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Bella Emberg RIP
at 22:08 13 Jan 2018

Very big swans fan.
at 22:51 9 Oct 2017

In the old days, A wet sponge and Allen would have stayed on, played a blinder. Won the game for us, and he would remember none of it.

I also think many other nations medical staff would not have pulled their best player off.

Wrong I know, but......

Bosnia, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus etc etc
at 17:12 7 Oct 2017

Belgium 1 up
Swansea Jack RIP
at 20:01 3 Oct 2017

The original swansea Jack died 80 years ago today.

After eating rat poison.

There must be scores of people alive in swansea today who otherwise wouldn't be here but for him.
Brendan Rogers out?
at 16:36 30 Sep 2017

Celtic losing at home.
Black boots only for CCFC academy
at 16:25 26 Sep 2017

From the CCFC academy;

"The black boots policy for all Academy registered players needs to be adhered to again this season. We have noticed a few bright colours creeping back in recently so please ensure that predominantly black boots are being worn at all times ASAP. Failure to do so may result in loss of playing time at weekends. Regards ...Academy Manager"

Do they allow coloured boots in the swans academy?

Stifling individuality and creativity or building a consistent team ethos?

England v Slovakia Wembley
at 19:45 4 Sep 2017

Lots of empty seats.
The best deal on deadline day
at 10:19 1 Sep 2017

BBC poll currently has Sanches deal as the best deal of the day.
Saturday fixtures and results
at 13:40 12 Aug 2017

Watford currently winning, that's bad for us isn't it,. I had Watford firmly in the category of " one of the three teams worse than us"

Also want
Burnley to get stuffed
Palace huddersfield 0-0

10 years ago today- The credit crunch began
at 18:44 9 Aug 2017

A French bank had liquidity problems due to exposure to US sub prime mortgages, setting in motion a global crisis.

All the fault of Blair and Brown according to some on planet swans.
Naughty Boys, Cameron, our future king and the FA
at 18:13 28 Jun 2017

Offering knighthoods, meetings with the Queen and England friendlies.

I've always held off commenting on FIFA corruption stories, because something was telling me the FA were not exactly squeaky clean themselves. This makes me smile at the thought of all those talk sport callers and keyboard warriors calling for England to boycott FIFA because of corruption.

Interestingly BBC have virtually zero coverage of this story.
Your favourite ever Swans shirt sponsor?
at 10:24 19 Jun 2017

Your favourite ever Swans shirt sponsor?

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Ireland v Austria
at 17:48 11 Jun 2017

Austria 1 -0 up HT

In order of preference
1. Draw
2. Austria win
3. Ireland win.

At last- The Tories response to Captain SKA Liar liar
at 14:58 6 Jun 2017

Apparently this is genuine, and not a piss take.

[Post edited 6 Jun 2017 15:59]
What's happened to the conservative party?
at 10:37 1 Jun 2017

Theresa Mays plan for brexit. Corbyn gets a mention, but no mention at all of the conservative party.

The campaign bus has Theresa May in big letter, but doesn't say conservatives.

The tory candidate leaflet through my door says standing with "Theresa May"

As far as I was aware only the good people of Maidenhead get the opportunity to vote for Mrs May.

These cult of personality politicians tend not to end well.
In the Interests of political balance, UKIP manifesto - discuss
at 14:40 25 May 2017

I suppose its only to be expected, with the Tories occupying UKIP ground that UKIP would lurch further to the right.

They are not shy of criticising May over police cuts.

A question for anyone who has previously voted UKIP, as Rowan Atkinson's devil says to the atheists in his welcome to hell sketch, "do you lot feel like a right bunch of nit wits now?
WBA already on the beach.
at 20:58 16 May 2017

Man city 2-0 up half time.

Is there any point Albion turning up Sunday, bearing in mind it's not easy playing football in flip flops.?
14 th June in your diary
at 19:21 14 May 2017

Who do you fancy first up, to finish and over Xmas?!

Merthyr mini football festival tomorrow. Penydarren Park.
at 18:31 13 May 2017

Anybody else going?

Normally have teams from Swansea, cardiff and the valleys taking part.

The minis should be finished by 12.30, so we are aiming to watch palace v hull in the clubhouse afterwards.

at 17:20 13 May 2017

A few of their fans getting nervous?
[Post edited 13 May 2017 17:21]
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