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NSR MOTD Last Night
at 09:50 21 Jan 2018

Watching MOTD last night two things bugged me:
1 - The Brighton penalty that wasn't awarded. Not only was it blatant, but the keeper should have been sent off. The commentator said something like "The ref didn't have a good view" - the linesman had a great view and if up with play would have been yards away.
2 - The Man City penalty given after the faintest of touches on - who else - Raheem Sterling
On a positive note, must say how good Rondon responded for WBA after that horrifying accident. Looked like MOTM for me. Wouldn't care normally, but that sort of incident can really affect some players
Anyone Using Flawless on Kodi - VPN Needed
at 17:30 20 Jan 2018

Tried today on android and Windows pc - wouldn't work until I loaded a VPN.
Then got PL on both.
I'll be at thecmatch on Monday, but this may help those who won't be
Ref Kicks Nantes Player - then Sends Him Off
at 10:40 15 Jan 2018

Should be banned - the ref that is
Terrarium TV Download
at 08:41 15 Jan 2018

Downloaded this yesterday on my Firestick and Tablet.
Brilliant straightforward interface, no addons required, quality depends on streams but on the ones we tried yesterday, most were superb - real HD quality.
Very large choice of programmes and films from other sources not normally available through Kodi.
Shame they don't do football ....
All Those Welcoming Relegation, Beware
at 13:59 14 Jan 2018

Just taking a look at the Championship table, Sunderland bottom and Hull struggling.
Nothing in our current squad (and lack of investment to improve ythe sqyad) suggests that we are going to be anything other than a very poor side next season.
If we don't stay up, we could easily plummet all the way down the leagues.
We need investment to stay up and we need to be the 12 man every game starting with Wolves.
"Barrett Estate" Parking
at 08:23 3 Jan 2018

Seems to be everyone is parking there.
Had it become unsupervised again, anyone know ?
So Called Proven Managers
at 09:49 29 Dec 2017

Hodgson (Palace) - 16th
Moyes (West Ham) - 17th
Pardew ( West Brom) -19th

Even Eddie Howe , the next England Manager would-be is languishing at 18th.

Of all the names posters have put on here over the last few weeks as suggested new managers, only Big Sam is proving successful elsewhere, and he has suffered more derision than anyone else suggested as our manager.

An manager untried in the PL is worth a shot and can do no worse than PC has done this season. Also seems the type of guy to give the players the kickstart they need and show some passion
13 Games and 8 Points Gained
at 09:08 28 Dec 2017

Since the end of September.
If Swans hierarchy had been pro-active and sacked PC then, our position would surely have been a lot more healthy.
39 points to play for in that period and we gained 8
Even just another three from the 31 thrown away would have seen us looking healthier
We need a competent manager in before Saturday (although I cannot see it happening) otherwise we can write off another six points
NSR - Man City
at 08:43 28 Dec 2017

Looking at the table this morning, with 20 games played and having drawn only one game and lost none, Man City are already 5 wins ahead of their nearest rivals.
I cannot see them being caught by anyone.
Just read Back Page of the Post
at 11:56 27 Dec 2017

According to the article about us appointing a new manager, the board won't be rushed into appointing someone.
So we leave it drift on into the beginning of the window, then by the time the new manager has time to assess what's needed, look at what's available, we be looking towards the end of the window and rushing into signing players.
Great plan again by the Board
Damian Green sacked
at 13:20 21 Dec 2017

Saw this earlier on the news.
Just wondered who he was manager of and would he do a good job down here ?
Those in favour of Curtis
at 07:53 21 Dec 2017

How did that work out last December ?
Guy is literally a legend, but we need an experienced manager in asap
NSR - Talksport on about Man City yesterday
at 07:01 15 Dec 2017

Morning show were saying how Man City could go all season unbeaten.
To my mind over the next 21 games they are going to meet a lot of sides who will take the fight to them, scrap for every ball and knock them off their game.
So far too many sides are giviing them respect.
They are a beautiful side to watch if you are a neutral but many teams and crowds won't care about that when they are scrapping for points for various reasons.
Also if they have the title sown up by mid-February, their focus will turn to the CL.
Sorry, but I can't see them going until May unbeaten in the PL
That Ref
at 22:39 13 Dec 2017

Firstly this isn't an excuse - we would have got hammered anyway.
The ref was abysymal.
Every time one of theirs fell, he gave a free kick.
Only time he started giving decisions was when the game was long gone from us.
Sacked In The Morning
at 17:11 2 Dec 2017

That has to reverberate around the stadium when we inevitably start losing to West Rubbish Albion next Saturday.
As poor as many think the players are, they are ours for the moment and need a decent manager to get some belief into them.
Why can't Ollson Take Our Corners ?
at 21:08 25 Nov 2017

He put loads of good crosses over - we should use him for corners IMO.
Also why do we constantly slow the game down by waiting for Maughton / Ollson (or the other fullbacks) to take the throw ins rather than just the nearest available player ?
A Few Thoughts On Yesterday
at 07:04 19 Nov 2017

On the positive side, Wilf was doing more of what he did in his previous spell - holding up play, bringing others into the game and having a pot at goal (albeit from his standard mainly a wide shot at goal and a header he should have buried.
Sanches showed positivity and glimpses of the player he could be (although his set pieces were poor)
Dyer was our MOTM in my opinion. He never stopped trying to create and is getting back to looking something like his old form.
On the negative side, we have a manager who looks beaten, who for whatever reason will not play Mesa, even though he has nothing to lose, and seems to inspire no confidence.
At one point in the second half, even though we seemed to be chasing a lost cause, Wilf was calling for the ball, and his team mates to come forward, then with about five minutes to go FF was calling the team back towards our own goal whilst we had the ball and were under no pressure.
We were ponderous getting the ball out of defence, giving them plenty of time to get bodies behind the ball.
Bournemouth seem to be improving, just in time to play us (not that the opposition form seems to matter)
A change has to be made before next Saturday to give us a chance
BTW - FAO The Res: Where the hell is our free flowing football, goals in abundance and how can you continue to argue we are better off without the only two players who seemed able to score goals or create chances for others (and please don't use the argument "Look what they are doing at Everton & Spurs" - that is so irrelevant.
I cannot believe Clement is still here.
at 09:49 7 Nov 2017

Surely the owners and everyone else can see he has lost his way ?
The sooner they cut him loose and get a new guy in the job (as WHU have done) the better
We Need to Stop Banging On About The Squad
at 07:24 29 Oct 2017

We all realise what should have happened in the summer, and with variations on who we could have bought or sold, the end result is this is our squad until January, at least.
We need to get behind the players on the field.
We are only a quarter of the way in, the defense generally looks a lot tighter,, we now need to address our goalscoring issue.
I was depressed after the Leicester game, but much bouyed by yesterday's performance.
The next three games are crucial.
Come on you Swans !
When We Won at Arsenal & co
at 06:54 29 Oct 2017

We never went all out and dominated the games, for all that our memories would like to remember it that way.
They were great counter - attacking performances which got their just rewards.
One or two on here expected us to take the game to Arsenal yesterday. If we had we'd have been hammered.
In context, yesterday was a great performance yestrday that almost got it's just rewards.
Well done lads.
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