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Margam Orangery used in "Casualty"
at 09:08 22 Sep 2017

Watched the previous week's episode last night and nice to see the Orangery in all it's glory.
Any home fans want my Man U Cup Tickets
at 09:09 21 Sep 2017

I can't make the game, so you can have my tickets for whatever they cost me (including any fees, postage, etc).
South Stand Upper, right at the back and just left of centre, one Adult & one child.
Huddersfield, Leicester and Brighton Home Tickets
at 08:59 21 Sep 2017
Huddersfield & Leicester on General Sale, Brighton JA / STH
Just for those who can't normally get tickets
Att The Res
at 16:25 20 Sep 2017

With regards to a comment you made about Mesa saying in your opinion he seemed "hot-headed and confrontational "
Serious question - how did you rate Chico Flores when he played for us ?
If ever a player was hot-headed and confrontational it was him, yet many rated him and continue to rate him, with quite a few wanting him back at the club, in spite the fact he's done the square root of nothing worthwhile since he left.
At least Chico had a good run of games to allow us fans to decide on his ability and attitude.
People writing Mesa off after seeing so little of him is just plain crazy.
30 games
at 22:12 16 Sep 2017

First time in 30 PL home games Spurs have failed to score.
Well done PC and the team.
That puts the achievement today into perspective
Swans on BT 1
at 09:03 16 Sep 2017

For those with access .....
Ed Sheeran "Photograph" a Rip Off
at 09:55 8 Sep 2017

.. Of Matt Cardle's "Amazing"
Compare the two and there's no doubt.
When I first heard the Ed Sheeran song I thought it was a cover version of "Amazing"
FAO Monmouth
at 16:48 4 Sep 2017

On the new Jane Macdonald series, she was on the Viking Sky cruise ship.
Bit rich for my blood, at £3000 pp for a standard cabin up to £16000 pp for the Owners Suite.
Nice to see how the other half lives - maybe a nice treat for Mrs Monmouth ?
[Post edited 4 Sep 16:48]
Yiadom - Can't Please Some Posters
at 16:46 2 Sep 2017

The player that many on here didn't want fails to get signed for whatever reason and what happens ?
Loads post how we failed to sign him and what a mess our club is without knowing the facts.
Spurs Tickets on General Sale Update
at 18:35 25 Aug 2017

Only those who can sit on their hands need apply ...
Had another email confirming plenty of availability yesterday 4th September
[Post edited 5 Sep 8:49]
Clucus Seems to be Utility Player
at 08:44 25 Aug 2017

Those of us of a certain age will remember every team used to have a few utility players who can play in different positions as needed.
Clucus seems to have been described in these terms by PC.
Just struck me as welcome, but unusual in this day and age.
WalesOnline Headline Tickled Me
at 08:30 25 Aug 2017

"Llorente out of Palace fixture, but Leon Britton Fit"
Just what we need, another midfielder.
In the two PL games so far we have failed to score, yet the WoL tells us a player who has scored (I beleve) two goals in his career with us is fit.
Not knocking Leon, just the cack handed way the paper put their story together
Funny What Real Footballers Think About Siggy
at 07:28 17 Aug 2017

Kevin Radcliffe thinks he's a brilliant signing for Everton, but a massive loss for Swansea.
Ian Walsh thinks he is "Irreplaceable"
Meanwhile The Res maintains he is / was a waste of a shirt and is dreaming of the day when Llorente goes as well so his plan to see Swans become a great team again really starts taking shape.
You just can't make it up.
It's great having a solid defence that can come through in a backs to the wall performance.
However our major single creative outlet has left and needs replacing urgently, otherwise goals for will be as rare as hen's teeth this season
The Trust - Is there anyone There ?
at 06:55 17 Aug 2017

Please somebody answer the various posts so we can get back to debating on the field matters

This post has been edited by an administrator
FAO The Res
at 14:52 6 Aug 2017

You are a one trick pony, who's main single objective the last 9 months has been to completely berate Siggy, Llorente, state what a wonderful coach Bradley was and attempt to belittle anyone who disagrees with you.
You are without doubt the most vile disagreeable poster on here.
Please do everyone a favour and go post somewhere else.
DYSS Must be landed
at 13:56 4 Aug 2017

If he actually attended a game at the Liberty, he could get to see his hero
Barrow Gone to Leeds (Or Reading Even !!)
at 08:42 4 Aug 2017
Making way for incoming next week I hope ?
[Post edited 4 Aug 12:05]
Anyone Use Talk Talk for Broadband
at 12:20 2 Aug 2017

Fed up of Virgin - looking to swap Broadband provider
Talk Talk are offered a 17mb service for £20 per month (as opposeed to my current 100mb from Virgin)
will it make any difference to the actual streaming etc and surfing ?
Clement isn't panicking - so why should we be ?
at 08:15 2 Aug 2017

PC isn't complaining about the lack of signings and failure to bring the Siggy situation to a close.
Maybe we should all just relax and trust him to handle matters ?
Just a thought like ......
NSR - Arsenal to sign Barkley ?
at 09:51 29 Jul 2017

If they sell Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain they may well look to replace him with Barkley.
If I were an Arsenal fan I'd rather keep the Ox than shell ot £50 million for Barkley
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