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Vaccination certificates for Stadium entry
at 17:17 26 Feb 2021

Has to happen.Surely the way to get crowds in .
at 10:02 26 Feb 2021

Appeal dismissed then.

Great decision.

Off you go ,girl
Any songwriters out there
at 09:51 26 Feb 2021

Ive written a few chunes none of which have been let loose an an innocent public but would like to write some more but this time,something that will resonate.

Im ok with musical theory but lyrically Im bereft of meaningful material.

My ol chum Ian McNabb(Icycle Works) told me ideas often came to him from a Title or a Statement that just came up with and the rest just flowed. Barstad wrote this.

Thanks Boots

Gordon Ramseys bank balance
at 18:12 25 Feb 2021

Well done BBC on facilitating the biggest ego for miles around.

Just wtf was that all about.

What were the rules?

What was the point?

He looked uncomfortable and awkward and utterly bereft of anything at all engaging.

I gave it 10 mins and sat in awe at such abject garbage for prime time TV. I this where we are now BBC .?

They surely have to pull this NOW.
Greatest Beatles song and why
at 15:21 25 Feb 2021

Strawberry Fields Forever.

For me,it upped the ante in contemporary music. Things would never be the same.

The technical musicology for the time ,the innovation was staggering and it stands up to any scrutiny today. Weird,dissonant ,strange,arcane lyrics and melody.

I read Paul Revere (And the Raiders) heard this in 1967 when it came out and said,

"Now what the phook are we gonna do".

Thanks LADS

at 19:55 24 Feb 2021

Let's be honest.
Looking at yet another abject display ,it was a nice thought but we all got caught up in the prospect but ,looking at that-it's rather sick.

Everyone of those players would have to be replaced ,for a start,apart from the manager.
at 16:43 24 Feb 2021

Ok ,here goes.
Why are we still seeing countless posts hanging out of anyone that is


I see people with wealth and think-why have they got to where they are and how could I have done better / I don't look upon them with the envious eyes that blind so many.

Rugby -Greatest ever international team from all eras
at 16:33 24 Feb 2021

To included all the major rugby playing nations
15. JPR.He really was that good,kids
14,Sir Gerald. nuff said
13.Bod .A pain in the @rse for all opponents
12. Gerber. Apartheid meant the world at large missed out on this monster player
11.Lomu.Great by any standards especially as a human being.adly and badly missed
10. Carter. He really does stand alone
9.Sir Gareth. And not out of sentiment either
8. Parisse .Born in the wrong country
7.McCaw.by some margin.,Maybe a "cheat" but rules are there to be pushed
6 Burger.Jeez .what a monster in every way
5.Johnson.Best captain ever .
4.JohnEales.All round athlete.Awesome.
3 Paparamborde. truly fearsome and technical
2.Ledesma. all round wonderful exponent of the position
1.Ian McLaughlan.Might mouse. Legendary.

Just a bit of fun
Everton new stadium
at 17:48 23 Feb 2021

Approved today.52,000 beautiful edifice by 2024.
Chum of mine has texted hoping to see us there in 2024.
Well,can we ?
Can we sign any players still
at 14:14 22 Feb 2021

Out of contract ones.

One for Diary.March 20
at 13:58 22 Feb 2021

Swans v cradiff 5.30 Sky followed by

France v Wales .Rugby .8pm.
at 13:49 21 Feb 2021

Still upsetting to watch this guy wearing a West Ham shirt.

Hammers got lucky signing him
Bit of Fun..Songs including..."walking"
at 11:24 21 Feb 2021

One of my dear followers said he was out soon walking and he's inspired me thus.

The great Antoine.The guy who made piano lessons bearable for me as a kid.You can't really learn to play like this though.

Hard not to smile.

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Lee La Trundle
at 16:05 20 Feb 2021

Notice you haven't got him to lose his natural brogue then.

Go ed la.

Gerrinta them

Miles better than bland Oleary or quixotic Wyngham
Dan Carter retires.Wait for it
at 09:34 20 Feb 2021

Clive Woodward rate Jonny Wilko higher-albeit just.
Clive,fair play,the most myopic pundit left out there bar none.

Carter-devastating kicker and an attacking no 10 that was a joy to behold even for anti eggers or the casual watchers.

A great guy by all accounts and humble as they come.

The greatest oversees player I have witnessed.

Thanks Din
Jurgen Klopp
at 10:41 16 Feb 2021

Anyone believing,like me,he is beginning to lose it.
I watched him being interviewed regrading his mum recently passing and the flag displayed outside Anfield as "support" for him. An odd reaction,in my opinion.

I feel he is under massive pressure and he is not coping as well as he thinks is portraying to be.

Being proud of your country
at 14:07 15 Feb 2021

Should we be and if so why?

Countries are formed by lines drawn on a map by politicians often with disastrous results,like the Balkans.

If we live in a fascist/communist country or one with a murderous past-like Turkey for example, why should anyone be proud
Good bye to Mr and Mr then
at 13:59 14 Feb 2021

I see Labour shadow culture minister looking to get rid of Mr and Mr as titles suggesting Mx used

That would be a letter to you from HMDC

MX Jones/Davies/Williams

How can people take these people seriously
at 12:56 11 Feb 2021

Declared himself injured last night.Mourinho surprised.Almosyt feel sorry for Jose.
6 NATIONS .Part 2
at 10:34 8 Feb 2021

Let's try again.We need a decent discussion on our national game.

The Murrayfield games never easy but this one ,with Wales injuries,looks horrendous.

With Mr Pivac so clueless and the lads so bereft of talent and form it looks a trip to hell.

But one never knows.
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