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The Saints pattern ...
at 23:07 4 Feb 2021

For years, Saints' pattern has been much the same.

- Start the season with 1 win, 1 loss, 1 draw (on a couple of very bad seasons, 1 draw, 2 losses)
- Pick up a little in the autumn, lose after the international break, but generally look okay
- Have a f**king vile Christmas. Could be December to Feb or just December - but I never remember Saints being any good over this period.
- Have a world beating Feb or March to end of the season and be in the top 5 form table

EVERY. season. without. fail.

Am I wrong?
Restraint of modern players
at 08:52 3 Feb 2021

What I find weird is how restrained players are now. If Bednarek had been most of us, I bet we'd had told the diving little cheat what we thought of him and probably given him a dig when he got up, followed by lamping the ref.

Same with any of these decisions, they all just seem too calm, like the will to fight to incorrect an injustice is bred out of them.

Or just me being too angry?
at 23:39 17 Oct 2020

So far, he's been like a new signing, great showing again in my opinion.
Centre backs
at 08:56 2 Oct 2020

I keep reading that "Saints centre backs are crap". Yes, they are not Virgil Van Dijk, but, the majority of teams seem to be leaking goals left, right and centre.

I just wonder if the expectations on modern goalkeeping and defending methods are too much, unless you are at the VERY top of your game. If Saints had Van Dijk to sell right now, how much would he be going for, £200m?? Ridiculous, but there isn't anyone better than I'm aware of.

Man Utd paid £80m for Maguire for god's sake. To find a defender with pace, power, positional awareness, perception who can tackle, head and pass ... it can't be easy, especially as every Premier League team wants those defenders too.

Any thoughts?
at 22:46 16 Sep 2020

Apparently a few of the squad came back from the mini break unfit.

That is not acceptable and shows how complacent they were after the VERY strong end of season finish. Looks like they need another head wobble, but why on earth the club only played 1 pre-season friendly is baffling.

[Post edited 19 Sep 2020 22:46]
Most underrated 90s band ...
at 23:21 13 Sep 2020

In my opinion, the most underrated band of the 90s is Cast.

at 13:21 4 Aug 2020

Any Saintsweb users here? Has that forum gone now? Every time I try to load it, it fails, so I presume it is no more!?
Recent Saints Q&A with "fans"
at 00:04 15 Jun 2020

Apparently no one gets any feedback from this Q&A session with "fans" as it's confidential. Wow. A new low.
A football thread ...
at 11:30 12 May 2020

So yeah ... I know no one cares about football at the moment, but this is a football forum ;)

So thought I'd start a transfer thread.

Will there even be a transfer window? What happens to expiring contracts? Does anyone care?
Missing football?
at 23:28 19 Apr 2020

I've said I'm not missing football, but what I actually think is that I'm not missing modern premier league football.

I've now watched a couple of the Match of the Day specials with Linekar, Shearer and Wright in their houses talking about top 10s. They talk a LOT about 90s players, football and events. I miss 90s football, for me it was the last of proper football.

Any thoughts?
Summer transfer window
at 08:00 8 Mar 2020

Perfect timing, now the club is "up for sale", there will be no transfers in the window while things are up in the air / settling down / whatever the status is. Well played Gao, well played.
Mourinho speaking sense
at 07:19 5 Mar 2020

Agree with him on corporates and that we'd all do what Dier did; https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51747014
Don't talk about football at work
at 12:10 27 Jan 2020


actually they missed a trick with this one, it should be "don't talk about football at work if you support Liverpool or Manchester United and don't have roots there, because you know nothing".
Premier League 19/20 - rubbish or better than last year?
at 22:19 22 Jan 2020

"The fact there are only 11 points between 5th and 19th places in the Premier League is pretty extraordinary. At the same stage of last season that gap was 30 points."

Quote from Bruce Millington on Twitter - food for thought.

I'm undecided.
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