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Swansea City No 1.
at 08:20 9 Nov 2018

Swansea City No 1.

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As you were.
at 22:46 25 Oct 2018

Notice a few different posters have wrote this phrase in here, that is another story!

Anyone else noticed other posters favourite phrases.

We have the faaacckkk off.
Then there is the Fu2k him.
The simple my friend.

Any others?
Wait for it......wait for it...
at 21:37 23 Oct 2018

..........someone is about to lose their head on this forum.
at 21:33 23 Oct 2018

Just won us that game with a superb save.
Wilfried Bony-WOL
at 10:11 11 Oct 2018

Not a fan of WOL but got to applaud them here, forcing a bit of truth out of the board...not easy,but hats off to them.
Leroy Fer
at 21:38 9 Oct 2018

Well done mate.

Happiness after a defeat
at 10:20 7 Oct 2018

Despite the loss, there is a sense of happiness and satisfaction and rightly so.

It has been a long time since a defeat that there feels a sense of purpose on the playing field and most can see us going in the right direction.

It is a tough league but low on quality, the league is there for the taking for sure.

With the winter window fast approaching, it is paramount that Potter gets the backing and gets the players he wants and most importantly needs.

Jenkins called for us all to pull in the same direction, it appears the team, management, back room staff and fans are doing is now over to the board to show their intent and support what can be achieved here.

It is now a time for us all to back Potter, his team and the bickering, no excuses......get your wallets out and show that you are willing to join the rest of us and back the project.

Graham Potter is the real deal
at 22:21 2 Oct 2018

This guy is going places.

He has put confidence and a freedom of play in the squad, I never thought I would see the Swansea way return.

The boys on the pitch are putting their hands up and everyone is heading in the right direction.

Long may it continue.
Cracking result-hope the yanks take notice.
at 18:42 29 Sep 2018

Imagine what Potter can do if he gets 100% support off the board.

Potter and the kids are a credit to Swansea City at present.
at 22:27 22 Sep 2018

Looks like it is back.
Club making more people redundant
at 11:37 22 Sep 2018

20 people by all accounts have been made redundant, one who has been there for 20yrs.

Sad times.
Movie/tv show apps
at 20:09 10 Sep 2018

Notice terrarium is going.

Any other options? I have a firestick so best options through them.

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Proud of those boys
at 19:33 1 Sep 2018

Absolutely over the moon for those kids, showing the passion on the pitch.

Great to see the smiles and hear the laughs after the match.....there is a cracking team spirit there for sure.

So much I could say after that towards the greedy ones but tonight is for those young lads, they showed the true spirit of Swansea City.
38m profit
at 19:07 1 Sep 2018

Over 700k a week plus other revenue from this season.

What a bunch of robbing gits, wont be long before it goes national to our greedy barsteward owners and the sell outs.

They will be pushed against the wall in no time, results keep going this way and the eyes will be firmly on them.
Tempting fate
at 18:26 1 Sep 2018

As soon as the board didn't back Potter and get reinforcements in, especially in midfield.

Fingers crossed Fer is not out for long, hopefully a wake up call, free agents can still be sourced.
at 18:41 31 Aug 2018

If you had any doubt about the yanks, those doubts have been well and truly confirmed.

I said 12 months back too buckle up, well keep yourself buckled in, it is going to be another hard winter.

These Americans are going to strip us bare and it wont end anytime soon.....prepare for Petty mk2.
Baker Richardson
at 23:18 28 Aug 2018

Very raw but looks a good prospect.

Held the ball up well and seems very mobile for a big lad, think he could do something if given a chance.

at 09:35 26 Aug 2018

We all understand that cuts need too be made, we also realise when people are taking the piss.

We all want a successful team, the fans for pride, you lot for financial gain.

Now do the decent and correct thing, give Potter a chance, get 3/4 players in that will slacken the burden on Potter, the young squad and the 1/2 experienced pros in the squad who have to guide the young squad.

In words, stand up and get your hands out of your pockets and show a little intent and ambition, we dont ask for trees to be moved just some backing towards Potter, he will do the work for the little you provide.

Us fans have faith it Potter, you should show some in him as Well.
Squad lightweight and Jenkins nose continues to grow.
at 19:13 25 Aug 2018

We need reinforcements, another 3 on top of Vickers


Jenkins, his programme notes are just full of lies.
Free agent question
at 09:27 20 Aug 2018

Notice Man City were linked with a move for Marschio, the Italian guy released in the week.

Are they able to sign him, he was released after the premier league deadline?
Are teams still able to sign free agents released after the premier league deadline up to the end of August deadline?
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