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Daniel James tonight
at 18:51 19 Aug 2019

Hope he scores a hatrick tonight.
R.I.P Val Davies nee Hopton
at 22:17 17 Jul 2019

Going to her funeral tomorrow.
A Swans season ticket holder, Val lost her battle with Cancer last week.
She struggled, but managed to make it to nearly every home game last season despite suffering the debilitating effects of her chemo, but after all she was going through, she still keep cheerful and enjoyed a drink and a laugh with us at the Riverside bar before and after the game.

She really was one hell of a strong girl with a wicked sense of humour, right up to the last. On her deathbed she told her husband she wanted to be buried in her wedding dress, and when her husband told her it wouldn't fit her now, she replied "get my Swans shirt signed by Nathan Dyer then" he did, and she actually passed away in it, and will also be buried in tomorrow.

At least she lasted long enough to see the birth of her first grandchild, something that brought her great comfort but at the same time great sadness knowing that she would not see her grow up.

No matter which of our players leave in the future, none will be missed by me on match days more than I will miss Val.

Rest in peace Val Y.J.B.
External memory for laptop
at 18:52 18 Jun 2019

Need an external memory thingy to store a large collection of photos (not those ones)
Any recommendations please ?
Zero emissions in UK
at 18:46 12 Jun 2019

Greenhouse gas emissions in the UK will be cut to almost zero by 2050, under the terms of a new government plan to tackle climate change.

Thoughts ?
Bohemian Rhapsody Margam Park
at 14:04 18 May 2019

Open air Cinema experience of Bohemian Rhapsody on Friday 31st May 7:30 pm.
Two tickets have become available due to a change in circumstances.

Paid £32 for 2 tickets (the £16 tickets are sold out) will sell both for £16.
Anyone interested ?
Potter to Celtic
at 21:54 14 Apr 2019

Read today that Potter is on the favourites list for the Celtic job.

Bull shyte ?
Worst case of Fly Tipping in Wales
at 18:23 12 Apr 2019

£500 fine and 1 Year suspended jail sentence...not enough for the dirty filthy c*nts IMO.

They made thousands out of indiscriminate dumping all sorts of crap.

No wonder there's so much fly tippers about if this is what the courts give them if caught.
Rioting in France
at 20:39 7 Apr 2019

There's been a lot footage of rioting on the streets of Paris on social media, but very little is shown on our main news programmes.

Is all this fake news or is it being intentionally hidden from the British public?
Play off final Swans v Reading
at 20:33 4 Apr 2019

On Sky sports 2 now
Home to Man City (n/t)
at 21:39 18 Feb 2019

Trevor McDonald Death Row.
at 21:26 31 Jan 2019

Anyone watching this and not wanting some of these pieces of human filth exterminated.
Miller & Carter Restaurant Swansea
at 14:58 10 Jan 2019

Any good ?
Gareth Thomas Attacked
at 18:46 18 Nov 2018

Been attacked by a16 year old because of his sexuality.
Wales v R.O.I
at 20:05 16 Oct 2018

0 - 0 atm
The ref a little lenient should be 3 Irish players in the book already.
Swans live streaming
at 18:13 11 Sep 2018

Going away for a fortnight, so I'm missing the next 3 games, I'll be alright for the Stoke game as it's on Sky.
I'm thinking of asking one of the local sports bar owners to register for the Forrest and Boro games (i'll obviously be paying), just wondering how difficult it would be for him to do.

Anyone got experience of this abroad or can give me some advise on the best way to go about it ?
Optimistic Ivor
at 18:22 10 Aug 2018

Listening to Swansea Sound today, a guy called Ivor came on (I have heard him on there before)
Anyway, last week when he was on the radio he predicted that we would beat Sheffield 1-2 and this week he's predicting we will beat Preston by at least 4 goals and could be as much as 6.

Furthermore he went on to predict that we'll be promoted by Christmas, and he's also put a bet on that we'll win the FA cup.

Fair play that's what you call being mega optimistic, anyone else here him ?
Buying a stolen car
at 20:49 7 Aug 2018

A young hard working lad I know bought his first a car privately about 2 years ago, he did a RAC check on it which came back saying it wasn't stolen.

Anyway the police have just taken it away saying it is stolen, the poor young man is absolutely gutted, as he'd worked hard to save for it, and it was his pride and joy.

Anyone had something like this happen ? also any advise would be very much appreciated.
The best fans in the world
at 15:55 3 Aug 2018

What an utter bunch of w*nkers, if the club had any decency they'd find their identities and ban them for life.
[Post edited 3 Aug 2018 17:29]
Jean Claude Junker ?
at 20:41 13 Jul 2018

Drunk or Sciatica ?

The missus suffers from sciatica but she only walks like this when she's had a good few glasses of sangria.
Welsh Assembly and Minimum Price for Alcohol
at 18:34 19 Jun 2018

A plan to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol has passed its first hurdle in the assembly.

With Scotland already having introduced a minimum price on alcohol, you'd have thought the assembly would have held fire to see if it actually does have any affect on alcohol consumption.

Opinions ?
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