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Song for Llorente...
at 09:32 6 Aug 2016

What are the chances of the East Stand belting out a bit of Abba?

"He was jumping in the air that night,
Scored to the right,

He was scoring goals for you and me,
At the Liberty,

Our fans...
at 11:31 13 Dec 2013

I apologise in advance for any repetition of other threads, but I'm finding the negativity of some of our fans incredibly irritating, and I've been thinking about why people have the opinions that they do.

The way I see it, we have 4 broad groups of fans.

1) "Longterm hardcore" - have suffered through the tedious years where mediocrity was a pipe dream. Part of the furniture, and if (god forbid) everything goes tits up and we end up back in the bowels of League 2, will still turn up week in week in week out.

2) "Glory hunters" - Everyone denies being one, but without doubt we do have these people following us. Generally detectable by the fact that they bring their kids to the Liberty in Man Utd shirts. Currently enjoying their second spell with the club and among the more vocal when it comes to criticism.

3) The converts - may have started as occasional watchers/glory hunters, but have caught the bug and now have no way back.

4) "Younger generation" - we have a group of fans who due to their age have only ever known us to be on an upward spiral. They may well have started supporting us in the lower leagues, but the worst they've had to endure is finishing mid-table in the championship. They've seen some of the best football this club has ever produced, and are not used to us "struggling" ( if being in the top half of the prem and in the last 32 of EL counts as struggling). As time goes on, the members of this group will either become part of the "longterm hardcore" or "glory hunters".

Before everyone starts having a go at me, I know not everyone will fit in to a specific group, but broadly I feel this is who follows us. Those who have endured years of crap are (I imagine) the people who are currently viewing what we are achieving as incredible.

On the note of people finding things boring at the minute, I think that a lot of that is to do with our aims. In the Championship, it's exciting looking ahead and aiming for promotion. Aiming to finish mid-table (which undoubtedly is a massive achievement for this club) is less exciting, and doesn't really have the same "thrill" to it. 2 years ago we had the thrill of avoiding relegation. Last year we had the thrill of winning the cup. This year, although Europe should be a thrill, the fact it's affecting our league form seems to be taking the shine off it.

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say here, but just wanted to put my feelings out there.
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