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at 12:27 2 Aug 2019

Get 2.5m from the deal apparently
So we will get 14.5m if it's 17m
Chairman statment
at 12:22 2 Aug 2019

Does not fill me with happiness, whilst I understand the need to balance the books
He is more or less saying after these two big sales were still in the doo do
These feckin yanks have really had some bugger over financially. they seem to have no respect for people who support the club
Take us to the next level must go down in history as a feckin joke
Yet dc have money I wonder were that comes from
Good luck oil
at 19:08 18 May 2019

So when is our beloved chairman gonna say something our these fffing yanks we wait in anticipation 😂😂😂😂😂😂
at 22:56 2 Feb 2019

Why do I get the feeling our new dof is gonna be Langdon Donovan
at 22:11 2 Feb 2019

Ok Phil ,your in the know .
So what do you know what have you heard
Spill the beans please
The trust
at 20:23 2 Feb 2019

I urge everyone and their mates and brothers to rejoin the trust asap
at 00:26 1 Feb 2019

Fans jumping up and down calling us unprofessional and are we in breach of contract 🙄
Listen up lids ,he was under contract 18 months worth we employ him until we decide otherwise the player may sulk for a month but he will get over it other opportunities will arrive if he plays well and stays injury free
A lot of our problems stem from high earners on prem wages they had to go first
We all knew the big one was bony if he went it dramatically frees up the club ,he went
So the paltry offer or deal you thought was in your favour hinged on these ,they went
We decided to keep a contracted player on our terms
Now bog of to your ferrets and greyhounds ya northern monkeys
That’s it
at 22:48 31 Jan 2019

I’m all for rounding up the sellouts and tar and feather the feckers and run them out of wales never mind Swansea 😡😡😡😡
Selling the future
at 17:51 31 Jan 2019

I can understand getting high earners off the payroll ,but selling the future crown Jewels is plain wrong ,some of these youngsters must be thinking no point in stayin then .
Think the trust should just go for the throat now even if we have to start from scratch,as we’re being raped .
All the yanks inc Pearlman Jenkins and co need running out of town 😡

at 19:33 22 Dec 2018

I like him ,but his stupidly is gonna cost him our grace One day,everyone could see fer and dyer were awful and once fer got that absolutely stupid booking he was pointless,dyer gave the ball away time after time .
Fulton and Celina should have been brought on ,if we had we would have won that game .
Ipswich and Rotherham
at 17:15 10 Nov 2018

If only ,we battered these two with those points we’d easily be top 2,I’ve been really surprised this season so far and I don’t think we can be written off for getting into the top 2 the way we’re playing 🤔😀😀😀
Best 11
at 17:37 6 Oct 2018

When does potter stick to what should be his best 11?
Late run
at 22:12 2 Oct 2018

There’s always a side knocking around the top ten who come through with a late burst ,I wonder if that could be us this year?
at 23:20 22 Sep 2018

From the sound of it he's gonna have a job to become no 1 again as Erwin apparently played well again
at 21:28 18 Sep 2018

Hope that puts to bed people calling for him to play .
Thought he was very poor again kept losing the ball
[Post edited 19 Sep 2018 7:17]
Matt grimes
at 18:06 15 Sep 2018

Now I have been one of his biggest critics in the past .
But lately he’s starting to look like the player I expected when we bought him ,he rescued d john a few times today and had another all round solid game .
He still needs some belief in himself but bravo young man your getting better!
Enjoyed that
at 21:58 28 Aug 2018

👏👏👏well done to the youngsters tonight ,really thought we played well some of the football was a pleasure to watch ,stand out for me we’re really to numerous to mention ,but Dhanda has to be close to first team action and I thought baker Richardson stood up well also , a bit more cooler finishing from James and we would have won that😀👍
Untenable position
at 19:12 9 Aug 2018

With the lack of quality in our side ,and unless a spectacular loan period happens with a new cf and ch is potter in a position of no hope ?
Makes me wonder if curts gonna be in charge again before long ..???
Not that I wish it to happen but it all seems familiar
Fully fit
at 21:12 4 Aug 2018

Once we get a fully fit squad and all our business is done, this could become very interesting 🤔😁
What did I just watch😳
at 18:11 27 Jul 2018

Well that really was poor ,if we’re going to play a posesion game it has to be fast and not passing sq for no reason ,free kicks can’t be slow two yard passes to nothing ,under Martinez and Rogers it was quick triangles and everything was done with pace and purpose ?
This is the same slow boring rubbish letting teams get behind the ball easily and can defend against us with ease,no one stood out today and our keeper is really poor also.
We really need new players and quick or we’re in big trouble ,we won’t compete with the hurly burly of the championship at the moment ?
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