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New era - rallying poetry
at 09:40 10 Jun 2024

Nice bit of creativity released on the official site. Short depection of rising from dark dismal decay to new hope, new era. Nice one whoever wrote that. Something different.Well done more of that please.
[Post edited 10 Jun 12:44]
Targeting Groups
at 23:44 7 Apr 2024

Just a thought around targeting Dale ticket sales at groups of people and reaching out to bring in money from pools of fans, mates, work, clubs who might want to make a day of it.

Could be worth it during times when Dale are playing great or....even just have it as an option on the ticketing sales page on the club website.

I've seen clubs abroad that have this option, and maybe its something to explore. Offer a big discount to groups of fans who are 5, 10 , or 15 etc in number.
Oldham v rochdale commentary
at 14:16 6 Apr 2024

Co- commentating oldham ifollow- The fella sounds like a farmer or bloke on a day out from the care home.
Gateshead Game Predictions
at 09:29 29 Mar 2024

3-1 gateshead.

I'm not feeling it today. The buoyancy the players may feel, guaranteed pay for another month, new owners possibly, panics off, the players relax. No Hayes (probably) possibly... go back to the pace of a steady stroll round Watergrove rez.
I would take a draw especially after the tonking Gateshead gave Hartlepool last game.
Dorking promotions
at 01:00 23 Nov 2023

Interesting talksport interview with the owner on the rise of this sunday league team.

Support from the terraces
at 00:57 6 Aug 2023

Great sound from the Sandy lane end all match. Their support was much appreciated in making it a great atmosphere. Whoever is keeping it going even when we are losing, nice one!
Matheson - bolton lifeline
at 05:07 30 Jul 2023

Write up on Matheson career to date and Bolton's offer to give him a chance to kickstart his career.
Punching above our weight.
at 16:14 5 Jul 2023

Surely this season we can drop that label.

It's been pinned on us for the last god knows seasons, maybe since Keith Hills reign. Of which, I'm sure he would have had the quote sewn ontol dale scarfs in tbe club shop for sale.

Can this squad/club elevate itself and at last show some fight and confidence. And give some of these part time teams a good kicking.

No prematch comments video yet?
at 19:32 28 Apr 2023

It would have been interesting to hear if some of the younger players would be given a chance. Suppose it is a nothing game and how do you talk it up Dale's last home game in the league for some time.
Lloyd - Dales much needed Talisman
at 23:59 11 Jan 2023

I've long awaited a player who cares enough, shows power and passion on the field, and plugs into the fanbase. A Gary jones type, a trojan.

I hope lloydy continues this great spell and makes joining Rochdale a major event in his career.

Still early days - but for me, he's the reason for Dale's recent turn of fortune. I do think because of his all-action style he'll be a risk of injury.

IF only we had two or three more of his persona.
Brierley at Spennymoor
at 21:14 2 Apr 2022

Too many players on the end of contracts coasting.
at 23:48 27 Mar 2022

We are pretty boring to watch at the moment. I may be being cynical. but are Rochdale players, especially midfield, being maybe are too arsed about their player stat performance percentages which go into a database, then paying more attention to winning a game?

A completed pass percentage may look better on the CV, but if you're passing back or passing short with the purpose to increase your tally instead of being adventurous to win a game it's wrong. Dooley, Keohane, and kelly for instance often play it too safe. Maybe its a lack of confidence.

StockDales highlighted getting the basic right.

There should be a stat for
Ball control - it might book their ideas up. In the game against Crawley.
Okeefe's for instance, his ball control after receiving a pass was abysmal. Too many times pings off his foot like a bumper on a pinball table.

We can blame Stockdale for everything, but the players are often inept at the basics and in their decision making. . Not passing to feet, sloppy looping 50/50 passes, not passing along ground in front of players for a player to run onto. Receivers of the ball not really making themselves available in a suitable position often standing atop of their colleague who has the ball.

Not enough quick thinking, and quick passing. Too long spent carrying a ball instead of 1sec, 2 seconds, then pass. Connecting up the pitch. Dire to watch at the moment. Too many players on the end of contracts coasting.
We'd be higher up the table if..............
at 14:49 14 Mar 2022

- We played with two-centre forwards.

Matty Done and Newby are not chipping in with any goals. Only Ball, but he's now in defence!
Fan owned representation.
at 00:43 4 Feb 2022

Interesting debate with Simon Jordan and Russell Brand. They touch on fan ownership and Brand feels it's an idyllic future for football to be run and personalized by fans. Who embrace the club not for profit, but for community spirit and love for the game.

Timeline: 4:38 for the bit on fan ownership.

Bit of fight
at 12:05 23 Jan 2022

Robbie in his interview he asked for the players to stand up and not take any crap from the Bradford players. On the whole they did that.

One stand out players was Dorsett. The most improved player this year for me. From sloppy defending early in the season, to a player that follows the gaffers instructions. Up for the fight and prepared to tussle. Decent passing too
Main seat numbers.
at 15:42 21 Jan 2022

Can anyone tell me if seat numbers are adhered to when buying a ticket online? This is for the main stand. Obviously season tickets are. Cheers
Moan free zone - Block E
at 00:27 26 Nov 2021

Let's get experimental.Hopefully, next season Dale can designate a block in the Main stand or in the Pearl st, which is an abuse-free zone. Were like-minded folk can go buy a ticket and sit in a block without someone screaming abuse at players. If those found guilty are ejected. I would buy a seat in this section, as I believe if the players are trying they don't deserve abuse. I'll moan and complain but won't give it to the players. I would also like half time quiz.
Tue night Stevenage - Fiver in
at 22:55 20 Nov 2021

Looking forward to Tuesday already and encouraging if we can get a good uptake of the fiver offer on Tuesday night.

I've done my bit to bring in new spectators. Got my brother to open his wallet for the Dale experience. I was surprised he said yes without me pestering him. A good performance could see one more fan and him coming again.

I've verbally sold the food which I think is miles better than at other grounds. I hope he's not good the wrong impression though and thinks he's in a corporate box, as I'm a new shareholder of Rochdale. Don't need one though, great views from the main stand though where I'll be sitting.

at 09:17 14 Nov 2021

I Throught Andrews looked useful and made a positive impact, winning the ball many times yesterday.

Alot of our attacking play especially 2nd half, is a kick from our defense to the oppositions back line. A frequent direct punt up field,, I guess to clear danger and put their defensive line under pressure.

I don't know if Andrews presence was more prominent because beezley lately, rarely wins a high ball or 50/50 pass. It will be good to see him again in the next match.

Beezley has his strengths though chasing down a through ball or beyond him over the top.

Andrews could make that difference at corner or set pieces especially as the opposition look first to mark him, freeing up some of the smaller goalscorers from their big players Giving the likes of Newby a chance.

Chesting it and flicking on for Beezley it would be good to see him start. From direct high balls most times beezley doesn't seem to like heading or, he doesn't use the time while the ball is in the air, to stand in a good position to challenge that 50/50.
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