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Wales captain Ashley Williams suffers collapsed lung (Wales Online)
at 21:25 2 Jun 2018

I know he is no longer with the club, but that's had to smart.

Williams was sent to hospital for an X-ray following the match in Los Angeles amid fears he may have cracked a rib.

But its emerged he actually suffered multiple breaks to two ribs, which punctured his left lung and caused it to collapse.
Mexico V Wales
at 04:00 24 May 2018

Curious if anyone is planning on attending.
Football Tactics (Video Game)
at 23:21 24 Dec 2016

Not sure if anyone has played this yet, or has even heard about it. I stumbled across this when looking through the Steam winter sale and has turned out to be a bit more fun that it deserves to be. But it could use some improvement.

Its a turned based Football game, in the vein of something like X-com (reboot) or shadowrun Returns, with a bit of very light Football Manager. It turns out, for me, to be a good quick match or two between things when you have a bit of downtime. I only wish the strategy was more engaging. As though they say its like X-com or the like, three moves per turn is more like Chess than a traditional strategy Game. If I was to make a suggestion it would be that every player could do something every turn. Dribbling forward or working off the ball. Though I will say only having three turns really can destroy your systems shape rather well.

But I'd say the demo is a fair shout to see if its something your into.

Here's my match with Cardiff in the amateur leagues

Bob Bradley on Men in Blazers (Podcast)
at 03:24 24 Dec 2016

Would be to assume that Men in Blazers probably isn't on most people's Radar around these haunts. Its ran by NBC hosted by two ex-pats and its more of a comedy show (or riff trax for the EPL) than it is anywhere near serious punditry.

But one of the lads did a sit down with Bob (had one with Gylfi during the Euros to I believe), for an interview. And the way he talked about his career, he's had a massive amount of luck by the sounds of things... and I wonder if we are just the downturn from all the good wishes from past exploits.

If you want a listen you can pop over here http://meninblazers.com/page/podcasts
[Post edited 24 Dec 2016 3:25]
Snoopers Charter... again.
at 20:29 18 Nov 2016

Perhaps with all the US election and other annoying business, I just noticed today that the lords have passed this bill that essentially gives the intelligence agencies crazy powers of digital eavesdropping. Which includes forcing companies to compile with data retrieval for the intelligence agencies, and ISPs to retrain your user data for 12 months. This is like adding in everything that limits the powers of digital snooping the US authorities don't have (well right now).

To bad the royals don't dip their toes into legislation that much. As rejecting the royal approval is the only thing stopping this now.

Pay Pals Giving Fund
at 19:51 10 Nov 2016

Why is the Trust not signed up to Paypal's Giving Fund program?

Why do you ask Phact0rri?

Well I know its where Humble Bundle (PC game digital store front that gives a percentage of sale to charity) gets its list, and I thought about tacking on this go during its sale... but back to Farm Sanctuary for me.
Online Passports
at 19:48 4 Jul 2016

Has anyone renewed their passports online? I'm mostly interested in how the photos are supposed to work out, and if you send them someplace, or how that works.

I've always done my passports physically, but noting there is an online option was curious about going this route since my british one is due to expire in another year.
If you think our transfer business is a bit rough...
at 19:08 16 Jan 2016

Guess it could always be worse...

[Non Swans] Host Nations v USA International friendlies
at 17:47 10 Sep 2015

I was just thinking about how I didn't recall much action, for US organizing friendlies (or all that many international matches if were honest) against Wales, but also any of the host nations. Looking it up, this appears to be the case.

And where I can see it from the UK FAs point of view in a way but historically they've not had a terrible statistical record, and with the closeness of the two nations politically, I was thinking how odd it seems this doesn't appear to be done very often/not at all.

Curious for two pence from everyone, as to guesses why. As aside from the "lets play teams to really challenge us" I find it a bit strange.

New Coach James Beattie on TalkSPORT
at 17:36 21 Aug 2015

A little late on this as I only just heard it (Otherside of the Pond as it were) but, James Beattie was on Talk Sport's Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Friday morning. I caught it on the Best bits podcast but to listen the whole interview its simplier to go:

http://talksport.com/radio/listen-again/1440133200# They talk about him a bit before the interview starts at around minute 10.
Great Britan in the Olympics
at 08:58 18 Apr 2015

So I was doing a bit of look seeing that they were putting Rugby sevens in the summer olympics, and how the GB qualification spot works, seems to be a bit better for all involved then what they are trying to do with Football.

Apparently if any of the home nations qualify, that team will secure the Great britan spot on the olympics. Now I wonder how come England is all in on this Team GB thing as apposed to going that route, which makes a bit more sense to me. Its a strange world when rugby FA's actually have a more realistic plan for how its to work. And i mean Rugby FA could just got the lazy route and table in a Lion's team for it.

Actually thinking on it, I'd be happy with a Great Britian qualifier competition and let the best national team be the one who gets the GB spot in the olympics... and am dumb founded by the vitriol that everyone but england has for a unified team. Seems like this would be a much simpler solution. And plus rally the UK in excitement for some of the old fun rivalries for a month or two.

I would suspect that scheduling would be the big problem for a qualifier with Euro matches and all. but its the Olympics, we should make it work. Thoughts?
Jonjo in on Gerrard's Testimonial Match
at 21:54 12 Mar 2015

I didn't expect to see Shelvey showing up, but he's on Jamie Carragher's side, along the likes of Drogba and Reina. Might be a good match to watch.

Swans Youth Academy Ranked 11th most profitable
at 19:28 10 Mar 2015

Saw this pdf floating around exposing the success of South hampton's youth factory, against Europe's top But looking down the list a small welsh football club makes the rank at a meritable 11th. Didn't realize how well our Academy does on the market...

Microsoft Predictions...
at 18:11 4 Feb 2015

I dunno if anyone has seen much about this. But I read an article on Microsoft's Cortana doing EPL predictions, after doing a trial run during the world cup. And apparently they have a whole predictions section on Bing now for the league. So I thought I'd look to see how we looked to Microsoft's top sporting super computers.

Currently looking at bing's prediction section we are at 45% and Sunderland at 19%. I'm assuming that its a greater chance of us winning but more than likely we will draw with them.

If your curious.

Aberdare Athletics (circa 1920's)
at 22:56 26 Jan 2015

So I'm working on a comics project, that is inpart an alternate footballing history, and am looking at centering it around the old Aberdare Athletics FC. And where I've got lots of things to help out, one thing I'm not able to find is the nickname (if there even was one ) attributed to the club.

And thought I'd throw this up on here, for any football historians who might know if there was one. Obviously I can invent one, but I want to respect the club as it was, as much as possible. So any help be it answers or books to look at or what would be appreciated.
Should EPL Refrees hold Post-Match Interviews
at 01:27 30 Oct 2014

Should EPL Refrees hold Post-Match Interviews

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Where does the name "Jack" come from?
at 17:10 30 Aug 2014

I'm not a Swansea native, though I spent loads of time in the city when I was a lad-- my father loved the City so. So I'm not ignorant completely of Swansea city, I went to the vetch when I was a kid quite often.. Haverfordwest AFC is sort of hard to watch. :)

but I was curious on where the term Jack comes from. I did a little searching a while back and got refrences to the hero-dog Swansea Jack, the welsh sailors nick named Jack for their lunch tins, and such. but I was more curious than getting answers.

I like to believe that there are many reasons why 'Jack' stuck as a Swansea native nickname-- but those of you who are native-- I'd like to listen to what you know as the origins of the term. Is there a shared origin? Do people not really chat on about it? are there stories shared?

I'd like to know.. and I imagine it might be a nice read for those who aren't from Swansea... and what 'Jack' really means. Its not really a term reserved for the Football club-- for those who don't know. Its a indentity that all of us non-Swansea natives should often think twice about using to describe ourselves, welsh or from elsewhere.
Rihanna pondering a buy on Liverpool?
at 08:26 13 Aug 2014

I suppose stranger things have happened...


Apparently she's mates with Didler Drogba who linked her to the club for a possible purchase
Swansea City v Bournemouth Highlights
at 00:49 2 Aug 2014

Well that was quick..

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