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Van Dijk's Comments On Liverpool Are Ill Advised !
Wednesday, 27th Sep 2017 09:10

Virgil Van Dijk has been on a podcast and has predicted Liverpool to challenge for the Champions League, Saints fans would prefer him to say something about his own club.

Virgil Van Dijk has appeared on a podcast created by Squawka to launch the new EA Sports Fifa 18 game, whilst it has to be noted that Van Dijk is being paid handsomely to attend the launch and was wearing EA branded clothing, his comments were perhaps a little ill advised and sensitive after the issues of the past three months or so.

When asked who would go farthest in the Champions League this season he replied.

“I think Liverpool and Man City maybe.”

On their chances of winning the competition outright he said:

“You never know. It’s always going to be difficult and it’s a different style of play, European nights are always different."

“Anything can happen, especially if you are the big English clubs who are in the Champions League at the moment.”

Liverpool fan websites as well as the Liverpool Echo have already picked up on these comments and are seeing it as some sort of sublimal message from Van Dijk to Liverpool FC and their fans.

Certainly there aren't many other pundits predicting success for the Merseyside club in the Champions League this season, ironically not just because of their failure to sign Virgil Van Dijk but the fact that they did not address their defensive frailties full stop, Jurgen Klopp had no plan B other than to chase Van Dijk to the final minute of the final hour of the transfer window whatever the consequences.

That has mean't Liverpool's form has been erratic in both the Premier & Champions Leagues this season.

In the Premier only three clubs have conceded more than the 11 goals Liverpool have leaked and they are all in the bottom 4, indeed Bournemouth are the only club in that group who have not conceded more, but they have like the Anfield club let in 11.

In the Champions League although this was filmed before last night's results, Liverpool had made a poor start drawing at home with Sevilla and it has to be said that it is very strange that Van Dijk should state that he thinks Liverpool would go farther than Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, all of whom had won their opening games comprehensively.

But it is not so much his opinion that is under scrutiny here, but the fact that although he is willing to say something publicly about Liverpool FC, he has of yet said nothing about the club that he is actually contracted to and who are paying him well, not to mention their supporters, ie Southampton.

Whilst it is understandable that Van Dijk will be feeling a little miffed about the fact that Saints have dug their heels in, the truth is that the situation is down to his own actions, Saints have done nothing wrong, whereas he and his agent, not to mention Liverpool appear to have done nothing right.

Whilst he is upset at the situation, he should now be showing that he is a man and not a spoilt child , by standing up and telling Southampton fans he is committed to the club and will give 100% whilst still here.

An apology of sorts would be the decent thing to do, but we have to accept that won't happen, however a statement from him to the supporters rather than letting his team mates tell the press that he is committed etc would be the actions of a decent man and not one that now appears to be a totally arrogant, petulant and insensitive brat.

Indeed if he thinks that making public comments about Liverpool and completely blanking Saints is going to get him a move to Anfield, then he clearly needs a few lessons in life, it will only make Saints more determined in what they do next, whispers in the press this week have suggested that Saints will never sell Van Dijk to Liverpool and the fact these have appeared suggest that the club itself is unhappy with the players attitude.

Of course they never expected it to return to the levels it once was, but they had a right to expect his behaviour to be professional and whilst so far on the playing side he seems to have knuckled down and done his job, off the pitch little seems to have changed in his attitude and perhaps the feeling is that if he can say nothing good about Saints, then he should say nothing about anyone else especially Liverpool.

But he is contracted to promote EA Sports product and that means getting headlines, he has an agent that seemingly likes to make headlines through controversy and certainly from this perspective, what was a routine press conference about a computer game that is released every year, suddenly everyone is talking about it, I wonder how much his agent used this in his negotiations to agree a higher fee ?

From my own perspective, I have great respect of Virgil Van Dijk as a player, but zero respect for him as a man, I had hoped that he might get some of that respect back, but I have seen nothing from him that suggests that he is a big enough personality to be able to act like a man.

I want him to play for Saints and do his job whils't he is here, we are paying him well, we have every right to expect that, the situation is what it is, Saints have to use it to the best of their ability and that means not only showing the rest of football we mean business and will not be pushed around, but doing what is right for the team.

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Jesus_02 added 09:26 - Sep 27
What we often forget is that Virgil is comparatively young and because of his success as a sportsman is probably very naïve. He is part of an extremely cosseted generation of players. Liverpool have done a complete job on tapping him up and his agent also has a growing reputation as a particularly nasty example of the modern vampire that the FA are happy to sponsor.

The fact that he is willing to state publicly that Liverpool are Champion League contenders proves does little but prove to me how brainwashed he actually is.

ChristchurchSaint added 09:31 - Sep 27
Summed it up very well. Van dijk the player cannot be argued with, Van dijk the man has a lot to answer for. As much as I would like to see us be stubborn and keep him as long as possible, if a good offer comes in next summer, then get rid of the rotten apple before it turns the rest sour as well.

SaintNick added 09:31 - Sep 27
The man is 26 years old and a Father, whilst I agree he is part of a cosseted generation of players ,he should be able to act like a grown up by now

pete_boggs added 09:44 - Sep 27
He doesn't want to be here and he's leaving in 6 months for Liverpool.

highfield49 added 10:44 - Sep 27
Judging by the scousers performances in Europe his judgement really is the pits, as we all suspected. I would hope that the manager and players have a word in his ear and suggest that it is time for him to say nothing unless he really does want to provoke negativity from the fan base. Having recently posted that I think he should play at Stoke my view now is that Hoedt and Yoshi should carry on playing at the back. This petulant idiot should sit on the bench in the hope that he can mature into an adult some time soon.

SaintNick added 11:19 - Sep 27
Pete Boggs, we all know he doesnt want to be here, But I dont think he will be off on six months as that is in the middle of the transfer window

pete_boggs added 12:16 - Sep 27
Ok Nick 7 months then.

richargr001 added 12:43 - Sep 27
I think you are reading way too much into this. The guy was asked who he thought could go far in the Champions League. There are 5 clubs in it - Liverpool and Man City have the easiest groups by a long way. So he is just stating the obvious - both these teams are most likely to progress out of their group and then it's up to the draw.

I don't think he was saying Liverpool just because he wanted to go there. The other reason he might think Liverpool will do well is Liverpool have a 'cup team'. Their defence is not good enough to win the PL, but they could definitely do well in a cup as they have a strike force that can beat anyone on his day.

redandwhitedee added 13:00 - Sep 27
He had to answer the question put to him as he was paid to be there. What did anyone expect ?

bstokesaint added 13:09 - Sep 27
Nick, from what I understand (from a decent source), there is a very good chance he will go in January. I think it would tar the club's image, but I believe it will happen, so on this occasion I am going to agree with Pete!

That said you are right. He has, and still is, behaving in a totally unprofessional manner and needs someone to manage him. He's not surely not naive (stupid) enough to believe his actions wouldn't have clear ramifications. The fact he thinks Liverpool are European contenders too is just hilarious. The worrying trend is there seems to be this brainwashed line about "European nights under the floodlights being special." Has someone written that line on the changing room wall or something?

patred added 13:43 - Sep 27
I want to hear nothing from him, we know his stance he knows the clubs.
I don't even want an apology from him, as I don't think it would be sincere.
All I want is him to give is his best on the pitch until next summer, that way it will repay us for his first-class treatment for the injury he received, and the excessive amount of games he missed whilst fit but not playing because his head and ass were in Kloop-land.
The disruption he has caused this club is immeasurable and unforgivable.

saint_ben added 14:40 - Sep 27
When are you guys going to wake up! VVD will NOT be sold in January to ANYONE let alone Liverpool FC. Southampton FC have gone this far and to sell now would make the club a laughing stock. The havent even fully intergated VVD into the first team. At the absolute earliest he will be sold in the summer. Southampton have made it VERY clear right from the start he is going nowhere. Southampton have already communicated behind the scenecs with Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal and also a number of big european foreign clubs to state the boy is going no where this season. And as for Liverpool they have well and truly burnt their bridges.

SanMarco added 14:41 - Sep 27
Can't we just ignore this stuff? So he answered a question while advertising something. I don't care - oh, and if there is a message it is certainly not 'subliminal"...

Letiss7 added 14:45 - Sep 27
7 months would take us to April no window then. Try again.

landerwal added 16:17 - Sep 27
This is PR speak. Never say a bad word about anything. He was not asked about Southampton because in the media/PR world there are only a half dozen clubs who matter and we are not one of them. Let the Scousers get themselves worked up grabbing every straw going. Judging by their performances so far this season there will be plenty of straw grabbing to come.

skiptonsaint added 18:21 - Sep 27
We want him to say nothing and get on with it. He will prob saying just enough to hope fans
say get rid.

I think the January departure could depend on our goal scoring and league position. Unless we start
scoring, his sale money to buy say 2 proven attacking players which would more or less guarantee prem football may be the smart business move and so the club act.

SaintBrock added 18:45 - Sep 27
Nonsense, he was asked a question and he gave his opinion. He could hardly say Saints as we were not good enough to be in the bloody thing in the first place!

helpineedsomebody added 18:58 - Sep 27
he has everything to gain & everything to lose

up to him

there is still a signed contract in an office in sfc that lasts over 5 seasons how he & his agent overcome that problem we all wait with great interest.

i would not put up with this nonsence i would pay him to go home & stay home

brownk added 20:03 - Sep 27
Why do we waste so much time talking about VVD! Better to support the players that played so well on Saturday and quite frankly nobody in the defence deserves to be dropped! I would make him travel to games and sit in the stands and watch until he starts showing the club and fans some respect! It's his career that he is damaging by not playing and it is amazing how his stock has increased since he hasn't played! If he does play it will be interesting to see how he plays coz I am not so sure he will make a huge amount of difference that everyone thinks.

dovif added 12:38 - Sep 28
It is actually very easy. Play him so his value stays high. Then sign 2 attacker to solve our horrible attack. 2 open field goal in 7 matches and those came against 2 teams in the relegation zone speak volumes. I believe his actitute is affecting the whole club. It was stupid to not sell him

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