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Cwm Albion 12:35 - Dec 7 with 1199 viewsOptimisticJack

As an ex player I'm really enjoying the publicity they are currently having.
Great little series on them with Harry Redknap etc on YouTube.
Sorry don't know how to do a link but if you enter Specsavers Cwm Albion you will get it.
Its a good watch.


Cwm Albion on 13:09 - Dec 7 with 1142 viewsunion_jack

Are Sperm Whales the reason the sea is so salty?
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Cwm Albion on 13:44 - Dec 7 with 1098 viewsOptimisticJack

Cwm Albion on 13:09 - Dec 7 by union_jack

Thanks for the link.
A good watch.


Cwm Albion on 15:37 - Dec 7 with 1020 viewsBoundy

Also as an ex senior player its great to see some recognition for grass roots football, Dan Gill is a massive Swans fan home and away and a sometime junior league ref and if it wasn't for the likes of him we wouldn't have amateur football.
Slightly off topic there's such an inequality at this level , I find it a disgrace that there are no all weather pitches int the East side of Swansea , great once you get over the Tawe bridge .
Pity the University couldn't allow games on their facilities when they're not using them .

"In a free society, the State is the servant of the people—not the master."

Cwm Albion on 17:13 - Dec 7 with 970 viewsswan_si

There's a mural just been painted on clearview windows wall, looks absolutely brilliant, some clever people about.
Cwm Albion on 19:59 - Dec 7 with 897 viewsdeepdale81

Yes great mural,on cwm level rd.I played for them in the 80s and 90s and know a few things about them of interest.Their first pitch was across the road up the bank and they used to change in the ivorites pub in plasmarl.They built a pitch on the cwm by where the top pitch is now.And the council further developed it around 1960. Around that time whilst unable to use their pitch ,they had to play games up llewellyns park on the now disused sloping pitches(I remember playing there as a kid ).They Amalgamated with cwm albion colts in 1992 who were a different club ,but colts
moved their training up to blaenymaes ,thus not getting many players fed up the chain .I think that partnership has ended now. About 10 years ago they did have some success one season with some boys who now play for penlan.I remember they beat West End 6 2.John Rees chairman I applaud you ,for keeping the club going for all these years.
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