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Everton Weekes
at 19:02 2 Jul 2020

Another cricket legend gone 😢

Great innings
Bad news for Glamorgan
at 10:48 30 Jun 2020

And such a shame for the lad
Stabbing in Glasgow now
at 15:03 26 Jun 2020

3 casualties apparently shocking
Smart watches
at 13:36 21 Jun 2020

Any good and what ones do you recommend 🤔
at 08:46 20 Jun 2020

Agreed an extra year on his contract with Glamorgan

Fantastic news 👏
Alan Jones
at 13:04 17 Jun 2020

Great news congrats Alan well deserved
Another DVLA question
at 13:56 11 Jun 2020

My daughter is giving her car to a friend unfortunately she's been told due to her health she can't drive 😔

Anyway do DVLA have dealing with the finance company or does my daughter have to notify them she's got 6 months left of finance she's carrying on the payments
Starting a blog on line
at 12:21 6 Jun 2020

After some advice not on social media etc and doing a walking challenge and want a good way of showing my progression and was thinking of starting a blog can anyone recommend a good free site just Google it getting loads of ads for ones but would rather a recommend site

at 11:16 6 Jun 2020

Can't think of anything worse to be accused of
My Lands End to John o'Groats challenge
at 10:52 5 Jun 2020

From Monday im going to attempt to walk the distance of 862 miles in 2 months 62 days its going to be tough but for a great cause

Alzheimer’s affects us all in some way lets help beat it

Cheers Jim
For Cricket fans
at 17:11 31 May 2020

TMS rerunning the World Cup final today good listening out garden
Aldi lemon and herb Basa
at 17:49 29 May 2020

What a lovely tasting fish and less than 2 quid for 2 portions

Love my fish got to be fair its up there

Can't beat a catfish
Dog rescue having hard times
at 15:59 26 May 2020

Really thinking about a second dog but perhaps after lockdown
Strange thing yesterday
at 09:15 24 May 2020

I clicked on a YouTube link on my smartphone in my living room and all of a sudden it was on my Tellybox haven't set anything up to do this and just happened yesterday not happened before

Anyone know how this happened its a mystery 🤔
Things you miss
at 11:45 21 May 2020

One thing I've really missed with the lockdown and current good weather is being able to walk my dog on Barry beach. Although those using it last year weren't always well-behaved.....

Last summer, I witnessed totally disgusting behaviour at the beach.

A man and woman arguing in front of a load of kids, then she smacked him one on the head and it all kicked off between them.

The police turned up and the policeman ended up using his baton on the bloke, but the man actually managed to get the baton off the copper and started hitting the copper and the woman with it. All in front of hundreds of kids watching.

Then a crocodile turned up and stole all the sausages....
Love the NHS
at 11:26 16 May 2020

Mate of mine has written a song about NHS
at 08:51 16 May 2020

Young chap i work with in hospital has been told he has to shave his beard off ive told him to contact the Union im not sure if they can force someone to do that

Its a tidy beard and well kept but the argument is his mask won't fit correctly

I can understand that in say the fire service

And another lad has been told to get rid of his pink hair dye I'm not being funny but women can dye their hair why can't men to be fair he does look a knob mind
Glamorgan Best Overseas player
at 10:40 4 May 2020

Get voting
Laws of the game Quiz
at 15:18 3 May 2020

Put these on our forum as well see how you get on no cheating via Google or other mediums mind

1 Team A is awarded a Direct Free Kick (DFK) from outside their penalty area. Team A has a wayward defender take the kick and it goes directly into his own goal. What?s the restart?

2 Just as the attackers takes a shot on goal the ball bursts and rolls to a stop just in front of him. He then kicks the ball into the net whats your call...

3 A player takes a corner kick the ball rebounds from the goal post and the same player kicks the ball into the net what action would you take

4Player Red is throwing in the ball. A Blue defending player yells out ?Over here? deliberatly confusing the thrower. The thrower inadvertantly throws the ball to Blue. What action would you take

5 if a player stops to tie their shoes during a game and the ball hits them when they are not looking. You should

6 A goalkeeper and an attacking player on a fifty /fifty ball collide and slide over the goalline some 10 feet into the area inside the netting between the goal posts. The ball is stopped on the goal line.The attacker attempts to reach his leg out, intending to draw the ball back over the goalline. The keeper scambles over top of the attacker in an attempt to grab the ball pinning the attacker's legs preventing him from doing so. A defender then manages to clear the ball from the area. What is your decision?

7 A goalkeeper is hurt during the course of a shootout and a substitute keeper from the bench is making ready to enter the field. An opposing player makes a snide remark of "Chicken" to the keeper who then strikes the opposing player. What are your options?

8 : A player makes a pass towards his teammate who is in offside position running in the direction of the ball inside the opponents Penalty Area. An opponent reaches out with his hand and deliberately deflects the ball with his hand away from the goal to the player whom the pass was intended. Your action is:

Just for fun let's see your knowledge of the laws of the game

No Google mind :evil:
Beat the Chasers
at 15:19 2 May 2020

Very good TV bound to be more

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