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Shamima Begum 14:52 - Feb 22 with 7900 viewsFlashberryjack

Shamima Begum has lost her appeal against the government's decision to remove her British citizenship and remains barred from returning to the UK.

Begum, now 23, left the country as a teenager to join the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria.

Personally, I'm glad she's been refused citizenship, but I just wonder how many times she can appeal against this decision, and who pays for her legal team, must be costing a fortune.

Thoughts ?

Poll: Should the Senedd be Abolished

Shamima Begum on 22:02 - Feb 26 with 702 viewsFlashberryjack

Shamima Begum on 21:47 - Feb 26 by Boundy

But for some as long as she serves time in this country then all's right with the world ,this way ( as long as some soft soaked panel of judges decide otherwise) then her sentence is or life not 5 years or whatever it maybe then when released with a new identity out taking money off taxpayers to fund her for the rest of her life

I'd leave her rot where she is, but sadly, she'll eventually get back to the UK, an serve a spell in a soft prison.

Then when they release her, she'll maybe write a book, make a couple of appearances on loose women, strictly, hell! they may even make a film about her exploits as a poor little girl that was led astray by ISIS.

She'll then end up a wealthy minor celebrity, who said crime doesn't pay.

Poll: Should the Senedd be Abolished

Shamima Begum on 02:57 - Feb 27 with 650 viewsDJack

"Shamima Begum and other British women who joined Islamic State should be brought home, the government’s independent terrorism watchdog will say.

Jonathan Hall KC, the reviewer of terrorism legislation, will argue that British or formerly British women should be allowed to return from Syria because that is the position taken by key allies including the United States.

He will also highlight concerns about a new generation of extremists being reared under the “cubs of the caliphate” programme in northern Syria.

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