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at 15:48 14 Jul 2018

How the hell this little tvvat is an england international and also playing for, cough cough, the best team in premier league is beyond me. Apart from pace, he has nothing and i mean nothing to offer. His first, second and even fourth touch is utter shite. Im sitting here watching england getting their arses handed to them again by Belgium and he repeatedly gives the ball away so easily, its killing his teamates time and again.
Whats happened to jeff?
at 23:39 8 Jul 2018

I see there's already a thread on Baston's absence, but I wanted to know if anyones heard where Montero is hiding at?
Noticed from club images that it looks like he too hadn't returned to training last week, so my question is simply, has he been sold or released Or just injured yet again?
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Yet another coach joins
at 18:05 28 Jun 2018

Will Potter have any money left for players if he keeps adding to the coaching staff??
“Hamberg reunites with Potter at Swans”
Joe Rodon
at 19:00 9 Dec 2017

Heard today that our promising young CB captain with the under23s is off to Bournemouth in January on a permanent switch, as Eddie Howe likes what he seen and is promising the chance of progression into 1st team. Whereas Clement, isn't remotely interested in giving him an opportunity.

Yet another shocking example of the goings on down there if this is true.

Was said the info came from the lad's own parents, who claimed the deal was as good as done.....
The Ref today
at 21:52 14 Oct 2017

I know we almost always have a good moan about the refs and how shite they are, but foook my eyes, this clown today, Paul Tierney is his name, for the record, took it to a completely lower level.....

Absolutely shocking, Utter garbage. This guy should'nt even be officiating down Ashleigh Rd !!
Atmosphere on Saturday if....
at 17:38 15 Aug 2017

So what do you all think the atmosphere will be like on Saturday afternoon if, (and I truely/obviously hope this is not the case,) we are soundly beaten by utd?
After all the nonsense surrounding Siggy's transfer, the lack of quality signings we all know are desperately needed, plus the Yanks seemingly more interested in purchasing the stadium lease, rather than addressing strengthening the squad.

I for one don't know how I'm going to feel if this happens, with that Judas coont & his cronies sitting opposite me.

Are we actually going to spend some money?
at 14:19 1 Aug 2017

I presumed we were going to add to/strengthen the squad that ended last season.
Yes we've bought Mesa but, we also sold Cork & Gomis, so that balances the books there.
My point is surely we should be getting on with strengthening in other positions and if/when Siggy leaves then replace him as well.
Not just sit around with our hands tied waiting for this deal to go through before we do any business.
It just seems to me, quality players are being snapped up from under our noses while we dilly around yet again!!!

at 20:39 27 Feb 2017

35 mins played and by far the worst L'pool performance I've seen.
Their front 5 are virtually non existent.
Vardy the tosser is murdering Lucas time and again.
Clippity Klopp is doing his swede...
As itype Drinkwater hits one into bottom corner from 25 yards...
Bob's farewell statement
at 20:45 27 Dec 2016

" I knew exactly what I was getting into when I came to Swansea.
Football can be cruel and to have a chance you have to be strong.
I wish Swansea the best and look forward to my next challenge......

......In little league...
[Post edited 27 Dec 2016 20:46]
Gary Neville anyone?
at 18:37 27 Dec 2016

I know it never worked out for him in Spain but I think he may be a good choice if we're going for a young guy.
Has loads of contacts in the game and seems to know his shit whenever you hear him talk on Sky.
Well for me I'd certainly go for him over giggs any day....
Go on then I'll be the 1st.... Bobby Dazzler OUT!
at 21:42 31 Oct 2016

I actually do feel at tad sorry for him, with what he's got to work with it was always going to be a tough gig....
But the guy doesn't seem to have a Foooking clue what he's doing.
Well and truely out of his depth. Why pick Taylor, he saw how shit he was in his first game in charge.
All the chopping and changing after a month here just shows he's just grasping at straws.....

Why didn't the trust just reveal this paid position back in 2011
at 11:41 26 Oct 2016

What I can't get my head round in all this is simply, why didn't they just disclose this at the time, instead of continue to mislead at best, us all....

It stinks and leaves massive feelings of loss of trust from our own TRUST.

[Post edited 26 Oct 2016 11:42]
Has joining the Premier League damaged SCFC
at 01:31 25 Oct 2016

Genuine question.....
I'm sitting here tonight looking back on all that has changed/ happened in the last year or so and I'm wondering was it all worth it....

Go back 6 years, we had championship football yes, but we seemingly had a board of directors who at least seemed to care more about the club than all the millions of £££'s they stood to make. A supporters director who actually gave his time for FREE and generally a more happy and united fanbase.

Fast forward to present day and we've been truly shat on by said directors. Are now owned by Americans who are completely detached from the fan Base. It even turns out that the trust representative on the board, has been paid £40k per year for doing what was portrayed by the trust itself, until today's disclosure, as volunteered UNPAID work. (Personal expenses excluded)

What a sorry, sorry state of affairs.

Anyway there we are, I just thought I'd ask the question.....
[Post edited 25 Oct 2016 2:37]
Levien gives statement to Taklksportt from 10am
at 09:24 5 Oct 2016

JL have emailed talkSPORT Jim White to explain reasons for signing BB.
By all accounts confirmed Giggs was interviewed but judged to be TOO INEXPERIENCED
Question: If HJ was our Head Coach / Manager
at 21:48 31 Aug 2016

Would he still be in the job after his recent performances in player recruitment.
Or would the majority be calling for his head?
Tonny Vilhena
at 03:45 22 Aug 2016

This guy was linked with us before and I'm sure I've read he's available on a free from Feyenoord. I could be wrong mind...
Ki for Fer .... WTF was Guidolin thinking...
at 20:57 20 Aug 2016

Thought Fer was one of our best player today, yet Guidolin yanked him for Ki...
Barrow again disappears after 25 mins today and almost no existent in 2nd half. Got pulled last week to after 65 mins for being non existent after 20 mins then. Fook me hes 23 and he can't play an hour???

Fernandez needs to be replaced, let's give this Dutch boy a go and bring in one other, I'm thinking!!! Finally on recruitment we desperately need a playmaker in the middle who can make things happen and take the weight off of Siggy... We also need a quality winger who can actually cross a ball TO OUR PLAYERS

TWO games in and we've been found out already. Double up on our wingers, keep Siggy quiet and we're done for.... you see the longer it went today we were going to get done with a sucker punch and sure enough we did... 2nd goal looked offside but doesn't really matter. We were stretched trying to chase the game at that point.

On the plus I thought Naughton, Kingsley, Amat, Cork & Fer all had solid games ...

[Post edited 20 Aug 2016 20:58]
Llorente deal could be back On!
at 22:37 2 Aug 2016

Apologies if this is a ferdy but reports out here in Spain are suggesting the deal is back on and he fancies the true I don't knowant, but here's the link....
Franck Tabanou
at 01:09 6 Jan 2016

Any news on his recovery from the quad injury/tear he suffered at the beginning of December?
Question: New Manager or New Striker/s
at 00:24 6 Jan 2016

If other threads about lack of money are correct, perhaps it has to be one or the other.
So as title suggests which would be your preference, if both cannot happen due to financial shortcomings...?
As much as I'd love a new manager at the helm, we desperately need strengthening on the pitch more!! Curtis has got us playing much better and is prepared, even if a little reluctantly, if some reports are to be believed, to carry on till the end of the season. So for me it would be spend all we can afford and some on new players... The long term manager situation may sadly have to wait.
In any eventuality Curtis for me will be above any finger pointing if the worst happens at the end of the season, but the board, well that's a completely different matter all together and maybe It shouldn't only be a new manager we are looking for in the Summer....
But that conversation is for after this season has played out to its conclusion....

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