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Proud as can be.
at 20:15 16 Mar 2019

What can I say, so proud of the lads and Mr Potter today.
To take City all the way, absolutely fantastic.
Oh and before I forget, no posts of so and so should have done this, or closed down that player bollocks on this thread please.
Take a bow each and everyone.
RIP Mark Hollis-Talk Talk
at 21:28 25 Feb 2019

News just in that front man Mark Hollis of Talk Talk has passed away aged 64.
Highly underated band in my humble opinion, such great tunes from back in the day.
Such a Shame RIP Mark.
Robot deliveries
at 09:02 8 Feb 2019

The Coop are testing a new robot delivery system in Milton Keynes.
What are your thoughts good idea or a step to far.
Defrost your windscreen easily
at 18:28 1 Feb 2019

First of all you need a medium sized sandwich bag for instance, fill this about half way with hotish water,then either tie the top of twist it round so its secure.
Starting from the top of your windscreen slowly work your way down,and repeat the process all the way along your screen.
Take a sqeegy with you to sweep away excess water and prevent refreezing.
Not only does it warm your hands, but you don't risk cracking your screen or end up with loads of water on the floor,which can refreeze and become a hazard.
Note. Be careful of the hot water the bag must be secure,don't use boiling water straight from the kettle
I've used this method a couple of times this week,it works a treat.
Hope this helps in this weather.
[Post edited 1 Feb 19:36]
Daytime running lights
at 20:58 26 Jan 2019

Why do some manufacturers insist on fitting them, in order that they blind oncoming drivers,surely they don't need to be so bright.
Opinions/observations welcome.
Swansea Jazz festival 2019
at 13:57 5 Jan 2019

Just heard from someone, that this year's festival has been cancelled,due to Swansea Council pulling out, if this is correct, it's a real shame.
Perhaps someone out there can shed some light on the situation.
O2 Outage compensation
at 21:24 7 Dec 2018

Just in case anyone missed this.
Christmas vibe
at 20:47 17 Nov 2018

So we've got all the Ads on the TV, decorations going up in the shops.(For the last week or so).
Anyone else feeling festive, given it's only fvcking November!
Remembrance Swansea beach today
at 18:49 11 Nov 2018

Anyone else go down this afternoon.
Lovely tribute to all our fallen servicemen and women.
Nice to see a good number there paying their respects.
Here's a bit of info:
BBC4- Queen
at 21:08 26 Oct 2018

Only for those interested, might be worth a bulb👍
They shall not grow old
at 19:34 16 Oct 2018

Anyone just seen this on The One Show.
Blown away by the technology used to bring these films to colour.
It's out in cinemas now, for a limited time, and I believe it will be available on BBC iPlayer soon.
Here's Peter Jackson's interview, interesting stuff.

Edit. Being shown on BBC1 on Armistice Day,well worth a look imho.
[Post edited 17 Oct 2018 20:43]
at 22:07 3 Oct 2018
Snake and kidney pie anyone!
Admiral multi car insurance
at 17:54 2 Oct 2018

Just been on the phone to Admiral, on the face of it there seems to be big savings to be had, but I'm a bit sceptical, just my nature, any pitfalls I should be aware of, any advice welcome, cheers all.
Worth a watch fair play
at 21:29 24 Sep 2018

83 year old grandfather helps foil betting shop robbery, fair play what a hero
Dross on the TV
at 22:04 15 Sep 2018

Is it me or are the televisual offerings getting worse, I find some of it almost insulting, in that the major channels airing, repeats, awful reality shows and the like and almost expecting the ratings to be high as of right.
I find myself tuning in to YouTube or turning on the internet radio half the time.
It's just a massive turn off these days.👎
Anyone of the same opinion?
Is this the worst kit ever
at 22:00 29 Aug 2018

What about this then😂
Warning to Cyclists
at 17:44 6 Jun 2018

Just heard on the news a cyclist has been taken to hospital, after he was brought off his bike, after hitting a rope tied between two trees, I think they said Gowerton to Killay cycle path.
Be aware lads and lasses, and take care out there👍
Here's the link.
[Post edited 6 Jun 2018 17:46]
Bobblys words of wisdom
at 12:47 30 May 2018
Tesco Direct finishing
at 21:24 22 May 2018

Tesco are closing their internet store on the 9th July, says it losing money, bit surprised to be honest, although the here is a lot of competition out there.
Upto 500 job losses.
Fer and Bony
at 20:40 20 May 2018

Would we have been relegated, if they both hadn't been injured so early into the season.
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