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Macauley Bonne
at 11:57 23 Sep 2018

For those with access to BT Sport there is a 15 programme about Macauley Bonne at 16.30 this afternoon.
Nolan sacked by Notts County
at 18:49 27 Aug 2018

Am I missing something?
at 14:03 21 Aug 2018

Park & Ride timetable lifted from the club's website just now. It would appear to me that the last bus heading back to town leaves 15 minutes into the second half of an evening game. This alternative to the defunct shuttle bus service appears of no use to me or have I missed something painfully obvious.
Transfer dealings
at 15:31 8 Aug 2018

The transfer window closes at 17.00 tomorrow.

Should we expect any further business involving Col U, either arrivals or departures?

If yes to the above, where do we need further recruits, who may be interesting other clubs and who may benefit from a loan period elsewhere?

Has the club dealt with this transfer window in a more or less satisfactory manner than we've seen in recent years?
Luke Norris
at 18:22 26 Jul 2018

Whilst working in the M4 corridor today I had a long football related chat with a client who is a Swindon Town ST. I asked him for his opinion on Norris which is as follows:

Arrived from Gillingham with quite a fanfare but, in the opinion of most Swindon fans of his acquaintance, Norris never lived up to the hype.

Will score goals but not prolific.

Good at penalties.

Bit of a carthorse.

He was injured at the end of last season.

Not upset that Norris has moved on.

We shall see how he gets on very soon.

Wordsworth now a Womble
at 17:35 12 Jul 2018
Season ticket announcement
at 17:58 23 May 2018

I'd decided not to renew anyway but I wonder what effect the increase in price will have on season ticket sales.
Musical chairs?
at 17:38 22 May 2018
Ryan Jackson
at 15:48 15 May 2018

Extends his contract for another two years. I find myself somewhat less excited by this than those at the club claim to be.
Stadium sponsor, season ticket prices and new signings
at 13:29 9 May 2018

Is all the good news being saved up for a blockbuster press release?
At No. 1 it's...
at 13:55 2 May 2018
10 years at Weston Homes
at 15:55 1 May 2018

I thought it might be interesting to see how things have changed (or otherwise) since we left Layer Road. There could be any number of statistics to mull over but I think final league position is a reasonable guide to how we've fared on the pitch and average attendance ought to be a fair reflection of how fans see things.

Season Finish Average attendance
08/09 12th 5,084
09/10 8th 5,529
10/11 10th 4,223
11/12 10th 3,865
12/13 20th 3,530
13/14 16th 3,631
14/15 19th 3,782
15/16 23rd 4,299
16/17 8th 3,637
17/18 10th -13th 3,320

Weston Homes no longer, that much can be agreed. But what do the above numbers show, if anything? Can the chairman rest easy and continue running the club as he does or do those figures cause even him some concern? Do these figures cause concern at the highest level within the club? If there is no concern how do those figures validate the current philosophy?

There have been a number of recent redundancies at the club due, I'm told, to difficulties on the corporate hospitality front. Is this a sign that not everything is as it should be? Will there be more to come in other areas of the operation?

My own view is that Colchester United has been in a steady decline for some time. Not everyone will agree and I'm sure lots of people still derive enormous enjoyment from attending games. The problem, in my opinion, is that there are becoming fewer of them as time goes by. From my seat in the south stand it is patently obvious that fewer people are attending games, regardless of what the official attendance may show. Some are season ticket holders which bodes ill for imminent renewals.

There seems to me to be a significant disconnect between the club hierarchy and much of the fanbase. Very limited information escapes into the public domain and when we do hear something from the chairman I usually wish he'd stayed quiet! Much of the decision making seems baffling to me, with no obvious meaningful consultation with fans about what they would like to see. We are supposed to be United...I wish it felt that way.

RIP Butch
at 16:10 4 Apr 2018

Very sad news.
Careful what you wish for...
at 12:24 29 Mar 2018

High sixes all round as the Farmers receive the news they've been gagging for.

Disappointment will soon set in once Evans fails to give the new manager more money than McCarthy had.
Player-coach Johnny Jackson
at 14:25 23 Mar 2018
at 18:03 22 Mar 2018

No loss
Worth a read
at 14:09 21 Mar 2018

"Borrowed" from the official board. Makes somewhat depressing reading in my opinion. Also interesting to note the comments, presumably from someone with no Col U axe to grind, about 10 years of decline. A grain of truth in that.
at 18:06 19 Mar 2018

for the Yeovil game arrived at 13.44 today. The Barnet edition was similarly tardy.

I'm not unduly bothered at having not received the programme before the game as I've never been a reader of programmes but it does seem to me a little strange to then receive an email which includes the line "See you on Saturday" almost 48 hours after the game kicked off.

Not the biggest worry I have about Colchester United at the moment but perhaps symptomatic of the state of the club in general?
Orange ball required?
at 14:30 16 Mar 2018

World Cup 2018
at 10:40 13 Mar 2018

Two Russians living in Salisbury have been attacked using a Russian made nerve agent. This has also affected a police officer and could have had far more serious consequences.

The British Government has accused Russia of carrying out this attack on British soil. Although the Russian Government denies involvement it is difficult to believe any other state is to blame.

Assuming Russia is unable to provide a credible evidence that they were not involved should the England football team boycott the World Cup this summer? Or should the competition be boycotted anyway? Or will this all be swept under the carpet and no action taken against the Putin regime (again)?
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