going now, whereas before I may have considered it.

The chairman speaks again on 23:32 - Sep 23 with 414 viewsdurham_exile

An interesting situation.

Notwithstanding the increases in COVID cases, I do not see the harm in allowing 25% of supporters into grounds.

After all we are still allowed in pubs, restaurants and bars, supermarkets, shops etc

With 2,500 at the JSCS we could still practice Social Distancing and ensure that fans were safe. I am not suggesting that COVID be ignored, far from it, it is very serious but we all need a little perspective.

DAILY fatalities in the UK

Cancer 450
Dementia 214
Coronary Heart disease 180
Stroke 99
Flu and pneumonia 29
Accidents at home 16
Road Accidents 5

Source Times 22 Sep 20

Up the U's



The chairman speaks again on 11:46 - Sep 24 with 375 viewsnoah4x4

What happens inside a ground is controllable, albeit it wasn’t so at Stanway Rovers or Hashtag United. In the latter example the half time announcer was begging folk to comply. But the concern is what will happen outside of football grounds.

Where was the social distancing when Spurs fans welcomed Gareth Bale or outside Carrow Road prior to the Canaries trial fixture? Even 500 fans on public transport to and from an out of town stadium like the Jobserve is a threat.

If you travel on an aircraft from an area of risk you are obliged to quarantine. Controls are strict in universities (but perhaps being ignored). In a pub, it’s table service only to groups of six. You are not congregating in groups of 100 plus. Whilst disappointed that fans won’t be let in, I think Robbie has this one badly wrong. It’s better that fan admission to stadiums is delayed another month rather than see another 40,000 die in a second wave.

If Gareth Bale donated one weeks salary it would see us through another month. Football has the answers if the greedy Premier League will make its contribution from TV monies.
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