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Penlan Leisure Centre Gym
at 16:39 7 Jul 2018

Just looking for some advice as looking to join a gym, as been on a weight loss regime, and want to mix some cardio and weights.

Are the facilities there any good? on paper it looks good, as the pool is included too, but is it that good in reality?

Any advice/personal experiences appreciated
Well done the club
at 20:41 2 May 2018

Some scrotes climbed the fence and pinched the goal posts that the school had just bought, but the Swans have stepped in and are replacing them for them.

My daughter goes to that school and was really upset today by the actions of these c****

Unlikely anyone will recognise them, as in true CCTV fashion it's like watching TV after 20 pints.

McBurnie is back
at 18:19 7 Sep 2017


Transfer f**k up
Tommy Robinson at the Evening Post
at 20:13 27 Apr 2017

Just got sent this, looks like he walked in and started hassling some reporter

Clement Official
at 16:17 3 Jan 2017

West stand incident yesterday
at 11:23 27 Dec 2016

The kerfuffle in the west stand yesterday appears to have been a supporter being ejected for having an inflatable Jesus too close to the directors.

Club is losing the plot


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Nathan Dyer
at 17:47 1 Nov 2016

I am really looking forward to his return from injury.....is a bit worrying when players that should have been improved upon are looking the better option
Jimmy Conrad talking about Bob Bradley
at 15:00 29 Oct 2016

Jimmy Conrad speaking a bit about Bob Bradley on the True Geordie podcast. Don't know if of interest.....his urinal technique sounds scary

about 24 mins in

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Retro shirts
at 12:29 20 Aug 2016

With risk of igniting the men can not wear football shirts crowd.......(I don't care I like them)

How long before a shirt is retro? I keep all my old shirts. Sadly my gulf oil one is way too snug this year (too much indulging) so I have been rummaging my old shirt collection.

So when does it become a cool old shirt and not just old? 5 seasons?
Ash and Ayew
at 15:52 9 Aug 2016

Join an elite band of Swansea players heading for bigger and better things.

Names like:
Jonjo Shelvey
Scott Sinclair
Dorus Devries
Jason Scotland
Richard Duffy
Lee Trundle

Many others fail to pop into my head, but the grass outside of Swansea is so wonderfully green.
Official statement from the americans
at 20:48 21 Jul 2016

Could the trust sell?
at 20:31 21 Jul 2016

As Katzen is stalling, could the trust jump in and sell and leave him holding the shares? Genuine question from a member of the trust, as I have read lots of views of keeping the cash for emergency times rather than hanging onto shares which may be in reality not worth a lot.
PL Club finance breakdown
at 09:49 26 May 2016

Article in the Guardian


Swansea bit for those who don't want to read the whole thing

Swansea City
Accounts of Swansea City Football 2002 Ltd for 14 months to 31 July 2015 (club changed its financial year end to 31 July, so all figures are for 14 months from 31 May 2014)

• Ownership Martin Morgan 23.7%; Brian Katzen 10.5%; Jeffrey Crevoiserat 10.5%; Swansea City Supporters Society Limited 21.1%; Huw Jenkins 13.2%; Robert Davies 10.5%; John van Zweden 5%; Leigh Dineen 5%

• Turnover Joint 12th highest in League £104m, up from £99m in 2014

• Income Gate and match-day income £8m; TV and broadcasting £85m; Commercial & other £11m

• Wage bill 8th highest in League £83m, up from £63m in 2014

• Wages as proportion of turnover 80%

• Profit before tax £2m, following £1m profit in 2014

• Net debt £21m

• Interest payable £0.2m

• Highest-paid director Huw Jenkins, £516,667

State they are in: Long hailed as a model ownership structure, including by the Premier League’s Richard Scudamore. But the shareholders who have been partners to the supporters trust’s 21% stake for 14 years are now selling. The takeover by US investors Stephen Kaplan and Jason Levien is understood to be nearing completion, with the owners set to make millions for shares now valued at 100 times more than they paid in 2002. Huw Jenkins, credited with expert stewardship of the club through its remarkable rise, is set to stay as executive chairman.
Appeal for help
at 21:41 3 Mar 2016

Hi everyone, this little girl lives in Brynmill and has just turned 5 and is a little friend of my daughter. The NHS has refused funding for further treatment so any treatment has to be funded independently. If you can take a look please do, as they are in a race against time to get her the help she needs.
Biggest concern,Shelvey...and thoughts
at 08:04 25 Jan 2015

As soon as the result was in the plastic fanboys (life long fans of top 4 but never been to a live game types) started texting me looking for a bite. Strangely I didn't feel too bad about bombing out. Sure I was annoyed with the performance but I still see this season as a rebuild.

We lost a lot of our squad over the summer, and it's GM's first full season. We have just lost Bony, Ki is away and of course the mass squad changes. It has been easy to get carried away as we have surpassed expectations in the first half of the season when we should have been trying to gel.

JJS - I was so pleased to see him back yesterday as I love his individual moments of brilliance and his ability to pinpoint pass to a player half a field away......but the bloke is nuts. I would have assumed he would have been an angel yesterday coming off a 4 game ban, but first challenge and he was looking for afters and squaring up. You could see the tirade coming out of his mouth as the ref went over, and it was clear......he has not learned a thing and is still a liability.

[Post edited 25 Jan 2015 8:37]
Monk's new sideline
at 00:06 20 Jan 2015

Flogging knock off watches on Twitter

last minute ticket
at 16:22 25 Oct 2014

Anyone after a last minute ticket for the game? Can meet outside west stand

NFL fans so well behaved
at 11:35 26 Sep 2014

Wonder what the reaction would have been in a football game over here

Wild Friday nights
at 18:26 5 Sep 2014

Six cans of Kronembourg in the fridge and a bottle of Jack on standby.

About to nip over Brynmill to grab fish and chips for supper with some fresh bread and butter, then settle down in front of the TV

How is the rest of the PS wild men celebrating the weekend :)
My club....Your club.....Their club
at 15:16 28 Aug 2014

Before the game on Tuesday myself and my friend were having a chat about the impending release of Jack to a King, and if it will be a rehash of the BBC documentary.

The biggest talking point was about the ‘official history’ of the recent (last 20 years) at the club and the highs and lows. The people talking about their memories and the Kevin Johnification of the supporter base.......the pop and crisp, up the workies, money in a biscuit tin supporter that is always shown.

We got to talking about memories on the North Bank, and away trips. People rammed into the back of rusty hire transit vans. Cans of shit lager whilst being gassed with exhaust fumes, and times you laugh until you can’t breath. Those are a lot of off field memories, as the on field ones were often not ones you care to remember.

I have forgotten more games than I can remember, yet it often what goes on around the game that cement the memory. My School mate taking a run at one of the big blue Gulf Oil bins behind the North Bank after a few too many beers pre match, sidestepping a steward and American Football style launching it with a shoulder barge only to be dragged off by 2 coppers.

Asking in the club shop if they were going to stock keepers kit next year, and being told if I pay earlier they will order me one when they get Roger’s kit in.
The gutted faces of the Port Vale fans when we knocked them out of the Autoglass, and of course the white hot atmospheres against Cardiff.

The Petty era for many was some marches and a meeting (me included) as not directly having the cash to help rescue the club but the feeling that something must be done and the birth of direct supporter action at our club.

I won’t keep on, as I have habits of posting too much what’s on my brain.....but my main point is as much as I am looking forward to Jack to a King.....I hope they don’t wheel out the stripy jumper brigade for all the sound bites, and maybe explore a more balanced approach at our club and football fan culture in general.
[Post edited 28 Aug 2014 15:17]
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