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at 05:24 1 Jun 2018

I haven't done any searches for Graham Potter, Sweden or anything related, yet when I was on this forum now on my tablet, an advert popped up for Kroneby Watches, Sweden !
Spooky or what ?
The Championship Transfer Window.
at 07:12 20 May 2018

I didn't realise that there were different rules in place for the EFL to the PL :

"When does the window close?

In February 2018, EFL clubs officially voted through proposals that would see the EFL transfer window close after the opening game of the League season.

The EFL said consultation with clubs had been ongoing since last year and - after a vote - the window will close for permanent transfers from another club on Thursday, August 9 at 5pm - the same as the Premier League window.

The EFL say clubs will still be able to:

Sign players on standard loan up to August 31.
Sign players on standard loan up to August 31 with an option to agree a permanent transfer when the next window opens.
Register players who are not registered with a club during the period up until August 31.
Transfer players OUT to a club in any League whose window is still open."

At least it gives our new manager longer to wheel and deal.
The Football "Experts" On Here
at 06:51 20 May 2018

The "experts" on here (and I include myself as well, before anyone takes afront) are all giving opinions on the merits or otherwise of all the various possible candidates.
I thought about all the appointments I have seen over the years and my reaction to them.
The only ones I have thought were good appointments at the time were :
Harry Gregg (with his Man U connections how could he fail !).
Harry Griffiths (a young hungry local coach with Swans running through his veins).
Toshack (obviously !)
Terry Yorath.
Jan Molby.
Michael Laudrup.
The appointments of managers such as Frank Burrows, Brian Flynn, Kenny Jackett, Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers all left me feeling slightly underwhelmed, wanting a better manager for Swansea.
I should imagine that's how many have felt over their many years of watching the Swans if they are honest with themselves, yet we still do it now when we look at the names mentioned and say "Oh no! Not him!"
Funny old game, as some ex-Spurs player once said.

Radio Report Suggested New Manager Will Be Familiar
at 05:39 19 May 2018

Said they'd be well known to us.
That suggests one of:
J. Toshack, C. Toshack, Martinez, Monk, Leon, Rangel, Jackett, Flynn, Curtis, Hartson.
Any other ex managers or players who might fit under the umbrella ?
If we are stuck with HJ
at 05:56 18 May 2018

Then I hpoe the club get's on and appoints a new manager asap and begins the rebuilding of the team and coaching staff that needs to be done.
A week has gone (almost) and the article on the OS saying Carlos says his goodbyes or whatever should have appeared on Sunday afternoon after the Stoke game.
Hope it happens today
Very Shocked Carlos Didn't Get This ..
at 10:00 16 May 2018
Big Sam leaves Everton
at 09:58 16 May 2018
Just announced - big surprise (not)
Two Brilliant Keepers Yesterday.
at 09:28 14 May 2018

Butland and Fabianski both showed why they deserve to be in the World Cup next month.
Butland made some brilliant saves and one world class.
I hope Fabianski stays but TBH, I think he should be playing in the Premiership for a few seasons yet.
All the best FAB.
Back at Our Natural Level
at 21:50 13 May 2018

For all those who have said over the past few seasons and have had their wish:
One of Shrewsbury, Rotherham or Scunthorpe to relish when they come up via the Play Offs.
Too gutted to have looked at who else we will be playing
[Post edited 13 May 21:51]
Att Premierjack
at 09:01 13 May 2018

Two tickets available - meet me at the ground.
[Post edited 13 May 9:01]
Adult & Child Ticket Available For Today - Now Sold
at 08:28 13 May 2018

South Stand Upper - £ 35
Child ticket can be used by an adult, but they have to pay £35 at T/ O
Subject to my getting another ticket.
PM me
[Post edited 13 May 9:25]
That's The Spirit
at 05:25 13 May 2018
We Are Staying Up !
Cue "The Great Escape" Theme Tune !
Do They Still Do Away ST's ?
at 05:20 13 May 2018

I know we used to, but do they no longer do them ?
Also, wonder if we'll see the re-introduction of half S/T's if the stadium fills to fail (assumimg we get relegated )
Free TV Sports on All except Virgin
at 04:54 13 May 2018
Worth a look that enjoy sports of all types, including foreign live matches
The Announcement Of the Team ...
at 04:48 13 May 2018

Will tell us all we need to know.
If Carlos thinks(as he should) we are relegated unless we score as many as we can and fields the most positive attacking team available to him (whatever that may be) then at least we can feel we are giving it a go, however impossible it seems.
If he starts with his usual five at the back or Carroll in midfield or whatever other negative connotation he might come up with then he deserves the bird from start to finish.
For me it has to be Monte Carlo or bust today
Siggy and Llorente
at 08:45 12 May 2018

They were without doubt our saviours last season.
Putting aside the fact they didn't want to stay, can anyone hand on heart say we were a better team with out them, or that we didn't miss them ?
Never mind the "they weren't replaced " argument.
Simple questions - better or worse, miss them or not ?
Two for one Swap for tomorrow.
at 07:52 12 May 2018

I have an adult and child South Stand Upper which I am willing to swap for a single Upper East or West.
Child can be upgraded to adult at T/O for £35
PM me if interested
I Have A Dream Today ...
at 06:39 11 May 2018

That all teams except Stoke City are created equal.
That Cardiff fans and Swansea fans will walk walk side by side in brotherhood.
That Swans will score 8 goals against Stoke, whilst Citeh truly muller Southampton.
That we stay in the Promised Land.
That Swans appoint Michael Laudrup as DOF.
That Laudrup appoints a football management team in his image.
That Chris Eames repents all his Planet Swans sins and we truly witness a Resurrection.
That Huw Jenkins finally resigns and all the other sellouts finally walk away from Our Club.
And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every pub and every club, from every part of our city, we will be able to speed up that day when all Swansea Jacks, men, women and children, East Stand or West Stand, North Stand or South Stand, will be able to sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual:

Free at last! Free at last!

Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

(With the greatest reference to Dr Martin Luther King's Speech )
Do Flawless Do Championship ?
at 06:40 10 May 2018

Anyone know if they or anyone else offers a regular steaming service for Championship away games ?
If not I won't be renewing in the summer
Vive Le Revolution
at 21:57 9 May 2018

Come Sunday hope for a protest the likes we have never seen in Swansea.
Make the Petty era look like a day out in the park
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