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Next Season: On the Pitch Only
at 19:57 20 May 2017

So what's everyone's thoughts for next season?

Mine are more positive than negative.

There's no doubt that this has been our poorest season overall since we've been in the Premier League, but our form in the second half of the season has been impressive. I always thought that the squad was nowhere near as bad as many thought. The negative effect of Brad Bobley can never be understated. I could go on all day about what he got wrong, but we all know all about that so it would be pointless bringing it up again.

All we ever needed was a manager who could get the squad playing to it's full potential and we got the closest thing that we could realistically expect to that in Clement. Some good signings in January made a big impact too. Carroll, Olsson and Ayew all played their part in our improvement. I recently saw a form table from January 1 onward and we were 8th. I think that gives us a good idea of what this current squad (and management team) could achieve given a full season.

Ok, being realistic, there could be some setbacks between now and the start of next season. The rumours about the future of Gylfi and Llorente will cause some concern, but with money to spend I think we'll replace them well enough to still have a team more than capable of being competitive in this division. That's IF they do go!

I'm a fully paid up member of the optimist club, so if I'm being too positive here I'll welcome any views that get me back to planet earth!

Over to you...
Most Corrupt World Cup
at 20:22 5 Jan 2016

I read a post on here a few months ago about the 1966 World Cup possibly being a little corrupt. Apparently it's known in the non-English, football-playing parts of the world that the whole thing was one massive stitch up.

Obviously in this part of the world we wouldn't know about this sort of thing. The English media would never investigate such stories and the Welsh media... well, they're too busy sobbing over their favourite club's problems to care.

It's difficult to find much out on the web because we only really get the English-speaking view.

Just had a quick scan and got this...

Here is what happened to the South American teams at the 1966 World Cup.

1) Brazil: (the favorite, coming off two WC titles). Pele is allowed to be butchered, as well as some of his teammates, as the English ref watched and became an accomplice and the perpetrators weren't even disciplined. Opponents constantly went for his ankles and knees until he was taken out and Brazil was eliminated.

2) After the first round, the Argentine and Uruguayan delegates claim that they were given the wrong time for the drawing of refs for the quarterfinals, and so were unable to attend. They were later informed that an English ref was assigned to Germany-Uruguay, and a German ref to England-Argentina. Coincidence, perhaps, but there was reason for the South American teams to be paranoid going into the matches, which were confirmed by the facts, as you will see.

3) Uruguay: Germany was given a questionable penalty early in the match, and two Uruguayan players were sent off by the English ref for arguing. Game over.

4) Argentina: The captain and soul of the team, Rattin, was thrown out in the first half for 'violence of the tongue'. Later the German ref said he threw him out because 'I didn't like the look he gave me'. Interestingly, the ref spoke no Spanish and had no way to know what Rattin said, and Rattin claims he was just telling him he was the captain and was asking for an interpreter. Some also claim that Hurst's winning goal was preceded by an uncalled offside, although from the tape I watched it is impossible to tell.

Anyway, there you have it. The greatest player of all time, Pele, is allowed to be butchered without any action taken, but the South Americans are thrown out of key matches merely for talking, by European refs who don't understand what they said. An obscene double standard.

After South American squads had won 3 of 4 post WWII cups, it seems likely that the FIFA powers didn't want it to happen again in 66.

Haven't read that whole thread yet, but I certainly will when I get a chance later.

So what do people here think?

Was it a fair World Cup?

U21s at Legoland
at 19:43 20 Apr 2015

Surprised there's been no mention of this game on here so far.

1-0 up with a goal from Kenji Gorre and Cardiff are down to 10 men.

All Purpose Cardiff City Thread
at 15:54 30 Jul 2013

Got to be started with this. An obviously set up publicity stunt by Mr Tan...
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