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Kiyan Prince Trubute
Kiyan Prince Trubute
Saturday, 5th May 2007 11:26

Every message posted on our forum by fans of QPR and other clubs following the tragic death of young Kiyan Prince. Thankyou to everybody who took the time to get in touch.

Kiyan Prince 1991-2006 

We will sadly never see his true potential, we will never see him score in front of the Loft, we will never have the pleasure of singing his name nor discussing his performance over a beer. The QPR community feel as if we have lost one of our own. With the deepest sympathy to Kiyan's family, may he rest in peace. - Berkshire Hoop

Even after time has passed I cannot begin to put my anger and sorrow about what happened to Kiyan into words. Not only must our club and its supporters not forget him, it's important that society remembers what happened to this magnificent young man as well. A tragic loss to his family, friends and team mates at QPR. RIP. - NorthernR, Site Editor.

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QPR Fans and Message Board Regulars

Very sad news, watching the GW interview brought tears to my eyes, he was obviously a great kid with a bright future in the game which has been tragically taken away from him. Our thoughts are with his family and friends who must be in deep shock, as we all are in the QPR family, God bless you Kiyan. R.I.P

Real Loftus
Such a terrible waste. Thoughts are with his family, friends and team mates. RIP.

Nordic R
R.I.P. So sad to hear about this. Condolences to his family and friends.

R.I.P KIYAN another life taken before it had truly begun. My thoughts are with his family, friends and team mates at this tragic time.

Alb Ranger
This is beyond sad. Condolences to all his family.

Warren Fox
R.I.P KIYAN. Knives don't make you hard more like a coward and now a bright popular lad with his life in front of him has had his life taken away. OUR THOUGHTS ARE WITH KIYAN'S FAMILY, from the Fox family.

Hayes Hoop
I'd just like to echo my fellow Rangers fan that it is a nice touch that fans of other teams have posted their messages of condolences. I think Joe Gallen summed it well by saying "it's a big loss to QPR, but an even bigger loss to his family". If anyone from Kiyan's family are reading these messages, please take our sincere condolences, we are all with you. R.I.P Kiyan Prince It is such a tragic waste of a young man's life. I've just thought how I would be feeling right now if that was my brother or sister.......words fail me

Chris Carr's Right Foot
RIP - thoughts with family and friends. Terrible waste

Bush Ranger
All my thoughts go to Kiyan Prince and his family. Such a terrible loss, something no one would want or expect. My respects, Jack

QPR Mick
A terrible loss, RIP Kiyan.

RIP KIAN. Thoughts to family and friends.

What a waste of human life. Sadly it seems to be more and more common on London's streets. We seem to have a generation of youth that has few morals, no respect and seems to believe that the world owes them something. To snuff out such promise before it has a chance to shine is a terrible shame. All thought to his family and friends.

R.I.P Kiyan it would of been interested seeing him in the Loft. Thoughts with all that knew him.

Ginga Hoop
Sad, sad, sad. Just leaves you feeling helpless.

Dane Hoop
Words can't express how shocking this is. Just feel sickened reading about it. Our thoughts are with Kiyan's family at this time. RIP Kiyan

You R My Rangers
Very sad news, R.I.P Kiyan. My thoughts are with your family.

Distort R
Sounds like we (and not just Rangers - society as a whole) have lost a gem of a kid, brave and loyal to the last. Deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Streatham Hoop
R.I.P Young Master Prince. My thoughts are for his family.

QPR Nippon
A tragic, tragic waste of a young life that was clearly so full of promise, and not only as a footballer I'm sure. Deepest, sincerest condolences to family and friends at this desperately sad time. R.I.P. Kiyan

Ted Hendrix
Dreadful news. How will his family cope? Rest In Peace, Kiyan Prince.

Senseless. Thoughts to his family and friends.

At that age, it's all wrong to be losing friends and family members, all wrong. RIP.

Cheeky R
Tragic waste of a life RIP Kiyan Prince.

Matthew Ranger
A very sad day, what a tragic waste of a young mans life. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Rest in peace.

Bklyn Ranger
That certainly is a tragedy. Beyond senseless. Best wishes to family and friends.

RIP. Very sad news. Heard off my mum this morning that he was one of us. Just finishing work so going to try to get down to LR to leave my condolences.

Brian McCarthy
R.I.P. Thoughts and prayers to Kiyan's friends and family. (by the way - sincere thanks to fans of other clubs posting condolences)

Edgware Hoops
This tragedy happened at the top of my road. My thoughts are with his family at this terrible time. This star of the future will now be shining brightly down on Loftus Road. RIP Kiyan Prince.

Hoop Mental
Thoughts are with his friends and family. R.I.P KIYAN Such a young life stolen.

R.I.P Thoughts go out to the family - sad news.

Dunstable Hoop
RIP Kiyan. Thoughts are with the family.

UK Gripper
R.I.P. Kiyan. An appalling end for a young talented lad. God bless to his family and friends.

Wokingham R
Shocking and tragic news. RIP Kiyan. Condolences to your family and friends.

Lord of the Rangers
Very sad indeed, there needs to be a real concerted effort around the country to highlight how much damage a knife can actually do, I doubt that many young people realise the dangers when they leave the house with a knife! It has to stop! R.I.P Kiyan Prince.

Neil SI
This is awful news and there's not a lot you can say. It's a massive shame for Kiyan's family and all those connected to him. I'm sure the club and fans will do him proud and ensure he's given a worthy send off.

E17 Hoop
Tragic news.

Dave Chiltern
He was known to my daughter's boyfriend. He had a kind and caring nature and then this. Such a waste and our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Stanmore Dave
My most deepest sympathies go to his family and friends, a tragic waste of a young life. RIP KIYAN.

QPR Leeroy
I really feel for all his family and friends, such a tragic loss and my deepest respect and sympathies go to all of them.

Tonto Cole
Words cannot express what you feel in situations like this. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Minutes silence at the next home match please so we can show respect.

Dylan Pressman
Terrible, terrible news. So sad. Thought and prayers with the family.

Stan 4 England
What can I add, except to send my condolences and prayers to his family? QPR and football generally is like being in a family, so it always hurts the same as it did with Dave Clement and Hillsborough.

Dreadful. Sympathy's to all his love ones.

Terrible news. Such a young life stolen. I'm sure all our thoughts will be with him and his loved ones.

Nurse Kate
Thinking of his potential at QPR seems almost vain, but such a pointless, terrible event for them all.

R.I.P Kiyan.

Chairman of the Bored
Sounds like he was a good kid and gave his all to make something for himself, all he wanted to do was play football for QPR. RIP.

Tracy Stent
I am really beginning to despair of the levels of violence of crimes in London. Such a terrible waste of such a young life. Thoughts go to the lad's family at such a traumatic time for them.

Barry QPR
Such a waste of a talented young life. It is not often that you hear of talented young players who put their all into school as well as sport. Some just know they are going to make it and let it go to their heads. This really does not seem to be the case. Rest in Peace. You Will Not be Forgotten.

Acton Monstar
That's just wrong. It's a tragedy that some people think human life is worth so little. Thoughts with everyone effected by this.

Such a terrible waste of a life, senseless, RIP Kiyan.

Furlong For England
Dreadful news, regardless of him being a Rangers player. I can't get my head round these kids carrying knives to school and stuff. Thoughts go out to his family.

We Are QPR
I nearly cried when I read this in the shop on the front of The Sun. It was one of those shocking moments that really shake you up. Thoughts with his friends and family. Rest In Peace.

Why all these knives? What's up with people? Shocking, sad and terrible. RIP.

Two Bob Rob
R.I.P. my thoughts go out to his family.

QPR 1882
R.I.P. KIYAN. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Hunter Hoop
Shocking, awful, saddening news. Best wishes go out to all his family. This sort of thing should not be happening this much in a society that calls itself civilised. R.I.P Kiyan.

Sad, sad news! R.I.P. Kiyan.

Harps 1609
RIP. My deepest condolences to his friends and family. God bless.

Rich Ranger
Of course this is very sad news and we all offer our thoughts and prayers to the family.

Brighton Hooper
Terrible waste of life. Thoughts with the family. I hope the Club will give him a decent send off.

Hayes Boy
There are no words, this is just a very sad story. This boy had everything in front of him, a great football career and academically very bright. What a waste of a life that had so much in store for him. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

Duke of Hoops
RIP SON. What's wrong with these people? What a waste.

White City Tom
Very very sad. Testament to the society we live in. RIP.

1386 Baggins
All of our thoughts go out to Kiyan's family and friends. A sad loss to the game. He will be up there cheering on the boys next season. R.I.P. Kiyan

Absolutely tragic news. Thoughts go out to his family and friends. Once again a waste of a life. God bless.

Simmo Hoopster
RIP Kiyan. Condolences to his family and friends. It's such a waste of life, talent. Football doesn't seem to be so important today.

TWells Hoop
Such a waste of a young life. RIP Kiyan.

S1C Ranger
Sad news. To take such life at a young age. Sympathy goes out to all those that knew him. RIP Kiyan Prince.

Storm Hooper
Thoughts go out to the family, a tragic waste of life and of one with such potential. With heartfelt sympathy.

Heartbreaking news - loss of a decent lad like that and one of our family too.

Happy Hoop
May he rest in peace and his parents try and find some comfort from the loss of a great young man. God bless.

Gino is God
A tragic, completely senseless death. Words can't describe how terrible it is.

West Berks R
That's terrible, thoughts are with the family.

You will always be young and you will always be a Ranger - one of us. Hope you're having a great kick about on that football ground in the sky. Peace be with....'

Yugo Hoop
My condolences to all his family and friends.

Jim Jam Jessica's
Kiyan was such a huge prospect...and a massive loss. Thoughts are with Kiyan's family and friends RIP Kiyan.

Derby R
Thanks to all the fans from other clubs who have posted their respects on our site. R.I.P.

Surrey Bear
My Son is plays in the same QPR team as Kiyan. We're stunned, there's no other way to put it. I hope his team mates can pay tribute to him in a fitting and proper way. They are all going to Germany for a pre-season tour; I think there's going to be a lot of emotion on that trip. Having said all that the only thing that's important now is his family, and catching the person who done this. Thanks for the memories Kiyan!! RIP.

Wexford R

UAE Dave
R.I.P Kiyan, What a waste of a good life.

Real Windsor
Sounded like a great kid from what I've read. RIP KIYAN and all the other young kids that deserve SO much better.

Singing boy
Kiyan Prince RIP. Let this be a tragic message to the misinformed youth as to the sheer stupidity of carrying knives and with regards to how terrible its direst consequences are. Nice to see tributes from everyone, including rival football teams, that just show how a precious, young talent being lost is such a terrible loss both to the game of football in general, and on a rather more transcendental, personal level. May his eternal dreams be filled with glory on the football field and peace, and may his family receive our gravest condolences and sympathies.

Visiting fans from other clubs

Colliers Wood Baggie
Condolences. A Tragic waste.

RIP. Thoughts are with the family, no one should ever have to go through what they must be feeling now. A Bradford fan.

Beach Comber Red
RIP Kiyan. My sympathy goes out to his family. Forest fan

Reds For Life 1971
R I P Kiyan Prince xx From Nottingham Forest fan.

Alex Red
Condolences to his family from another Forest Fan, and a dad of a 14 year old boy. My heartfelt sympathies go out to Kiyan's family and friends, and to the QPR Academy team who have lost a great lad.

RIP Kiyan. Senseless and tragic. Kx

Foxy Lady
Very sad news - what a terrible waste of a life, someone who the younger ones at school looked up to, tragic. RIP Kiyan

Ging Gerrob CCFC
Such a sad loss and my condolences go to all of his loved ones. I'm 15 and for me it puts into perspective how important life is and how quickly it can be taken away. If they find the thug who did this they should throw away the key. Rest In Peace. (From a Coventry Fan)

Condolences from a father and a football fan. What a sick world it is when this can happen, life is precious, yet to some it is cheap. May he rest in peace. From a Sky Blue.

Big Fat Monkey
Tragic news. Condolences from Huddersfield Town.

Edd the Goalkeeper
May I please offer my sincere condolences to the family, friends, and supporters of Kiyan Prince. It is a tragic loss and I would like to send my heartfelt wishes to all those associated with Kiyan. Best wishes from all at Huddersfield Town.

Col U Shifty
Shocking news. My thoughts are with his family and friends. From a Colchester fan.

Rob PA
I heard about this up in Stoke but didn't realise he was QPR academy player. RIP Kiyan Prince thoughts go out to the family, from Rob a Stoke fan.

Leics Potter
Sincere condolences on the tragic loss of one so young with such a tremendous future ahead of him. R.I.P Kiyan Prince.

A tragic loss of somebody so young and with so much potential.

City Urchin SW18

What a waste. Thoughts out to his family and let's hope he has a good send-off. RIP Kiyan Prince (Swansea City)

Tricky Jack
Just came on to express my condolences to Kiyan's family, what a terrible waste of life, I hope they catch the scum who did this and lock him up for life. Swansea City supporter.

Epjay 2000
R I P Kiyan Prince. Shouldn't have happened - from a Reading fan.

Wilf Red
Have just seen a report on the news. He seemed a very popular young man. Best wishes to everyone from Swindon.

Just read this in the papers. Terrible news. RIP.

Vlad the Kinder
Terrible news. Deepest sympathy - from a Boro fan.

Thurkaston Fox
RIP sorry to hear of your loss. Leicester fan.

Dreamy Blue
Deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences, I'm sure I speak for all Ipswich fans.

Warky 1970
So sorry about Kiyan. Why do we have so much scum in this country. I offer you and his family my sincere sympathy.

Abram Latic
Condolences from Wigan Athletic.

Fletch Spur
Didn't realise he was a promising footballer with yourselves. May you rest in peace away from the scum who commit this kind of thing - you are in a better place. My thoughts are with his family and friends. From a Spurs fan

Mariners 89
Condolences to the friends and family of Kiyan Prince. Hard time for everyone that knows him and his family. Hope every club has a minute silence for this utter tragedy. From all at Grimsby Town Football Club.

Walkley Owl
Deepest sympathies from Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

Krispa Rowl
I'd like to offer my condolences too. To hear of the life of one so young, talented with so much to live for prized from his grasp, in an act of sickening gratuity is deeply saddening. My thoughts are with him, his family and his friends this evening. RIP

Kingston Kid
May God bless Kiyan. Hull City AFC. KK.

Catfish Spoonbender
Only just heard about this- been in a bit of a news bubble all week. I am so, so sorry. My thoughts go out to his friends and family.

Brook Road Bee
Deepest sympathy from all at Brentford. Sums up all that's bad about living in London these days really. My heart goes out to the poor lad's family and friends.

Deepest sympathy, all the best.

RIP. Thoughts and prayers with you all. God Bless.

Kop That

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