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I cannot believe Clement is still here.
at 09:49 7 Nov 2017

Surely the owners and everyone else can see he has lost his way ?
The sooner they cut him loose and get a new guy in the job (as WHU have done) the better
We Need to Stop Banging On About The Squad
at 07:24 29 Oct 2017

We all realise what should have happened in the summer, and with variations on who we could have bought or sold, the end result is this is our squad until January, at least.
We need to get behind the players on the field.
We are only a quarter of the way in, the defense generally looks a lot tighter,, we now need to address our goalscoring issue.
I was depressed after the Leicester game, but much bouyed by yesterday's performance.
The next three games are crucial.
Come on you Swans !
When We Won at Arsenal & co
at 06:54 29 Oct 2017

We never went all out and dominated the games, for all that our memories would like to remember it that way.
They were great counter - attacking performances which got their just rewards.
One or two on here expected us to take the game to Arsenal yesterday. If we had we'd have been hammered.
In context, yesterday was a great performance yestrday that almost got it's just rewards.
Well done lads.
New TV Programmes
at 07:08 27 Oct 2017

Recently watched Bounty Hunter(comedy / drama) and Gunpowder.
Both excellent
People Having A go At HJ
at 07:44 25 Oct 2017

Firstly I'm not defending him. He is responsible for the way the club seems to be imploding before our eyes.
However, nobody forced PC to come here, nobody forced him to stay in the summer, if he didn't have the guts to stand up and say what he needed in the summer, then he reaps what he has sown.
Likewise with the players. They are professionals who get paid a small fortune (by our standards) to play a game.
If they can't at least turn in a performance that they themselves would be proud of, even if they lose, then they may as well pack it in.
I personally hope that PC's reign ends soon, that a new manager can be brought in to instil pride and belief in the players and turn our season around.
Worst UK Hotel Group
at 09:44 24 Oct 2017
No surprise to anyone that has had the "pleasure" of staying in a Britannia Inn
at 09:14 23 Oct 2017

I know he's struggled so far and he has a lot of critics on here and at the games, however it was interesting that people picked up on the fact that he was flinging his arms up in the air in frustration on Saturday.
This to me at least shows he cares. I'd rather see that than some players who just seem to stroll around the park seemingly without a care in the world while we slip further down towards the wrong end of the table.
Best Buy Of The Year
at 10:23 19 Oct 2017

BT CallBlocker Phone
You put in family and friend numbers into the phone so it recognises them.
Any new callers have the option when they phone to state who they are so you can choose whether to speak to them, ignore them or transfer to answer phone.
If it is someone you want to speak to in the future you can save their number so they get straight through in the future.
Needless to say cold callers hang up rather than coming through to us
Best price from Amazon or direct from BT (of course if you don't like it you can return easily to Amazon) - £60 for a two handset system
at 07:52 16 Oct 2017

Watching Tammy on Saturday I couldn't help feeling that we have the privilege of watching a future superstar scoring for us.
If he can keep a level head and stay consistent then Chelsea (or whoever) will have an excellent centre forward.
It is hard to believe he is so young.
at 08:49 15 Oct 2017

Did very well when he came on.
If he contributes like that he's like a new signing
Carroll - a man of two halfs
at 08:43 15 Oct 2017

Most of the first half he was largely disappointing.
Second half was much better.
Needs more confidence, as he had last season
Overall, well done today Tom.
Football Fans Are So Fickle
at 12:38 25 Sep 2017

I know it's not just our fans, but one minute it's all about what a good coach PC is and how he gets the best out of players.
A short while later it's "Clement Out"
We have the making of a good team with (IMO) Abraham, Sanchez, Mesa & Bony.
I think Clement learnt his lesson on Saturday and we'll reap the rewards in future games
Next Week's Starting Line Up
at 08:53 24 Sep 2017

Take the game to WHU
None of this "holding out for a draw or narrow win"
Clucas (we are told he's a utility player) FF,Mawson, Ollson,
Fer, Mesa, Britton
Ayew, Abraham, Bony

Margam Orangery used in "Casualty"
at 09:08 22 Sep 2017

Watched the previous week's episode last night and nice to see the Orangery in all it's glory.
Att The Res
at 16:25 20 Sep 2017

With regards to a comment you made about Mesa saying in your opinion he seemed "hot-headed and confrontational "
Serious question - how did you rate Chico Flores when he played for us ?
If ever a player was hot-headed and confrontational it was him, yet many rated him and continue to rate him, with quite a few wanting him back at the club, in spite the fact he's done the square root of nothing worthwhile since he left.
At least Chico had a good run of games to allow us fans to decide on his ability and attitude.
People writing Mesa off after seeing so little of him is just plain crazy.
30 games
at 22:12 16 Sep 2017

First time in 30 PL home games Spurs have failed to score.
Well done PC and the team.
That puts the achievement today into perspective
Swans on BT 1
at 09:03 16 Sep 2017

For those with access .....
Ed Sheeran "Photograph" a Rip Off
at 09:55 8 Sep 2017

.. Of Matt Cardle's "Amazing"
Compare the two and there's no doubt.
When I first heard the Ed Sheeran song I thought it was a cover version of "Amazing"
FAO Monmouth
at 16:48 4 Sep 2017

On the new Jane Macdonald series, she was on the Viking Sky cruise ship.
Bit rich for my blood, at £3000 pp for a standard cabin up to £16000 pp for the Owners Suite.
Nice to see how the other half lives - maybe a nice treat for Mrs Monmouth ?
[Post edited 4 Sep 16:48]
Yiadom - Can't Please Some Posters
at 16:46 2 Sep 2017

The player that many on here didn't want fails to get signed for whatever reason and what happens ?
Loads post how we failed to sign him and what a mess our club is without knowing the facts.
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