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FAO - Solent Toffee
at 13:45 21 Jul 2020

Not sure if you have sky or not, but just seen (sky documentaries) there is a 2 hour doc on Everton - 'Howards Way'. I will watch it later but expect it to be interesting since it involves your halcyon years under Howard Kendall (all of course pre the day when football was 'officially created' circa 1992).
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How long before...
at 18:52 3 Jul 2020

....130 comes on here boasting of a 47,231 attendance at the Old Girl tonight?
Home games
at 14:37 19 Jun 2020

With no fans to boo the players nor show their contempt by walking out of St. Marys on 80 minutes, do we think this will have a major impact on the amount of goals we win these remaining matches by? I am fully expecting home wins for all our remaining games and a big bonus kitty for league positions climbed.

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Why are the majority of Saints fans....
at 11:35 14 Jun 2020

...so quick to want to dismiss or get rid of our players?

Genuine question as of late i see people saying how Bertrand might be too old, Hjolberg ain't all he's cracked up to be, Danso is useless etc. etc.

Whilst i am not saying i agree or disagree with the views sometimes posted, but i don't get it. Especially now as funds are tight and we rightly live within our means.

Bertrand is a case in example. This guy has one the Champions League, capped at international level and yet some want him gone. Question - if he goes who can we a) get better b) for similar monies and c) how do we know their attitude will be half decent?

Especially under the current financial climate i think some of our fan base are bonkers. If we had a sugar daddy then perhaps my views would be similar but we don't. Are we simply too quick to say get shot of our playing staff?
God bless our beloved northern trade partner....
at 07:18 12 Jun 2020



Must admit i particularly enjoyed the bit about how LFC 'gifted us' Danny Ings and how this has smoothed any lingering tensions between the club.

To this end i will be ever grateful to the scousers for helping us out and allowing us to push on and improve our squad. God bless LFC.

Now then, how much is coming our way when Mané and Van Dijk win the league?
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The Secret Machines
at 18:06 6 Jun 2020

Just reminiscing and playing my way through a couple of Secret Machines albums, cracking band. Anyone lucky enough to see them in the day before one of the brothers sadly passed away?

I have seen my fair share of bands in my life but alas i never caught these guys. Bit gutted really now.

If you had to name one artist or act you would go back in time to see, who would it be?
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Shane Long
at 12:08 4 Jun 2020

I believe Pat might now be more than a happy chappy?

More good news following RH signing a new deal.

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Hall of Fame
at 17:53 2 Jun 2020

I wonder when the Premier League plan to anounce the first of its 'Hall of Fame Inductees?'
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at 18:38 24 May 2020

I think i need to get in touch with Sky and ask them why i am paying daft money for the pleasure of being able to view some 'Live eSports Virtual F1 GP'. I mean, seriously, i have no interest in watching a bunch of sad sacks playing electronic games.

I know times are hard and sky have no live sports to show, but surely they could re schedule some old / older football or cricket matches

Rant over. Enjoy your Bank Holiday all.
With ITV showing some old games
at 17:32 23 May 2020

Why did it take the current situation to get them to show some old classics? OK, we all know football was invented with the formation of the PL, but some of us oldies remember the days when players were allowed to tackle, there were only a couple of cameras / angles being filmed, and most players didnt dive and roll round ala Tadic.

With ITV always showing games weekly back in the day there must be masses of games they could show again (regardless of COVID and other shows being canned whilst filming is paused) even if only aired on itv 3 or 4.

So a reasonable number of League 2 supporters......
at 06:48 23 May 2020

......have said that their respective clubs can keep their Season Ticket monies (for the remaining unplayed fixtures) in order to support the club through these tough times. So just putting this out there, would any of you gladly forgoe refunds as and when the season is ditched or played behind closed doors to help out?
Saints Rewind
at 08:15 22 Apr 2020

Just in case any of you missed us minnows thrashing the 16 time Champions League Winners (the mighty Pompey) at the Old Girl in 2019, i believe you can see it again tonight on the Saints website at 19:30hrs.

Being that we had never beaten Pompey before nor witnessed one of the most fantastic venues in European football, i urge you all to watch so as to appreciate the bell ringing and mongs of the highest order. Sadly all the Saints team were made up of players from the PO postcode though (we cannot win them all hey).

Don't miss it......
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So, with Germany....
at 17:19 17 Mar 2020

....closing its borders with France, Austria and Switzerland, does this not go completely against the philosophies of the European Union?

I thought the 'free movement' of EU citizens, trade and goods was what the EU was all about.

at 11:48 27 Feb 2020

Playing the 1865, just been told and obviously now sold out. Royally piśsed off. I am on their mailing list as well but nothing come through. Gutted.
3 questions
at 08:12 24 Feb 2020

1) How old do we think 130 is?

2) Do we think 130 has ever been to a football match?

3) Why do people respond to 130's inane drivel?
Ok so not quite in the same league.......
at 07:51 23 Feb 2020

.......in monetary terms, but at £7m (signing fee?) is Stuart Armstrong the next bargain buy / excellent value signing following Steven Davis at £2m?

Another gem.
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