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Moules Frites
at 18:16 24 Sep 2023

Always loved my seafood and on the Northern coasts of France's always enjoyed Moules Marinere. However never got the frites bit and never tried it but blinking hell Mrs T bought the French Fries from M and S ( posh see) and the mussels from the Coop ( man of the people). Added a fantastic white wine garlic sauce (absolute lush) and I can now see why. The frites slightly salted,absorb the sauce . Only mistake tonight is drinking red. A bottle of French Muscadet would probably been a better choice.
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Ospreys Merger with Cardiff
at 19:48 24 Jun 2023

Paper talk but that would be me done with Welsh Rugby at any level! In other words Cardiff( great region) would just ramsack our team. We have absolutely nothing in common and as regions and Cities polar opposites. We continue to be the poor relation in this area. Honestly I would rather merge with the Turks and that's saying something. At least we would keep first class Rugby in South West Wales and be able to develop players.
Turdtowns Mid Wales
at 20:15 7 Jun 2023

I actually guessed the number one spot. Saw a documentary on the place years ago and spoke to a few people from an area near by. Apologies to all the Mid Glam Jack's but they will probably agree
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Just Stop Oil
at 11:57 25 May 2023

At it again .
This time the Chelsea Flower Show. They just alienate people against their fanatism. They must lose more support than they gain. Really wish these upper middle class louts would just do one instead of spoiling other peoples enjoyment and right to go about their daily lives.
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Rat Capital
at 19:44 17 May 2023

Not good this. I drive Mrs T into work in town most days of the week and bin day is an absolute disgrace in areas of George St, Nichol St and surrounding areas. Don't the residents understand the context of recycling. Black bags are stuffed full of food elements, which the Seagulls rip to fork, so spewing debris everywhere.
As an ex town boy this really disappoints me.
Brizzle Airport
at 18:45 21 Apr 2023

Sat here now waiting for the 7.45pm flight to Malaga. It's like ' Little Wales'. Accents, bucket hats, stag, hen parties. I would say 80% Welsh.
Flights to Faro, Corfu, Alicante, Malaga. It's packed.
The money for the subsidised airport in Rhoose is losing out on must be incredible.
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Easter Saturday Nosh
at 19:23 8 Apr 2023

Just polished off a King Prawn Pathia, Cauliflower Bhajee, Pilau Rice . Couple of glasses of Rioja Crianza. Very nice. Pathia was quite spicey and I'm now sweating like Nicola Sturgeon's accountant.
Have a good weekend everybody and most importantly enjoy!
Ladies Six Nations
at 19:25 1 Apr 2023

Really enjoyed the Welsh performance this evening. Well done girls!
Ospreys and Ealing
at 12:07 7 Mar 2023

A lot of talk about a possible merger between the two sides. How it would work, I don't know but probably it will mean the end of professional first class Rugby in Swansea. Let's be honest the WRU have been itching to get rid of the Ospreys. Arguably the most successful Welsh side of recent times and the team which truly tried to make regions work.
Welsh Rugby is a mess at the moment (again) theres talk of some players at Cardiff Rugby being offered contracts of £30k. Would you put your body and health on the line as a professional sportsman for that amount?
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Talentless Tomatoes
at 19:07 18 Feb 2023

Okay. No sports people or Politicians but people who have got to the top of their game but really aren't that good or extremely lucky.
I give you Ant and Dec. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing. Not very funny. In fact not funny at all. I think their finest moment was Bikers Grove and that was shiite.
So come on all the forum grumpies. Cast your opinions 😀

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Highest Paid Area of Wales
at 09:13 20 Jan 2023

According to this 2020 article is the leafy utopian suburb of Sketty. Whilst the poorest is the dark danky depressing East Kerdiff 😊.
I would have thought Mumbles or Gower would have had higher average wages than Sketty. Or maybe there might be more retired people in those areas. Not to mention the middle class towns of Cowbridge or Penarth.
Anyway 1-0 to Swansea

To balance things out in 2021 some Swansea areas had some of the worst unemployment in Wales.
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Anybody Fancy a Pub Tour
at 12:11 23 Dec 2022
I Feel Sorry for Boris!
at 18:47 21 Dec 2022

Calm down Killy...not that one!
Had to teach British inmates English and Maths.
What he did was wrong but for the sake of financial fraud did he have to take threats of violence and murder?
Chicken Tikka Masala
at 18:35 21 Dec 2022

Let's lighten things up a little. A lot of vitriol floating on the forum at the moment, when it should be the time of goodwill and all that palava.
Anyway, the gentleman who invented CTM has passed away. It was never an indigenous Indian continent dish but I used to quite enjoy it. Very rarely eat it now but used to love it in the old Gulshan on St Helens Road. Lovely fruity red dish with a creamy top.
Anybody enjoy it now and from which curry house?

How to Win a World Cup
at 11:11 11 Dec 2022
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Swansea Jack
at 20:30 4 Dec 2022

What a lovely story
Price of Happiness
at 09:54 2 Dec 2022

But it will cost you a jaw dropping £523,000 average house price in St Ives. Phew!!!
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The All Blacks are in Town
at 20:11 30 Oct 2022

Probably the flakiest AB team I've ever seen. Lost a series to an excellent Ireland team. Lost to SA and Argentina. Should have lost in Australia but for a brain fart moment. Japan took them close.
Still won the Rugby Championship though.
ABs by 20 points. The usual excuses will come out .
[Post edited 30 Oct 2022 20:12]
Hey Rishi..Leave the Triple Lock Alone
at 19:49 26 Oct 2022

'Panic on the streets of London ' as did the wordsmith of the Smiths Morrissey did sing. However once again the press are panicking if our new Prime Minister will honour this mandate as Lizzie said she would.
Now personally I'm still a few years off this and before I get there, I hope a few investments plus a state pension will see me okay. Judging by most of the posters on this site, the post punk, new wave eighties crowd are hurtling towards this also.
Basically fork with The Triple Lock and he will have cooked his and the Conservative Parties goose. Also the grey vote will be gone. Monty Python's Hell's Grannies will not be impressed.
Eco Zealots
at 16:55 16 Oct 2022

Not making many friends are they. Glueing themselves to roads when everyday people just want to get on with their lives. Work, Doctor appointments, Job interviews etc. Punishing the people they should be looking for support from. I'm sure many of us would love the free time where we could sit on our middle aged arses and protest .
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