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Dyer driving home
at 14:33 27 Oct 2018

Just seen Dyer driving back home to Newton down The Mumbles Road.

Not in the squad but would have expected him to still be at the game to support the boys.
at 20:12 6 Oct 2018

What a load of shyte for their winner.

Scully must be livid.
Joe Rodon
at 13:36 4 Oct 2018

Joe doesn’t make the Wales squad but Declan John does!? How on Earth?

Surely he must be ahead of Ashley Williams now?
Ashley Williams
at 22:30 18 Sep 2018

Sky showing him willing Swansea to score from the corner near the end... brilliant!

I don’t want him back here... but nice to see he still cares.
[Post edited 18 Sep 22:32]
at 21:59 18 Sep 2018

Absolutes useless. How the hell is he anywhere near the side?
at 18:53 15 Sep 2018

I hope all the fans asking for him to start games will quieten down now... we can all see why he hasn’t been playing too often...

... possible even more lightweight than Carroll and that takes a lot!

Looks neat and tidy but needs to bulk up and think quicker on the ball.
at 20:54 22 Aug 2018

They are really in a mess... spending millions gambling on going straight back up and looking like relegation fodder at the moment.
The Premier League
at 08:02 22 Aug 2018

I’m loving this season in The Championship so far, being able to play exciting, attacking, fearless football with the chance to achieve something in this league.... and the championship just feels to have more soul.

Whilst the Premier League was fun with its novelty for the first couple of seasons... the last few years of losing most weeks, playing awful football just to try and barely survive were not enjoyable.

And it was the Premier League that created the opportunity for the AmericN parasites to
come in and rip out the soul of our club.

I’m not too sure I want to go back to that... purely being in a league where to total realistic ambition is to stay up because of the money involved... having a team full of mercenaries.

Can we just win the championship and decide not to get promoted?! 😂
Leeds - not really as great as they think they are
at 22:44 21 Aug 2018

Having read the Leeds forums, listened to their fans on TalkShite and heard them in and around the ground tonight you would have thought they were the Barcelona of the championship.

When really, you press them slightly and they turn to sh*t and we’re played off the park by a threadbare Swansea team made up of inexperienced kids.

Don’t take anything away from the way we played tonight... best I’ve seen us playing for years.

But it’s time the scrawny little loud mouth Leeds boys were brought down a peg or two.
The Supporters Trust - A Statement
at 09:37 10 Aug 2018

From my understanding, The Supporters Trust still currently have a 20% ownership of Swansea City FC and sit on the board of the club.

Surely, in that case, the Supporters Trust have access to Kaplan, Levien and Jenkins and can ask what the chuff is currently going on?!

Surely a statement from the Owners and/or The Trust should be given about what the hell is going on.

Given Kaplan and Levien said ‘ We will be relentless in our determination to continually improve this club - and we have the financial resources to do so.’ Surely they need to be asked about what has happened to their financial resources and commitment to improve the club!?

If the Trust don’t know what’s going on the what’s the point in them!?
[Post edited 10 Aug 9:40]
Amat Gone
at 19:37 9 Aug 2018

Sold on a permanent deal.

I thought they would have waited until we had got a replacement on loan... we must be bonkers!?
at 18:49 9 Aug 2018

Being the face for the Americans, Pearlman should be made aware he’s not welcome at our club or city any more.
[Post edited 9 Aug 18:49]
I’d love it if the Ayew deal falls through!
at 18:48 9 Aug 2018

Let him rot... and don’t let our blood sucking asset strippers get their hands on any more of the club’s cash.
Last Minute Players Out
at 17:47 9 Aug 2018

Most other clubs would have flat out said no or demanded a premium price for offers that came in so late...because it doesn’t allow us to get a replacement in.

But what do we do!?

Give our players away at discount prices!
[Post edited 9 Aug 18:18]
I can’t believe this is even in anyway a surprise
at 17:18 9 Aug 2018

We all knew deep down that these Americans would never invest any money received from outgoing players back into the team.

But right now I feel sick after the positivity of the weekend.
Clucas deal in doubt
at 17:09 9 Aug 2018

Dodgy medical results... Stoke want to negotiate a lower fee than the £6 million agreed!

I’m sure our board will give him away given how’ve they negotiated everything else so far!
[Post edited 9 Aug 17:12]
Will the Woods deal happen?
at 09:04 8 Aug 2018

Will the Woods deal happen?

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The Full Match
at 07:30 6 Aug 2018

The Official site has posted the full match online... there’s 2 hours of my day gone!
A brilliant article about Potter
at 20:39 2 Aug 2018

I think we may have a special one!

‘There will be no quick fix for Swansea, who start their season at Sheffield United on Saturday, but that is all part of the appeal for Potter. “I’ve always been attracted to something that is about building and creating,” he says. “I’ve moved my family from an idyllic life in Sweden, so I didn’t come back just for a job. There had to be something where I thought: ‘If we can make this work, we can really do something special.’ And that’s what I want to do here.”
[Post edited 2 Aug 20:41]
Potential Line Up
at 21:17 31 Jul 2018


Van der Hoorn



Bony / McBurnie / Nmecha

That team should be able to challenge.

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