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Walcott Set To Undergo Medical
Monday, 5th Oct 2020 16:45

Sky Sports are reporting that Theo Walcott is heading to Southampton for a medial ahead of a return to his original career starting point at St Mary's on a season long loan deal.

According to the media Theo Walcott's return to his first club is about to happen with major media outlets like Sky Sports claiming that he is about t undergo a medical, something that at this late hour would be unlikely to happen unless terms had been agreed between the clubs

It seems that with Walcott in the final year of his contract at Goodison Park and not in first team contention , Everton have accepted they are unlikely to get a fee for the player who is now 31 and who left Saints just before his 17th birthday almost 15 years ago.

He is on £100,000 a week at Everton which explains why he chose to go to Merseyside ahead of Saints back in January 2018 when the transfer fee was said to be around £20 million.

The Liverpool Echo are saying that the two clubs have agreed to split his wages, although whether that will be a 50/50 split isn't quite clear.

Walcott made 21 appearances for Saints in the Championship as a 16 year old scoring 4 goals, he also played a game in both cup competitions adding another goal to his tally.

Saints fans seem to be split as to whether this will be a good deal or not, but in some respects it is a low outlay in that Saints will only have to pay his wages for a period of 8 months, so that will be a total outlay of £4 million assuming a 50/50 split , so from this perspective it looks a reasonable punt.

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Saintsforeverj added 17:02 - Oct 5
It will cost us a small fee, much less than the combined 60 million on Carillo, Elyanoussi, Boufal...... and so on. If we sign him, I say give him a chance and see if it works out better than the names above. I support the club on this, and if others want to slag the club off and Theo, I can't see the point. Let's see if it works. The 60 million spent on rubbish didn't work. 2 million spent on Theo with PL experience might. Theo Theo Theo.

Colburn added 17:10 - Oct 5
Didn't he ditch us at the last second just before signing for Everton? Leaving us with little other option? Think this had a huge impact on our season.. So if anyone can't understand why some fans are unhappy about Walcott coming back, they have short memories. As far as I'm concerned, Walcott has no passion, desire or hunger for the game and this us why he has never really hit the heights he should have.

No thanks, don't want him back here now! 100k a week or 50, no thanks!

ElijahK added 17:12 - Oct 5
Sorry but why are we doing this!? I mean I thought we were trying to cut down on the wage bills, yet we’re signing someone who earns more than some of our best players, yet is someone who I personally don’t see making the team! He’s now old, and has done basically nothing ever since he left Arsenal so why we go for him, when we could get a younger, better player (whether it be on loan or permanent) just baffles me! As in the end we do need another winger/attacking midfielder, but why go for a player that even if he turn out alright, will only get worse because of his age is just stupid and a waste of funding to buy new, high potential players like Walker-Peters and Diallo!

Saintsforeverj added 17:15 - Oct 5
So, if he signs Colburn, you will slag off the signing and not support him when he plays? Oh dear, well welcome to our club Theo. Half the fan base will just slag you off.

Saintsforeverj added 17:21 - Oct 5
Yep down vote all you like, but slagging off a new signing? Telling him he isn't wanted here? Well it won't work will it, if he us hated. Good for you guys, slagging off a new player who hasn't even kicked a ball yet.

Saidou added 17:25 - Oct 5
Our physios and treatment table are about to be be busy again..

ElijahK added 17:26 - Oct 5
Saintsforever Well it’s just simply the fact that our club ain’t like Man City it united where we can sight him and like 10 other players, as in the end unless we do sight another winger/attacking midfielder then it was a waste as I’d rather not be slagging him off it’s just I’d also rather that it’s a different guy kicking that ball!

Saintsforeverj added 17:31 - Oct 5
ElijahK, like who? I would rather we bought Rodriguez, De Bruyne, or even Ollie Watkins for 28 million but we know we can't with Gao. So Walcott is signing by the looks of it, so you slag him off, that is up to you but I am going to give him a chance and welcome him to our club.

ElijahK added 17:36 - Oct 5
I’m slagging Walcot off simply because of how very little/nothing he’s done since joining Everton and doesn’t look good at all! I mean I’m not just slagging HIM off, but the club’s decision to sign him as like I said before I’m certain that there were other wingers out there who were younger and better that we could have got, but didn’t and have instead gone for a guy who ditched us the first chance he got, then again to join Everton and is now only coming to us because of how poor he is and how desperate the club must have been!

AirFlorida added 17:39 - Oct 5
It's pennies in today's market so what the hell is there to moan about? Of course it's worth a punt and as a club in our position we'd be stupid not to on theses terms. I don't think it'll work for him/us but it's like a 'try before you buy'. It worked out well with Ings and KWP. If he's crap, send him back. But.. He might be OK. Again, pennies for a good punt.

highfield49 added 17:42 - Oct 5
To all those slagging Theo off I'd say we are desperately in need of experience to cover if Ings gets injured and also Walcott knows enough about the game to sharpen up the likes of Obafemi and Tella. He's not going to be signing for a last pay day because his contract is up next year and let's be honest he looks to have chosen to come "home" rather than go to other clubs, like Palace. I guess you're the type of supporters who said Danny Ings was a waste of money because he was injury prone but I'm also guessing that Theo could be a very shrewd bit of business.

Saintaxidriver added 17:55 - Oct 5
To be honest when I have seen him play recently he hasn't been too bad so willing to give him an opportunity to have a swansong. When Channon came back from City people were negative about it yet he played some of his best soccer in that period.

underweststand added 17:56 - Oct 5
Surely a win-win situation for everyone - even putting aside the historical connection.
He wouldn't be the first player left out in the cold because his face doesn't fit with a new manager.He had a good career at Arsenal and played 40+ games for England in between.

He has over 120 goals at Prem. and International level to his credit but I don't expect him to play 90 minutes every game, but he will help take some of the pressure off Danny Ings and perhaps even make life easier for Che Adams who gives 100% every game but still can't seem to score - unless someone decides to make the goal larger.

Theo's a free agent at the end of the season and I'm sure that Ralph and fans alike will have all made up their minds. If he can DAJFU than a year or two more won't hurt because he's not going to get a 4 year deal at this stage of his career. As we are keeping 33 y.o Shane Long for a little longer, then an in-form Walcott would be worth the chance.

ElijahK added 17:57 - Oct 5
Highfield No actually I was looking forward to seeing Ings, as unlike Walcot he’d had his career ruined by Injuries and hadn’t had a second chance, along with the fact that he wasn’t getting paid a ridiculous wage (way more than our best players), hence why I was wanting us to sign him last season! But with Walcot he did have a second chance (even though his career wasn’t ruined by injuries when he was at a top club), yet he’s just a waste of wages as he’s done nothing at Everton and had the chance to come back to us but decided to go to Everton and is only leaving because they’ve realised how bad he is (which is what all the Everton fans have been saying) and have bought loads of players so that he’s got no chance of playing! As I’d rather see a young player like Diallo being on the wings than some old fella who used to be great, but these days is a waste of money in that position!

halftimeorange added 17:58 - Oct 5
Theo Walcott can show a clean pair of heels to most defenders when he's fit. With his crossing Danny will think today's his birthday if this come off. This could work wonders for our attack. Only the idiots will be jeering.

Peterx added 18:16 - Oct 5
From what I can see his pace is still good. I'm assuming RH knows what he is doing and has the view that Theo fits the profile of an RH player. Looks like backup for Armstrong, whose early injury left a pretty obvious right sided void that was not filled against Crystal Palace and Brentford. I like it, smart business.

AirFlorida added 18:21 - Oct 5
God cheer up you moaning brigade! It's like a freebee. Pennies. Sod all to lose. Can't you lot be happy that for once we're on the receiving end of a transfer deadline story and not worrying about talk of Ings or JWP leaving? Try and be happy.. Go on try!

redandwhitedee added 18:54 - Oct 5
Excellent signing. A long overdue return and just the type of impact player we need.

SanMarco added 19:12 - Oct 5
Not sure why people are upset with him - he opted for higher wages - wouldn't we all? There seems to be an endless desire for players to be sentimental above hard cash. Doesn't usually happen I am afraid.

If the wages are 50-50 then thsi would seem a reasonable idea.

NewburySaint added 19:59 - Oct 5
This a no lose deal if it goes through-an alternative for Redmond/Armstrong/Ings/Adams, and if it doesn’t work then at least we tried and we won’t have further financial commitments to him.

Potentially a great bit of business.....

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