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Positives! 10:02 - Dec 10 with 684 viewsTGRRRSSS

Stoke lost 5-1!!!!!!!

Really hope Stoke don't sack Hugehesless and he gets the relegation he deserves.

On Sunday Supp now talking about him.

"Great quote from Matt Law

"It hasnt really gone anywhere, two years plodding on"

"Old Pulis squad breaking up" 2lack of heart and spirit.

See it's not all bad

Positives! on 10:17 - Dec 10 with 656 viewsJAPRANGERS

Careful, someone's going to spread the rumour that the pocket billiard champion's coming back to us.....

Positives! on 10:37 - Dec 10 with 638 viewsted_hendrix

This morning I couldn't give a toss about Hughes, Stoke or apparently some so called massively important local derbies up fcking North somewhere.
There's no positives considering we haven't kept a clean sheet for something like six games and have managed to score about 4 goals in the process.
At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious we've got enough problems of our own, got no problem with trying to be positive or positive posts but if anyone or anything can cheer me up it isn't the problems that Hughes and Stoke are suffering.

My Father had a profound influence on me, he was a lunatic.


Positives! on 10:52 - Dec 10 with 618 viewssmegma

I'll lay money they'd spank us home and away.
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