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Here's one way to keep most of the team together
at 13:37 18 May 2018

Keep paying them the same.

The price of Football have just posted this about Newcastle's wage bill from their last Championship season. £112m!!

We feature quite heavily in this article about possession
at 14:59 15 May 2018

Or in our case, no possession.
Alfie been playing through a knee injury
at 23:38 14 May 2018

gone under the knife today apparently -

Seems a more reasonable explanation for a slight drop in performances than having his head turned by Engerland.
Rangel and Leon
at 17:09 13 May 2018

I’m not afraid to admit it, but I was welling up at the end there. Not at being relegated, which although disappointing is not that important in the grand scheme of things and we’ll fight on next year.

What Leon and Angel have given us is truly special. We couldn’t have asked for better servants of our club. Both have been superb and Leon at his prime arguably top, top class. But their love for the club and the wonderful years they represent goes beyond their abilities. The memories of our rise with those two as key parts of it will stay with me forever and we’ll do well to see the like again any time soon.

Simply, heroes. You Jack Bastards
On a more positive note
at 18:18 10 May 2018

At least we’ll be able to use Renato emojis soon 👍

Do these f*cks realise the season hasn’t finished yet?
Escaped goat for the day
at 14:49 3 Feb 2018

Best way to watch games from the US?
at 02:41 12 Aug 2017

As above, what's the best way to catch games from the US? Any advice from US-based posters greatfully received. I'm over here for a fair few months so either subscription or match-by-match options would be possible. Thanks in advance
Siggy replacement(s)
at 10:34 13 Jul 2017

Ok then, as it looks certainly he's off how do we adjust or who can we bring in:

- to give us around 10-15 assists a season
- to score about 8-10 goals a season
- with a wand of a foot for set pieces
- to do the dirty work running their b0ll0x off to closing down across the front line

I'm struggling.
Saúl Ñíguez
at 21:49 27 Jun 2017

Michu 2, with bells on.

Worth a cheeky bid? 😂
SCAFC the sh*t list
at 10:51 26 May 2017


xxx Amankwaah Lawrence xxx

xxx xxx xxx Lopez

Vazquez Newhouse

Enough of our best players, who makes the worse ever list?

Loads of competition for the striker roles - Abbot, N'gog, Schecter, etc., and I was never a fan of Fallon. But I'm struggling in midfield and fullbacks. Van der Gun on the wing maybe?
Monk signs!!!
at 15:54 25 May 2017

Nice video here
at 23:56 12 May 2017

Fair play, for what seems like a video put together by a fan this is superb

Paul likes it too!

Siggy scored twice tonight
at 21:47 24 Mar 2017

2 different Siggys though

Think ours got a pen unless there are more than 2 of them

Against the mighty Kosovo
Bluey on?
at 18:33 17 Mar 2017

Looking for some suggestions for parking at CC Stadium. Off to see your chumps tomorrow for my sins

Any recommendations gratefully received, preferably on street parking or reasonably priced car parks. Don't mind a bit of a walk. Thanks.
Torygraph running a series of articles on PL top players of the season
at 14:26 17 Jan 2017

Goalkeepers today. Fab must have narrowly missed out on a top 10 place . And I can't see many of our other players rating particularly highly.
In the worse 3 for 2016
at 09:57 1 Jan 2017

Not that we need more misery, but the 2016 calendar year stats are out. They're meaningless of course other than telling us what we already know - this has been coming for a while. Second worse record in the PL of the existing clubs (relegated and promoted teams excluded, so we're not quite that bad, but it's damning nonetheless).

Better news - Siggy 9th highest goalscorer in 2016 with 14 goals.
Small consolation
at 15:54 17 Dec 2016

not that I really care, but those muppets up the road are being thumped 1-3 by Barnsley at home this afternoon. That may well be us next year unless we sort ourselves out.
Football abuse inquiry: 83 potential suspects identified
at 10:05 9 Dec 2016

"There are now 83 potential suspects and 98 clubs involved in the inquiry into child abuse in football, police chiefs have said."

Manequin challenge?
at 23:20 16 Nov 2016


edit - bug5er, wrong link
[Post edited 16 Nov 2016 23:23]
Some good news
at 21:12 16 Nov 2016

Good to see Ainsley Harriot joining the team. Fitness starts with nutrition....

Ainsley Harriot

Paul Williams - lovely
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