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Making it uncomfortable for the opposition
at 15:37 18 May 2024

I read that the West Brom manager was upset about their team coach being made to wait in a road before being allowed access to the front of the stadium. He was also upset about temporary advertising boards being put on the touchline to stop their long throws. All understandable, but we should absolutely be making it as uncomfortable as possible for the away team. Well done Saints and well done the Saints fans for making it such an intimidating and uncomfortable place last night. We need to make as uncomfortable and as difficult as possible for the away team. I am all for it (within reason and non-violent ofcourse).
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PL clubs to vote on VAR
at 20:45 15 May 2024

Hope they get rid. One real benefit of being in the championship has been not having VAR. A one second glance at the linesman and then you can celebrate a goal. VAR has sapped the life out of football. This season, we have had a few goals against and a few goals for that shouldn't have stood. It does even itself out. I can take a few mistakes from the ref. GET RID!
See you outside St Mary's Friday 6:15 pm - Colour, flares, noise
at 17:45 14 May 2024

Who is going to be outside the ground to welcome the players? This is a great idea I think. Massive game, get there early if you can.
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Three teams that got promoted are straight back down
at 17:04 11 May 2024

Is there any point going up?

The gap between the established clubs in the PL and the rest is getting wider and wider.
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5 Things About Leeds
at 11:31 5 May 2024

1) Very stress free journey to and from Leeds yesterday. Left at 5am and got back by 8pm.

2) We walked around the ground before the game, had a drink and their fans were as friendly as you like. It didn't feel intimidating at all. Many asking when we set off, "hats off to you" etc.

3) Saints played well and looked like an efficient outfit. The Saints fans were decent. Felt strange having Leeds fans in the same stand directly below us.

4) Never thought I would say this, but Mccarthy is an upgrade on Bazunu. He actually saves shots. Downes is outstanding and so was Stewart when he came on.

5) Benali - What a thoroughly down to earth decent bloke. Had a a chat with him, he was sat right in amongst the Saints fans, happy to take photos, happy to chat. I think that's great. What an example to the current crop of over paid players. And bumped into Beattie too. Again, top bloke, in amongst us all.

Overall, great day out. Big games to come. I would join the club spin and just say forget the inquests until the end of the season. Get right behind the team, for what will be two (hopefully three) massive games. St Mary's should be rocking for that play off 2nd leg. Then hopefully a big day out at Wembley. We shall see!!!
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Anyone want spare Leeds ticket?
at 11:22 27 Apr 2024

I have one at face value £47. Could meet you at St Mary's today.
Leeds or Ipswich?
at 21:37 22 Apr 2024

Leeds going up automatically will do us a favour now I think. Ipswich will be very down if they just miss out on automatic promotion after such a great season. We could beat Ipswich feeling sorry for themselves at Wembley.
So Effing P!ssed Off!!
at 21:46 20 Apr 2024

Just got back, what a ridiculous result against Cardiff reserves. Just spent £160 on Leeds tickets for myself and family members because the team gave us hope with 3 home wins, we didn't want to miss possible celebrations of promotion at Elland Road, then they f@cking lose to Cardiff reserves and miss about 10 open goals! Are they just teasing us. I wouldn't have bothered spending all that money for Leeds for a meaningless game and saved it for the play offs. Lost to Ipswich, automatics gone, fine accepted, then they give us hope again and then crashing back down again!!!

If they were going to not turn up today, and players who have played in the PL were going to miss open goals from 2 yards, why did they bother beating Watford in the 99th minute? Why didn't they settle for a play off place a few games ago and save us a whole lot of money, stress and hope? Why give us all hope, to f@ck up yet again? We didn't even get out of 2nd gear today. So soft, so lame, no aggressive play.

I've now got to go to Leeds, probably watch all their fans celebrate promotion in our faces and then spend a whole load of more money on play off tickets and then a possible day at Wembley. When we then probably f@ck it up anyway, they will then want another £600 each for season tickets, unless I move to the Northam.

Cue all the blame on RM, and he has to take his fair share of the blame but honestly can professional players not just tap the ball into an empty net in a big game against Cardiff's reserves?

Yours Sincerely

Thoroughly P!ssed Off Southamptonfan.
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Predictions. Wishful thinking, naive or realistic chance?
at 15:10 7 Apr 2024

As has been stated in another thread, whoever finishes 3rd, probably on the final day, will feel pig sick. I am going to predict that finishing 4th will do us a favour, rather than missing out on the final day with an inevitable defeat at Elland Road. I think we will stutter for a few games, then finish the season strong as the reality of going up via the play offs becomes clear and we prepare. So here is my prediction, and I hope this is how it plays out, as would rather have Ipswich in the day offs, feeling sorry for themselves after a great season.

1st Leicester City
2nd Leeds United
3rd Ipswich Town
4th Southampton
5th West Brom
6th Norwich

Play offs
Ipswich v Norwich - Norwich win
West Brom v Saints - Saints win

Saints beat Norwich at Wembley in a sea of yellow and red colour. But the reds win the end. We would have had time to prepare, we have better players than the others on our day.

So, there we have it, we get promoted. I know I know, it's Saints we will probably blow it, but I had to cheer myself up!!!
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Don't get behind the team, we'll throw you out
at 18:13 29 Mar 2024

Club and club's stewards disgrace themeselves once again. Two guys who have been banging on the advertising boards for 5 years plus (all innocent stuff, just getting behind the team) suddenly get told to sit down and get thrown out because they were in the way of a few fans for less than a minute. It almost caused a riot the way the stewards dealt with this. Fans rushing down the tunnel and turning on a stewards and fans gathering around the stewards at the end of the game. Away fans in the home end, they can stay. Get behind the Saints and you're out. Despair with this club.

Glad to see the applause and standing ovation for Nicholl on the 77th minute. Again disgrace from the club. Nothing mentioned.

And then there is f@cking Adams!!! Just to top the day off.
[Post edited 29 Mar 18:54]
What a great life football players lead
at 21:31 23 Mar 2024

A day in the life of Ryan Manning.

- Massive house and garden
- A massive expensive car
- Free breakfast and free lunch every day
- A gorgeous dog
- An afternoon trip to a bar to play darts.
- Just a couple of hours playing football in the morning.

Not a bad job I would say for 50 grand a week.
What a crazy world - ISIS target Russia
at 22:40 22 Mar 2024

Why would ISIS target Russia.
[Post edited 22 Mar 22:41]
Hasenhuttl back in management?
at 14:32 17 Mar 2024

Will be keeping a close eye on their results, if this happens.
[Post edited 17 Mar 14:33]
Birmingham away
at 08:48 2 Mar 2024

Good news. Downes is back. I hope he starts.
I would go with
Manning (or Stephens?)
A Armstrong
Our competitive competitions NOT
at 21:37 28 Feb 2024

So Liverpool win the league cup. The winners of the FA Cup will be Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City or Man United. And the PL will be won by Man City, Liverpool or Arsenal. And who won the cups last season and the season before? I am glad to be out. No chance of winning it, it's just the truth unfortunately. People are living in a different universe if they think any other team can win anything. Let's concentrate on the league.
[Post edited 28 Feb 21:50]
Planned Stadium Changes Released
at 17:53 27 Feb 2024

Away fans will be in the corner and on the side. They won't be behind the goal at all. Great to remove away fans from behind the goal, I think. But the plans bring about one dilemma. The fans that want to stand and sing, are likely to also want to be near the away fans arn't they?

So, why not have the safe standing in the Chapel, so that all the singers and standers are together, but also next to away fans?
[Post edited 27 Feb 17:57]
Millwall ANIMALS
at 17:39 24 Feb 2024

Disgraceful fans. It all kicked off at the end of Brittannia Road. Police with batons drawn. I was walking with the wife and they called her a tart, spitting at us, they were attacking our fans. Nasty tw@ts. Anyone saying the police operation was over the top, is very wrong. I'm sure this will be in the echo when they've trashed the city centre.
[Post edited 24 Feb 17:42]
Our incredible fans
at 23:59 16 Feb 2024

West Brom fans saying Southampton are the best fans they have seen at the Hawthorns for a long time. Unfortunately, I wasn't there tonight, chose Bristol City instead. Oh well never mind, the result feels just as good.

Also saying that our away performance was "classy". I would agree. It was a thoroughly professional performance. But well done to the fans on a Friday night.
[Post edited 17 Feb 0:03]
New date for Leicester
at 13:24 16 Feb 2024

Dam, I can't make that now. Will have to watch on TV. It's also dependent on whether either team gets to the quarter finals of the cup.
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