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Pablo retires 17:47 - Jul 14 with 1138 viewsswan_si
Pablo retires on 18:47 - Jul 14 with 1084 viewslifelong

One of my favourite players…good luck Pablo.
Pablo retires on 19:03 - Jul 14 with 1061 viewsKeithHaynes

Be nice of him to mention Swansea when thanking all the clubs who made him.

A great believer in taking anything you like to wherever you want to.
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Pablo retires on 19:55 - Jul 14 with 1038 viewsBoundy

Pablo retires on 19:03 - Jul 14 by KeithHaynes

Be nice of him to mention Swansea when thanking all the clubs who made him.

Perhaps he overheard what my mates down the Stadium thought of him ,myself at the time thought he was the bees knees, hope he has a long and happy retirement

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Pablo retires on 20:49 - Jul 14 with 1007 viewsonehunglow

I've deleted what I've though on this player

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Pablo retires on 23:10 - Jul 14 with 933 viewsAnotherJohn

Pablo had a good run of form towards the end of his time with us, when he played in a more central midfield position. I imagine there is a story behind his leaving, which may be why he doesn't say much about Swansea.
Pablo retires on 12:04 - Jul 15 with 824 viewsRhonddaSwans

Thanks Pablo , I can remember the Cardiff v Leeds game when I was stewarding, Garry monk was incharge and you scored a goal. I was on the away segregation line and I went mad celebrating 🎉. I nearly lost my job because of it.
Head of security pulled me off the line and said 'whats your problem with Cardiff!'
Fair play to the Leeds fans telling him to f off for me. As I was chatting to them they knew I was a Jack behind enemy lines.

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