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Clap for Cloughie tribute 3 minutes in
at 21:54 13 Aug 2021

Confirmed that we will be clapping for Cloughie 3 minutes into the game

Vaccine passports needed to watch league football
at 09:26 25 Jul 2021

Press reports this morning suggests that the Government and EFL are working on the need for vaccination passports to get into a football league grounds from August. All a bit last minute of course, and its not clear what happens to people who have bought season tickets and haven't been double jabbed, but it might help encourage people to attend who are currently reticent.
Governments fans survey on how football is governed
at 07:59 10 Jul 2021


Scroll down this page and take part in the survey. No personal details needed. But they are to create new fan involvement laws and they need to hear what we think about the current state of the sport
Spotland open to paying fans today
at 12:59 27 Jun 2021

I read that Hornets are playing at home for the first time in 6 weeks and I assume the pitch has now recovered from its treatment.

Fans are being allowed in for the first time since March 2020. There are no cash turnstiles and all tickets have to be reserved to an allocated seat in advance. Hornets is trying to rally the local amateur rugby community and have offered 800 tickets over the next 2 games - all need to be booked in advanced and seats reserved. That will probably mean that people turn up. Others are paying £10 per game and all accompanied kids go free.

Bombay House are providing food to both hospitality and to the terraces.

Fans need to log into NHS track and trace on arrival and you need to be in your seat ONE HOUR before kick off.

Sounds like a great effort to get people inside the ground. Hope it goes well.
Coventry City - how can this be fair?
at 21:37 31 May 2021


A little distraction from the financial challenges at Dale

Coventry City has announced a loss of £3.4m for the year ending last May. They had a turnover of £5.1m (a small fall due to covid and not getting full revenues from playing in Coventry). They invested heavily in the squad and spent £5.9m on players wages. They remain indebted to the owners to the tune of £22m.

So, a club that has been in administration in the past decade, and hasn't been able to pay their way at a home stadium, was able to make a loss equivalent to 65% of turnover as they gambled on higher squad costs to get promotion.

And the officials at the top of the game claim they are ensuring the financial rules are fair for all, for the integrity of the game. They will of course argue that it is okay if the owners keep guarantee the rising debt (for now). The deck of cards......
[Post edited 1 Jun 10:18]
Rochdale AFC in the Community report
at 16:00 14 Apr 2021

To lighten the mood, a quick read of the Rochdale AFC the Community impact report shows how far the club has gone to engage the wider community. Its quite impressive and credit where it is due


The range of activities is significant and it seems to me that we have reached more people through these initiatives than we attract to watch games. If we can achieve so much good in the community it makes me wonder how the club have managed to cause such a dislocation with the fanbase during the same period. Its like a parallel universe.
Springhill match day collection
at 10:02 6 Apr 2021

I couldn't help but notice that the club had organised a virtual bucket collection to help Springhill hospice. They normally have a matchday collection but circumstances dictate otherwise. I saw that only 16 fans had managed a donation so far and suspect few had realised it was on. They do a tremendous job for those in need in the borough and they need to raise almost £3m a year to keep going

If you can spare a little I am sure it will be appreciated

2021/22 Season Tickets
at 12:17 3 Apr 2021

I know the club are consulting with a group of fans, but the time is now upon us. Been reading what other clubs are planning to do.

It is almost certain we will be in League Two and the style of football is unlikely to change. We barely have 1000 full paying Season Ticket holders this season and it will be a real challenge to get everybody to renew. The club can wait a month or so before making a decision - but to be honest nothing much will change over the next month and if we are desperate for cash they may as well get on and make the announcements now. Early Bird cash may be a lifeline.

Many of the Premier League Clubs have frozen prices, and if you paid in full last season you will be renewed for free. Fair play as those fans didn't have iFollow as an option. Peterborough are freezing prices for those that didn't ask for a refund and so whatever league they are playing in next season, many will pay less than we do in the main stand at Spotland. Sunderland will renew at £340 - £440 but you will receive a credit towards the cost if you didn't use their online streaming service. MK Dons have gone further and recognised the risk that fans might not be allowed in to see all the games next season. So they have cut all prices to £230 for adults - the same price as 23 iFollow passes. That way the fans never lose out . £10 to watch League One football each game is great value.

In Division Two Oldham have decided to cut prices for those renewing quickly to £160. They recognise that fans have had a torrid time - both watching the football and off the field.

I am certainly not inclined to pay £355 to watch this again. I would consider £230 early bird as a fairer position to minimise access risk and be a fair price to watch League Two football. DB may be a previous master of Marketing/Sales, but if he is hoping that a price freeze is going to sell tickets he will be a little deluded. Not sure what other peoples views are.
Vaccine passports for sporting events?
at 15:28 19 Mar 2021

So the Culture Secretary has said that the Government is looking seriously on how to use a vaccine certificate and/or a rapid covid test to allow people back into sports stadiums. I guess something was inevitable.

With the youngest adults not due to have their second jab until late September it could have implications for the start of next season and the sale of season cards.

One to watch, but potential a headache to manage
Are we Town fans?
at 15:31 19 Feb 2021


Don't you love a cut an paste from another clubs website
So, what attracted you to the 23 year old swiss billionaire to own your club?
at 15:36 18 Feb 2021

As Sunderland fans once again go on a spending frenzy we will see where it ends. This extract from the Chronicle sums up what happened last time

Donald added: "I am delighted to welcome Kyril Louis-Dreyfus to the club as our new chairman and controlling shareholder.

"Kyril's commitment, acumen and integrity convinced us to accept his proposal.

"His vision and desire to bring success back to Sunderland was obvious from the outset and his bid is the one that we feel gives the club the best chance of long-term success and sustainability.

"When we entered into negotiations with Ellis Short three years ago, Sunderland was nearly £200m in debt, was losing £35m per annum, and had all but been relegated to League One.

"Our plan was to work hard to turn around the finances of the club, put it on a stable footing and to get promoted back into the Championship.

"I am proud to say that we have achieved what we set out to in terms of SAFC's finances – the club is debt-free, was breaking even prior to the pandemic and has retained its Category One Academy status.

"However, it is no secret that – despite spending the highest transfer fees and playing wages in League One history – progress on the pitch has not followed suit.

So not sure why Donald still claimed to be putting £1m a month of his own money into Sunderland or why they needed to take £2.75m out of the Premier League handout kitty.
Another recruit
at 15:34 16 Feb 2021


So we now have somebody that was previously the General Manager at Chester. Maybe a back stop for David B once he retires. John Smallwood remains on the Board in an executive capacity.

Any chance we could find a few more 17 year olds over 6ft that can join the Academy and come through as defenders at some point. When did we last bring a tall lad through the academy?
Hull City complain about Accy
at 19:52 6 Feb 2021

This will make you laugh. After being beaten 2 nil at Accy last week Hull City have made a formal complaint to the EFL.

Hull City, who took over £2m from the Premier League kitty allocated to EFL clubs, complained that the Accy Portacabin changing room were inadequate. Accy, who received the same £375k as Dale from the same pot, have no money to buy new deluxe portacabins.

Andy Holt the Accy Chairman retorted on Twitter "They should be lucky they only had to get changed in there once, we have to use them every week"

The football gods were out on force today and in an act of Karma, the mighty Hull City lost at Burton. Wonder what they'll complain about this week.

Hull City, I hope you don't get promoted.
Raising income for next season
at 11:12 10 Jan 2021

So with the Chief Medical Officer saying we are likely to need to maintain social distancing through next winter it increasingly doesn't look like our normal Spotland experience will be back next season either. If we are lucky we might be allowed 2000 fans at COA

So how does the club plan for this and what income ideas should the club adopt? They are going to need to be very creative to find the money to keep us going for another season. What would you be prepared to stump up for?
Apology or sack them?
at 09:14 3 Jan 2021

Anybody else annoyed to see three Tottenham and a West Ham player all breaking covid rules and getting their families together over Christmas. The players have apologised and the clubs say they will deal with it. But these are highly paid role models that knew the rules and chose to break them. Even worse they chose to share it on social media. When everybody else is asked to behave why are they special? These 4 players are all playing here on a work permit .....as much as their clubs would bleat I would withdraw their permits and send them home. How the clubs can simply say they will deal with it is beyond me. Having said that we all know with Cummings that those with money or power can get away with anything.

In the meantime the EFL clubs have another round of covid testing from tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how many more games are called off. The clubs have been given a revised code of conduct for covid this week. They are now being asked to use more than one coach to take the players to games whether the club can afford it or not, plan for game tactics over zoom, and don't allow players to change at grounds or to eat together. Meanwhile clubs can continue to invite guests, media, ambassadors and former players to games, players can spit (that was banned at the start) and can hug, kiss and shake hands as before. Managers don't need to wear face masks. Meanwhile AFC Wimbledon and Lincoln City both declared covid cases ahead of the weekend but were instructed to play yesterday. The EFL are pretty clueless and the guidelines seem to have been plucked from a lucky dip barrel

CEO Podcast
at 08:43 29 Dec 2020

Just listened to the CEO podcast that was part of the iFollow Boxing Day coverage. He comes across as expected - professional and competent. He is clearly passionate about the club and was quite emotional toward the end. Being a CEO of any business is a lonely job at times, and leading it through a crisis can be very draining.

I was very interested to hear about the Premier League payment. The unconditional £30m of the £50m that was given to the bottom two divisions was in fact the Fulham relegation payment that wouldn't be paid as they got promoted back to the Premier League. So in fact it wasn't new money at all. And he confirms what we now know - that we got £375k and nothing more.

We are fortunate that the cup runs and the money from selling Luke has kept the club well funding during this period. If we can keep the club in League One this season we can then look forward to 2021/22 with some optimism and gratitude. Well done David.
at 19:00 15 Dec 2020

Have 8 first teamers out tonight due to covid apparently. Pity we are not playing them tonight
Wigan story rolls on
at 09:50 5 Dec 2020

The EFL have rejected the proposed purchase of Wigan AFC from a Spanish bidder. The club remains in administration. It was this bid back in September that allowed the club to continue with the season. Local MP Lisa Nandy claims that other buyers remain on standby. But what a mess and a worry for their fans
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