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at 18:37 12 Jun 2020

I know, yawn.

Anyway, seems to be the time of year to receive the various annual statements. Tell you what, they havent half taken a kicking. One of my pots is down and worth 18% less than i put in since leaving that job in 2018!

Anyone else had any recently? If you have and havent checked out its performance, would suggest you do, especially if you are nearing retirement!
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So, China..
at 17:32 29 Mar 2020

When this mess eventually ends, whenever that may be, but it will. What will be done with China? Obviously its unlikely that there will be any aggressive measures and nor should there be. But should other countries look to put political pressure on their Government (or some other means) to try and get their population into the 21st centuryin terms of food hygiene, diet (for want of another word) and the medieval way in which they consume the types of protein which has put the world in this position.

China are trying to put themselves forward as a modern, technologically advanced, and somewhat wealthy nation (not for the majority of the population to be fair, but those in decision making positions of influence are), yet Coronovirus is not the first ill to come from their nation. SARS is one, but other people probably know of others.

Will China care? Can they be influenced?Can global public pressure influence anything if everyone just refused to buy their products? Will people just forget about this?

You can argue this isnt Chinas issue, its a Global one, as some newspapers have started writing about today. But the direct link between the consumption of bats and Chinese food markets and the direct links to viral outbreaks were papered back in 2007. It was spooky that this was called out 12 years previously and came true. Are there others?

What can be done?
Jay Harris
at 18:44 28 Feb 2020

Swansea boxer (Works in Amazon too i think?) fighting tomorrow night in Texas against Mexican Julio Cesar Martinez for the WBC flyweight title. This is on the Mikey Garcia undercard and is a tough fight for Harris, but he is a game underdog in this fight. The Mexican is a high quality fighter though and a few steps up for Harris.

Will be on at stupid oclock, but good luck to the fella

Defence and Set Piece
at 18:11 31 Aug 2019

I can't get over how solid we look from set pieces? We seem to have gone from looking like a dropped trifle to being as solid as a row of terraced houses.

Is this down to excellent coaching by the current team or previous managers just being poor and not having a clue?

Additionally, I'm amazed how strong we are defensively, yet seemingly have more in attack for years..
at 16:55 5 Mar 2019

Improvised Explosive Devices confirmed as being found at Heathrow, Waterloo and London City Airport

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Space Stuff
at 16:57 16 Feb 2019

Now this is quite nerdy and may not be quite to the taste of the Planet Swans massif. However, if anyone has an interest in the Universe and the science and ideas behind it, get stuck into these documentaries. Utterly mind blowing stuff.

Quasars, Pulsars, Black Holes, Gravatars, Magnetars etc.. awesome

Will no doubt disappear off the page fast.. but seriously.. wow!

Return to UK
at 22:58 13 Feb 2019

Thoughts on this article? Bear in mind its BBC and probably quite sympathetic and careful in its wording.

Note the comments from the indvidual concerned where she appears to have no regrets and still feels it was the right thing to do.

Should she and others like her be free to return? Bare in mind her views and the likelyhood of her offspring being educated by her and her like..

This will be the first of many applications i would assume

Which would you choose?
at 13:18 31 Jan 2019

Here we go then. Daddy or Chips.

Who would you prefer in charge of your club? Vincent "Trousers" Tan or "Next Level" Levein and Kaplan?

Say what you want about Tan, but he has put his money where his mouth is, so i pick him.
at 19:51 4 Aug 2018


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Early days i know. But the last hattrick in a league game for us was Scott Sinclair in the playoff final (correct me if im wrong).

But who will be the next..? On a postcard, or whatever
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Best players we have played against
at 21:43 11 May 2018

Now we are done in the PL. What players have stuck out as being the best we have come up against in our time there?

Similarly, who was the most overrated, pile of rubbish?

Aguero always played well against us and he is sharp as fck around the box.

Rooney most overrated for me.

at 22:00 17 Jan 2018

Wait.. so refs can choose not to refer to VAR?

Clear pen for Chelsea, but Willian gets booked instead? wtf?
at 12:35 20 Dec 2017

So now have been officially deemed as a cab service by a court.

Will we now see HMRC go after them for their taxes? Employer/employee/corporation taxes? Will they backdate them?

Now they need to comply with all sort of regulations and employee vetting. Watch prices go up.
If its not clear to Clement..
at 16:50 9 Dec 2017

..how we should be setting up at home after today, then it never will be. Its also pretty clear which players should be playing and who does the set piece work.

Longbow Pub, NY
at 00:03 30 Nov 2017

For anyone who has been there - the Welsh pub in Brooklyn - shuts down this week apparently.
Sack Clement
at 21:31 29 Nov 2017

.. you clueless Americans muppets or your investment is gone.

We are terrible, and i mean.. embarrassingly bad.
Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux
at 21:39 10 Oct 2017

The best fight that can be made in boxing right now, and it has been made.

Dec 9th in NYC. Wish i could go to this. Some serious talent in both these guys. Have to favour Lomachenko though.

[Post edited 7 Dec 2017 16:58]
So if this person had been male and black..
at 19:42 25 Sep 2017

What would have been the outcome?

This is the real double standard these days.. class..Go for it..

at 17:07 26 Aug 2017

So what do we think then?

Considering hes only been here a couple of days, looks pretty good. Sat in front of the defence and broke up play and kept it simple - will be vying with Leon for that spot.

Mesa and Caroll for one role, with Fer and Ki for the other spot.
at 13:46 25 May 2017

Enough of the politics etc etc.

A genuinely top quality 50-50 fight this one. The undercard is decent too. Probably a full house at Brammall Lane so looking forward to this.

Who you got?
Boxing this weekend
at 20:57 27 Jan 2017

From Vegas - Looks a good card and am looking forward to this..

Carl Frampton v Leo Santa Cruz (WBA featherweight) - Quality fight - Frampton should win again though

Lee Selby v Jonathan Barros (IBF featherweight) - Tough test for Selby

Dejan Zlaticanin v Mikey Garcia (WBC lightweight) - Garcia is a great fighter to watch, can bang. Hope he stays injury free. Zlat is decent too

Josh Taylor v Alfonso Olvera (light-welterweight) - Taylor is a very very good Scottish prospect. Huge talent and big things expected
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