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Perspective is Critical
Written by BarneyLW on Tuesday, 1st Dec 2015 18:02

It says an awful lot for where the club is that a narrow defeat at Anfield yesterday was met with disappointment. It is understandable, the visitors came away hugely unlucky not to pick up a point after a debatable penalty converted by James Milner put Liverpool ahead, and they eventually held out for a 1-0 win.

So, what of the big picture then? Since it seems to be very doom and gloom feelings around the club in recent weeks. In fact, it seems to be the last time there was a real buzz around Garry Monk's side was the home win against Manchester United, the last game in August. Monk himself seems to be a key part of this discussion. There is no question that the team are behind him and played for him yesterday, but frankly it seems quite bleak that the team now has to be seen playing FOR the manager, just to emphasize the idea that his position remains under threat.

Firstly, I'm not a naive fan, this is football in the modern context. Results have not been good enough, performances have not been good enough. Plus, and it pains me to say it, but Garry Monk is wrong, there is a chance the team could indeed be brought into a relegation fight. I also have a few retorts to this claim. The most relevant point in terms of big picture, in terms of perspective, is that a relegation fight does not mean relegation. The fact is, as fans, we have been spoiled by our own success. In the last five years we have graced the top flight, I believe the first season was the only one where the club was truly realistic in its ambitions. Because several years ago, I don't believe any fan would take issue with being a club in a relegation dogfight. Fortunately, and indeed against all odds, the team under Brendan Rodgers finished 11th. Under Michael Laudrup, an even higher finish and the first ever major silverware in Swansea's history. Since then, we have seen highs and lows of a poor domestic season and an eventful run in the Europa League, followed by last season's record breaking and history making year. Yet I am going to have to bring everyone back down to earth, we are not too good to be drawn into a fight for survival. We have seen this arrogant mindset come back to bite supposed 'big clubs' like West Ham and Newcastle in recent years. It may still be the case with Aston VIlla.

To the club's credit, the majority of fans agree with me on this one; and if you disagree, I apologise, because I am by no means infallible.... But with things going the way they are going, there is no greater man than Monk to get us out of it.

In fact, what kind of message does it send out if after a record breaking season, the young manager who went from being tipped as a potential successor for the England job to a front runner to be the next managerial sacking after six defeats? The whole idea is frankly ludicrous. As well as this complacency the fans (myself included) are guilty of, there is a more accurate feeling many of us share: It is the idea that as a club we do things the right way. That our board is cautious, yet hugely ambitious. That every decision, even if it may seem poor in the short term, is made with longevity in mind. If we sack Monk, Swansea become like any other Premier League club.

Results have not been acceptable for a team that wanted to build on last season's success. With difficult fixtures coming up it may not improve for a little while. But if we are finally going to be drawn into a fight, a real fight, for our Premier League status, there is no one more adept to the challenge than Monk, in my eyes anyway.

We are not too good to go down. But we are too good, as a club, to forsake a man who has brought such success at the first sign of any danger.

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DICKIETAPISAJACK added 19:09 - Dec 6
If we keep Monk, we won't be a Premier League club, FACT. One trip pony, they've worked out he has one tactic, & now he is making stupid and obscure team selections and sub's, because he has not got the faintest idea, how to turn it around. We got great results last year, but it was shit to watch. And we had no cup run or Europe to cope with, so with less fixtures, and more experience, it stands to reason, results should improve. Managers moan all the time about too many fixtures. It's not rocket science for God sake. He has got to go!!!!!!!

vermaruby38 added 07:42 - Jul 20
It is the idea that as a club we do things the right way. That our board is cautious, yet hugely ambitious.


katiemolina44 added 12:11 - Apr 1
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ja1920voo added 18:33 - Aug 15
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