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Boris and the "Party" Party
at 13:47 13 Jan 2022

Like him or loathe him, they have called the Omicron wave far better than Duffer Drakeford, The Wild Witch and Sleepy (Yawn) Starmer. The benefits of this far outweigh the negatives of the lockdown breaches (but no doubt the kiddies will cling on to the "Miss, he did this to me" approach). Both Norway and Netherlands have reported that low single digit percentages of people in CC have Omicron. Milder complications and shorter hospital stays.

Don't expect the NHS to be waving this particular flag, but I bet Boris will be on it pretty soon and like magic, the party allegations will shrink into the background.

And I'm not even a Boris supporter.
WTF the older generation
at 14:22 3 Jan 2022

Just had a brain fart moment. Checking the footy fixtures for today and saw Man U vs Wolves under the PL heading, I felt there was a mistake. Sorry to any Old Gold sympathisers. Never happened before, And, I hope, never again. It comes after my wife describing my high speed sledging over Christmas as reckless, but that could have something to do with the brain fart. At least I don’t have to worry any more about what to do when I grow up.
The Other Side of the Coin
at 09:33 23 Dec 2021

So this partial extract explains why the media and parts of the medical establishment fail their duty to the public. This is part of an article from the Daily Telegraph, reflecting medic on medic criticism (as opposed to political leaning) of prominent forecasting and publicity.

"The Covid modellers at Imperial College have begun to back down. About time too. Over the past few weeks, they have made extreme claims about the omicron variant that cannot be fully justified by fundamental science, let alone by clinical observation.

Academic etiquette restrains direct criticism, but immunologists say privately that Professor Neil Ferguson and his team breached a cardinal rule by inferring rates of hospitalisation, severe disease, and death from waning antibodies, and by extrapolating from infections that break through the first line of vaccine defence.

The rest are entitled to question whether they can legitimately do this. And we may certainly question whether they should be putting out terrifying claims of up to 5,000 deaths a day based on antibody counts.

“It is bad science and I think they’re being irresponsible. They have a duty to reflect the true risks but this is just headline grabbing,” said Dr Clive Dix, former chairman of the UK Vaccine Task Force."

Ferguson's (one of the first, "One rule for me, and another, lot harder one for you lot." brigade), work can be characterised by First to Market, Extreme Dire warnings, get the headlines.

Thank goodness the government have been far more cautious about clamping down this time around. It has been pretty obvious for a week of UK figures about Omicron (let alone the from S Africa and Denmark) that this variant is not as dangerous as Delta. I understand the need to "check see" regarding hospitalisations, but all the real world and medical evidence point towards a need for nothing more than be safe for yourself (distance and testing for me) and considerate towards others (masks and distance) from now on.

With 90% of those in CC being unvaccinated, the rest of us should be allowed to crack on with our lives, and apart from protecting those who cannot protect themselves, we shouldn't be constrained by perceived duty towards a reckless minority who neither need not want this social protection.
Denmark and Prison Overcrowding
at 15:53 21 Dec 2021


I was quite tickled by this, two birds with one stone and potentially, significant budget savings in the criminal justice system. I'm not sure if I approve, but perhaps it is a way of governments helping the economies of poorer European countries (Romania, Albania) instead of sending our rubbish there for disposal/re-processing?
Too Risky for Office Parties?
at 08:01 3 Dec 2021

On the BBC Website

It is an interesting one. In Oslo Friday last week, 120 office workers held a Christmas get together after work at a venue on the harbourside. Drinks were involved, maybe other stuff too. I don't know how much snogging went on, but this week, 61 of them tested positive for Covid, 15 of them with Omicron.

Given Norway's very high vaccination rate, you might say, "So what? They aren't going to get seriously ill." Apart from Omicron, and we don't know if that is needless scaremongering (which I suspect is the case) or a real reason to hold back and be careful, which is understandable too.

Should I go to the match on Saturday (yes probably)?

I just wish I knew the answer to how safe it is, now. meantime, I'll carry on with the masks and frequent lateral flow testing.
at 13:17 26 Nov 2021

Ralph thinks he is a perfect 10 for the Bindippers. In my view, he is too slow, both physically and mentally, allowing the opposition to get back/regroup. He is not without skill and ability, but is not really a player for a top team, nor us if it comes to that.
Farewell Bertie Auld
at 19:40 14 Nov 2021

The Celtic European Cup win was a landmark event for proper football in the UK. It inspired thousands of lads to go for it.
The Love of Football
at 16:57 12 Oct 2021

With hindsight
at 11:57 27 Sep 2021

and being cynical, shouldn't Bednarek have taken Jiminez out on the wing?
Youth Footy anyone involved?
at 12:34 30 Aug 2021

On Saturday I watched our game live on TV which was a bonus. Sunday morning my grandson played for his under11s team against one of the best teams for that age group in Oslo. (Staebaek, who have effectively run an academy for20 years or so). The technical side was superb on a 60m artificial pitch. The coaching, shouting out a name and one word was brilliant. The individual skills and effort was nonstop in a 35 minute each way game and the time whizzed by in one of the best games of football I have seen in quite a while.
Probably I am biased, my grandson's team won 5 -1, but it could easily have been 5-4. All youth teams must provide a professional coach start at this age.

If our club is doing as good a job, we will not be lacking from the academy. Anyone on here able to give a state of play for local development?
Disappearing Threads
at 21:05 29 Aug 2021

Did a whole thread get deleted today!
Stewards at the end of the game
at 12:59 25 Aug 2021

The lady was trying to nick Sancho’s shirt off the nipper that ran on to the pitch to ask for it. Lucky for her he kept a tight hold else she could have been done for theft as Sancho gave it to him.
Club App
at 09:29 23 Aug 2021

The app only seems to work in portrait mode on my iPhone se. Anyone else got this problem? Photo gallery therefore only displays as 30mm x 20mm.
Football Focus
at 08:04 16 Aug 2021

From The Telegraph (who do proper footy reporting)
"It is not easy to call to mind all that many programmes where all three of the experts on display are black; football continues to do plenty for representation on screen."

I know there are mixed views on Taking the Knee, but this is surely a good thing, I didn't even notice at the time.
Who would replace Vestergaard
at 17:16 9 Aug 2021

If Leicester came in with a juicy offer, who could we replace him with? I know Jones from Man U has been mooted on here, but isn't he a crock? Phillips from the Bindippers has also been mentioned, with mixed enthusiasm. Any overseas players? I am nowhere on guessing this one.
So we lost on pens
at 16:33 16 Jul 2021

and whilst we wait for news of Saints transfers in, here are some tracks that stand out for various reasons. Sorry if the links need cutting and pasting.

My Generation - The Who

Reach Out - Four Tops

Say a Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin

All Right Now - Free

Wont’ Get Fooled Again - Who

Maggie May - Rod Stewart

Virginia Plain - Roxy Music

Price of Love - Bryan Ferry

One Way or Another - Blondie

Lust for Life - Iggy Pop

I Want to Break Free - Queen

Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed

Under Pressure - David Bowie

Night Swimming - REM

Clocks - Coldplay

Chelsea Dagger - Fratellis

Rolling in the Deep - Adele

Changes - David Bowie

Your Long Journey - Robert Plant & Alison Kraus
Racism in Football
at 15:15 16 Jul 2021

I don't normally read The Guardian, but on this they seem to be the only rag that has bothered to do any research for themselves instead of hopping on the headline bandwagon.

I wholeheartedly decry racism in all its forms, but like to get a clear perspective on things. The media and political storm has been based on the actions of a significant minority of deviants. I tend to think that their time would have been better spent directing their messaging at said deviants and making it clear that this is not how the rest of civilised society expects its members to behave.

Over half the recorded incidents were about Taking the Knee, which may well be veiled racism, but at least is an acceptable argument not to involve politics in sport, even if you don't agree with them.

So less than 5% of the abusive posts were overtly racist, which must be a very small proportion of all comment on the games on social media. Still far too much, but surely not worth all the headlines detracting from the achievements of the team?
Season Tickets
at 16:46 30 Jun 2021

Just paid up the remainder for next season. After credits, the £216 seemed like a bargain.
Italy Austria Game VAR
at 21:37 26 Jun 2021

See, it is not VAR, it is the useless English officials (Stuart Atwell in this case) who cannot use it effectively. Twice it has taken far too long to confirm relatively straightforward offsides. The FA and PL need to address this before the use of VAR seriously affects fans attitude to attending and watching games.
v Germany
at 11:13 24 Jun 2021

Here we go again. What does everyone think / predict? I reckon we may not get a shot on target, and have virtually no chance of getting more than one goal (deflected). I am notoriously bad at predictions, so am getting the negatives in early before my hopes build up.
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