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Are you still working class if you eat "poncy" food.
at 20:54 2 Jun 2018

I have had a cracking day out and about with my mates. The Mrs has gone out with her friends and so I made myself some food. I sat down to some olives, sun dried tomatoes, ciabatta, pasta with a nice sauce and a glass or two of red.

I just thought 20 years ago I would have gone on the razz with my mates had a guts ful of beer and a curry to finish off is this what happens when you get old or have I become all metro.
First proper spring day of the year
at 14:07 25 Mar 2018

What a beautiful day today' went out on the bike this morning along the coast Aberavon, Ogmore By Sea, Southerndown, Llantwit Major absolutely stunning.

We are so lucky to live in this part of the world.

Back down Aberavon this afternoon for a stroll and some refreshments.
Pellegrino sacked
at 20:53 12 Mar 2018

Who will come in now, new manager bounce?
A good read
at 18:03 17 Feb 2018

Just finished M by Henry Hemming. The story of Maxwell Knight the first M of MI 5 a great read about a real character of his time. Highly recommended
Swans Ticketing App
at 09:27 12 Jan 2018

Just launched with lower fees looks like potentially a good product and a benefit for many. Apparently the first football club to do this.

Buy why didn't they announce this last week rather than go down the ridiculous " govt new rules have forced our hand" announcement over increased fees.

Instead of a good new story it now looks like they have back tracked after fans complaints.
Clement gone (n/t)
at 20:14 20 Dec 2017

The future direction of the club
at 10:42 3 Dec 2017

Whilst I agree with a lot of the sentiments on here I am somewhat perplexed about what happens next. It goes without saying that the squad is not only poor in quality but also in depth. If we do decide to part company with our present manager what next?

Can we expect anyone of any quality whether players or manager to come in with the squad we have?

Do we put ourselves into debt to potentially save our Premier League status?

Whilst I disagree with the behaviour of the board over the sale of the club it goes without saying that the infrastructure of the club and impression of professionalism has moved forward massively from the days of the squad training and changing in the Glamorgan gym at Llandarcy and the pre Liberty days.

So when fans ask for a change of manager and board what do we want to replace the current incumbents?

How many fans boycotts, banners and other such campaigns have actually made an impact? The likes of other former PL clubs seem to show a very sharp downward spiral.

I am not including the old board/trust takeover on the basis that they had to pay off the owner who made a profit from the transaction.
Peelings and pig swill
at 10:41 4 Nov 2017

Not being from Swansea and being brought up in a former mining community which was semi rural, was the practice of leaving vegetable peelings out after Sunday dinner for the local small holder/ farmer to collect for pig swill?

I think it stopped in the mid seventies because of some Heath and safety of EU legislation. I can remember our local farmer bring a horse and cart with people throwing their vegetable peelings in the back.

Proper recycling in those days.
The Guardian hits nail on head
at 20:39 3 Nov 2017

Good article by Stuart James.
Curb your enthusiasm
at 18:44 16 Oct 2017

I love this programme new series started on Sky Atlantic a few weeks back, well worth a watch.
Free food
at 21:05 28 Aug 2017

Together with my Mrs spent the afternoon picking blackberries about 200m from the house. We spent a couple of hours in the sunshine picking fruit, just eat a fantastic blackberry tart with a bit of custard. We have got a couple of kilos of fruit for nothing in the freezer.

Do young people do such stuff now? Do they just buy from their local shop or just buy ready meals?

As a young man picked Wimberries, Blackberries growing wild and strawberries from my dads allotments and sold them around my Valley village for decent money in those days.

Is that below us now?

The Dugouts
at 13:14 20 Aug 2017

Have we started the expansion by taking them apart to add a few seats?

From the east there did not appear to be a roof there and looked like some plyboard had been put around the perimeter. What's that all about then? The players will be soaked sitting there.
at 20:16 16 Aug 2017

According to Sky bet we are now favourite to sign him. Looked decent for Hull in the occasions I saw him.
Chrome books
at 09:50 2 Jun 2017

Does anyone have some experience of these or tips?

My laptop has died after many years of use and I was about to just buy a replacement, but I am wondering if a chrome book would be a better option. I generally only use my laptop for emails, web surfing,banking, shoppping and the occasional letter/ spreadsheet. I rarely download stuff and only stream off secure sites such as BBC Sky etc.

I have a smartphone which I do use a lot and also have an iPad which i enjoy using but is probably coming towards the end of its life. Any suggestions or recommendations?
Afan Valley adventure resort
at 18:35 12 Apr 2017

Media releases today that a new Centre Parc style resort will open in the Afan Valley in the next few years. Can you see this happening? Would this attract people to S West Wales?

Afan Valley is well known to MTB riders but most come, ride and leave with just a few from the south east of England staying for a few days, who bring all their goods and drink so don't spend anything locally.

This is at least the second type of resort " launched" in the last 20 years. There is a small number of cabins near Tonmawr but that's about it. Do we have the ability to attract big businesses when we have fantastic scenery good road and rail links with the M4 and A465 all around us?
[Post edited 12 Apr 2017 19:07]
Jose Fonte to WHU
at 21:12 20 Jan 2017

For £8m seems a good buy
Fulham away Swans win 0-3
at 19:15 31 Dec 2016

I remember Martin Jol looking around his team as we passed the ball around them, it was cold and starting to snow at Fulham. He looked for leaders amongst his team and found none. I walked away feeling we were playing in a dream world. We joked how Jol had asked the ref to give them the ball back.

I don't think they were relegated that season but it was there for all to see their demise was coming, just as it has been here for a few years.

I kind of guess we all know how Jol felt now, there has been a certain amount of arrogance growing around this club and its supporters, well I guess we are all going to need to get used to eating humble pie for a bit. We are going down and I don't care who comes in as players or manager(s) we have been mortally injured by poor choices in players and managers since 2012/13.

The Championship could be the least of our worries, Sheffield Utd, Bolton, Coventry and others have all been well away from the PL for some time.

As for the board old and new there is only one way to earn back respect and that is to support the club through long term investment and hopefully get us back to being a competitive club again.
Roy Hodgson
at 19:52 27 Dec 2016

Until end of season. Will be announced tomorrow, he can't start for a while as he is on a cruise with his Mrs.
Huddersfield Town
at 20:15 16 Dec 2016

Remind me of us in the Championship. Very nice on the eye, their manager Wagner is a protege of Klopp apparently. German American parentage played for the US.......just saying
Directors box
at 19:42 6 Nov 2016

My friend sits in the West and always listens to radio commentary whilst watching the game ( I don't know why) but he said the radio commentator said there appears to be a disturbance in front of or around the Directors box.

When he looked over there were a lot of security type people standing there and a bit of shouting going on.

Did anyone else see or hear anything?
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