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Rotten Stile on Gower Earns Adrian Chiles some Cash
at 06:25 25 Apr 2019
Rock of Ages
at 09:25 6 Mar 2019

This rock musical is on at the Grand in May.

I’d never heard of it until a few years back I was researching shows to go and see in Vegas.

And it was bloody ace.

I can’t vouch for the quality of this particular production but if you like rock music, like a laugh, and like watching live productions then I reckon you’d enjoy it.
Cafe suggestions needed
at 17:26 1 Mar 2019

Please forgive the self-indulgent thread.

Could anyone suggest a nice cafe somewhere broadly equidistant between West Swansea and Burry Port? Mrs Bear is meeting a recently widowed friend and is stuck for where they could go.

Strolling Through Swansea.
at 05:48 20 Sep 2018

The Guardian nails it.
Eating out in Swansea with a tree nut allergy
at 20:52 22 Jul 2018

We’ve got friends coming to stay. They’re Yanks, so are unfamiliar with all things Swansea. We’d like to take them out for a couple of meals but one of them has a severe allergy to tree nuts.

I’m apprehensive about taking them somewhere and them, well, worst case scenario, dying on me, as it’ll mean us leaving the restaurant before dessert, which I won’t be happy about.

Any tree nut allergy people on here? Have you any tried and tested restaurants you visit? I especially wanted to take them for a curry but that frankly looks a complete non-starter.
Pointless Traffic Lights
at 08:56 14 Feb 2018

The ones in Sketty, where Gower Road meets De la Beche Road.

What the absolute feck good do they do?

They haven’t solved the problem of congestion on Gower Road but - ooh, shocker - they’ve certainly introduced congestion on De la Beche. Presumably this is one of those ill thought out schemes where the LibDems (Presumably its them. They seem to be big fans of traffic lights) decide “If we stick a few sets around the gaffe then drivers will find another route and traffic congestion will magically disappear. Which isn’t going to work if you frigging well LIVE there.

And nice touch only putting a filter light on one set out of four. Very helpful.

The daft pricks.

As you were.

Casual golf in the Swansea area
at 10:56 3 Jan 2018

Once every few years I dust off my golf clubs and spend a few hours embarrassing myself in the wind and rain.

Next Monday is to be the day.

But I’ve never golfed in Swansea/surrounding area.

Can anyone suggest a course we can just rock up to and play without being members? I’ve had a bit of a google but haven’t seen any municipal courses. Morriston’s website talks about players needing to be “a certain standard” - we’d struggle to play to 32 on a good day.
Car body panel respray
at 11:12 2 Nov 2017

My car is old, high mileage, covered in dinks, been keyed down one side. A heap, basically.

However, a body panel is being replaced and I’m thinking about having the panel painted to match the car.

And if it’s cheap enough I might have the whole car done.

Anyone got any economical body shop recommendations in the Swansea area?
Work Situation - advice required
at 17:48 24 Oct 2017

I’m a contractor. Three months here, six months there, two years somewhere else. It’s been this way for twenty years.

This latest contract - a mate got me in the door - so as much as I dislike the work here I don’t want to let him down by being an arse, though I’m in danger of doing just this.

Anyhow, I’ve been asked to work this weekend. If I’d paid attention to the plan I’d have damn well KNOWN I would be required to work this weekend. Because this weekend is where a major IT project (yeah, yeah, I know...) gets implemented, and this is what my role is all about.

But I’ve just taken my eye off the ball (for reasons I won’t go into).

Anyway, I can’t work with his weekend because we’ve got my family visiting. So tomorrow I’ve got to break the news to the team leader that on the most critical of weekends, when the world and his wife are gathered in London for this go live, I am going to be a no-show.

People of PS, I need your help. Is there a good way of handling this?
Has this been linked to? Made me laugh.
at 08:36 16 Oct 2017

It's an excerpt from BBC 3 comedy "Josh" with particular interest to South Wales football fans.
[Post edited 16 Oct 2017 14:29]
Who would win in a fight between...
at 10:08 6 Oct 2017 iPhone 6 and a water/urine solution?

Or in other words, can anyone recommend somewhere reasonably priced yet reliable in Swansea I might get Mrs Bear's phone repaired following an incident this morning?
Denny's Is Coming to Swansea
at 09:11 4 Oct 2017

I'm undecided whether this is a good or bad thing - that a US low cost diner chain have picked Swansea for their first venture into the U.K. market.

When I lived in the US I used to love going to Denny's on a Sunday morning but there's no getting away from the fact it's a bit "pile it high, sell it cheap" (think "Upland's diner with free refills").

But hey, I will definitely take the wife along to try it. And she will almost certainly be disgusted.

[Post edited 4 Oct 2017 9:12]
Swans fans at Swindon Parkrun
at 17:01 27 Aug 2017

A mate of mine said there were a load of Swans fans at his local Parkrun yesterday. Nice one. I hope it offset some of the beer and fried food that no doubt came your way later on
Home office design
at 16:03 24 Jun 2017

Can anyone recommend a local company who do home office design? We've tried twice to refit our box room and it's still pants. Wifey, who does a fair bit of working from home, is giving me so much grief (I did the last refit - well, I bought a new desk and also moved a few bits of furniture around). It seemed such a simple task to sort out but it's clearly proving beyond us.

Zero thread apart from perhaps an insult, probably from someone with long hair.
Dosa and Puri in Swansea?
at 20:23 7 Jun 2017

Last three nights (I'm up in London in the week) I've eaten puri and dosa at vegetarian Indian restaurants.

I'd love to take the family out for this type of food once I'm home (assuming I'm not sick of it by then). Despite googling I can't see any sign of a Swansea restaurant serving either puri or dosa. I'm assuming Bangladeshi cuisine dominates Swansea's "Indian restaurant" scene.

Any of you bon viveurs know if these type of dishes are available in Swansea?
Rather vague question about a feature of the Swansea skyline
at 06:18 3 Jun 2017

I was at Parc Morfa yesterday, travelling along Brunel Way in the direction of the stadium. Looking up at the skyline to my right (in a north westerly direction) I saw what looked like three uneven pillars on the horizon in the distance. Never noticed them before.

I didn't photograph them, I'm afraid, but I'm curious to know what they are, and how long they've been there. Is something in the process of being erected / demolished? Anyone know?

(Zero thread, probably).
Glamorgan kicking ass
at 18:41 14 May 2017

Just cycled past St Helens and noticed a bit of commotion (people and stewards and stuff). Got home to discover Glamorgan were hosting Kent in the One Day Cup.

Well, they've just beaten them, so well played, lads. I just wish I'd seen an ad or something to tell me about the game.

Glamorgan v Durham in the County Championship at St Helens on the May Bank Holiday weekend. I actually think I will pop along as long as the bar stays open all day. Hiccup.
I can't be trusted
at 19:20 11 Apr 2017

So when I was a kid, I might've been sat there watching the rugby on tv, and my mum would say "I'm off to the shops".., as soon as she had left the house I'd rush to the pantry and devour whatever cake/chocolate/biscuits I could get my grubby hands on.

I've no idea why.

Anyhow, fast forward 40-odd years and my missus just announced she was off to yoga. My immediate reaction was to rush to the beer cupboard. One hour later and I'm utterly trolleyed.

What's wrong with me? Separation anxiety?
at 07:48 8 Oct 2016

So the recent surge in clown appearances has spread to South Wales.

I love a bit of surrealism but the negative perception people have of clowns means this is going to end badly, ie. one day soon someone dressed as a clown is going to get tw@tted.

Anyone on here been tempted to get with the white face paint?
Suggestions welcomed - restaurant suitable for group of 20
at 16:52 25 Jun 2016

Can anyone suggest a suitable venue for a group of middle-aged people to go for a little evening celebration in the Swansea area?

It can't be a pub (don't ask) and needs to be reasonably priced, informal. Preferably the venue should allow people to sit in a group (circular tables would be far preferable to people having to sit in two parallel lines of ten).

Any suggestions gratefully received.
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